Chapter 1800 - Profound Firmament Annihilation

MGA: Chapter 1800 - Profound Firmament Annihilation

“Junior brother Chu Feng, congratulations!”

Zhang Tianyi stepped forward and congratulated Chu Feng. He was so happy for Chu Feng that he was grinning from ear to ear.

“You knew?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes. You are truly amazing. Even though I already knew that you were amazing, I never expected you to be this amazing.” Zhang Tianyi placed his hands on Chu Feng’s shoulders. He was extremely happy.

“Chu Feng, I had originally planned to punish you. Never would I have expected you to obtain benefits from a disaster.”

“You must know that that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip is the most precious treasure that our clan’s Ancestor obtained during his lifetime,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng clasped his fist to express his thanks. No matter what, that treasure was the possession of the Zhang Family. However, judging from the attitudes of Zhang Tianyi and his father, it was clear that they were planning to give it to Chu Feng.

Even though Chu Feng had suffered torment in that bottle gourd, he had obtained this sort of treasure from it. No matter how one looked at it, Chu Feng had earned a profit. Naturally, Chu Feng had to express his thanks.

“There’s no need to thank me. This is your ability.”

“Although you will not have to continue to receive punishment, you will still not be allowed to participate in the competition tomorrow,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“Senior, you’re not kicking me out of the fort?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“You can stay for another day,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“Chu Feng thanks senior,” Chu Feng clasped his fist and expressed his thanks again.

It had been Chu Feng’s intention to not participate in the competition. After all, for Zhang Tianyi’s sake, even if he was allowed to participate, Chu Feng would still have to concede. Rather than conceding, it was better to be disqualified from participating.

The reason why Chu Feng thanked Zhang Tianyi’s father was because he knew that the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans were waiting for him outside the fort. If Zhang Tianyi’s father were to kick him out of the fort now, he would not be able to escape them.

However, if Chu Feng were to wait until the competition ended to leave the fort together with everyone else, he would be able to obtain an advantage in the chaos to escape.

While Chu Feng knew about this, Zhang Tianyi’s father also knew about it too. Thus, Chu Feng understood that Zhang Tianyi’s father was thinking for his sake.

“Leng Yue has been quite affected by that formation. I will bring her back first. You two brothers can have a chat with one another,” Zhang Tianyi’s father looked to Leng Yue and shook his head.

Originally, he had thought that, with Leng Yue’s talent, even if she were unable to comprehend the contents of the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip, she should be able to withstand the torment from the formation. However, the result before his eyes brought him great disappointment.

At this moment, Leng Yue took a profound glance at Chu Feng. Only she knew that she had not been left in such a state because of the formation in the bottle gourd, but instead had been left in such a state because of Chu Feng.

It was Chu Feng who had used his frightening enormous lightning beasts to leave her in such a state. Even though the Divine Powers in her body had not been adversely affected, her entire mental state was on the verge of collapse.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, thank you,” After Leng Yue was brought away by his father, Zhang Tianyi thanked Chu Feng.

“If you were me, you would also have done the same thing,” Chu Feng said with a smile. He did not try to conceal that he had done this to help Zhang Tianyi.

At this moment, Zhang Tianyi said no more, and instead smiled. As the saying goes, great grace cannot be thanked with words. Zhang Tianyi firmly remembered this grace shown by Chu Feng in his heart.

When Chu Feng returned to his pagoda, it was already very late into the night. The others had all fallen asleep. However, Yan Xie, Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Raish were still awake. They were all unable to sit or stand still from being worried for Chu Feng.

After seeing that Chu Feng had returned safely, Yan Xie and the others were overjoyed. However, still, they nervously asked, “Chu Feng, how was it? Did you win?” They wished to confirm the result of the battle.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Haha, that’s truly great. Even Leng Yue is no match for you. Zhang Tianyi will definitely not be a match for you either.”

“The title of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Strongest Younger Generation will definitely be yours. As expected of my idol, you’re amazing!” Chili Pepper started to dance in joy. She was extremely excited.

Big Radish and Little Radish were acting the same way. Even Yan Xie, who was generally very calm, had a smile on his face.

“I will not be participating in the competition tomorrow. The match between Leng Yue and I was discovered by that senior,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah?” Hearing those words, Chili Pepper and the others were all startled. However, they immediately asked worriedly, “Then, did he try to make things difficult for you?”

“If he did, how would I have been able to return here?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“It’s alright. As long as you’re fine, everything’s good.”

Hearing those words, Chili Pepper and the others smiled in relief. However, upon thinking about how Chu Feng would be unable to participate in the competition tomorrow, they were unable to conceal the regret they felt from their gazes.

Chu Feng knew that they were feeling regret for him. He also did not wish to make them feel regret for him. However, there was no other choice. For Chu Feng, compared to a title, his brotherly affection was much more important.

Afterward, Chili Pepper and the others all went to rest. However, Chu Feng not go to sleep.

The reason for that was because he was impatient to comprehend the contents of the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip in his dantian.

Contained within the Bamboo Slip were quintessences of using martial skills. If Chu Feng were able to comprehend it, not only would he achieve a higher level of comprehension for martial skills, he might even be able to comprehend the relationship between the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash and the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield.

If he were able to combine the two of them, he might even be able to obtain the strength of a Heaven Taboo.

Chu Feng had experienced a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill today. Indeed, it had been extremely powerful, and definitely not something Earthen Taboo Martial Skills could compare with.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Feng had employed a stratagem to have Leng Yue lower her guard, then use the Black Tortoise Armor Technique’s illusion to confuse Leng Yue so that he could use his Divine Lightnings to cut through Leng Yue’s golden light and approach her with his Azure Dragon Dashing Technique so that he could launch a surprise attack with his Divine Lightnings at close range, it would have been impossible for him to defeat Leng Yue.

Thus, Chu Feng began to long for the strength of a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill even more. And now, the fastest way for him to obtain the strength of a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill would be to fuse the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash with the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield.

Even though Chu Feng was unable to be certain whether the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash and Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield could actually fuse with one another, and whether they would be able to match against Heaven Taboo Martial Skills should they fuse, he still felt that he had to give it a try.


Time flashed past. In a blink of an eye, the starry sky gradually disappeared. A gleam of light began to emerge from the eastern horizon. The sky… had already brightened.

As for Chu Feng, he had been sitting in a cross-legged position with closed eyes the entire time.

He had not fallen asleep. Instead, he was in deep concentration. Merely, all of his concentration was focused upon his dantian.


Finally, Chu Feng opened his eyes. At the moment when he opened his eyes, boundless joy and shock filled his eyes.

He was in joy because he had, from that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip, managed to comprehend things about martial cultivation techniques that he had never been able to before. He now possessed a whole new understanding of martial skills.

From now on, Chu Feng would be able to use his martial skills more skillfully, and more effortlessly.

Even for martial skills that placed enormous burden on the body like the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash would have its burden on the body decreased.

However, most importantly, Chu Feng had managed to completely grasp the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield, that Earthen Taboo Martial Skill that could be used offensively and defensively simultaneously.

Furthermore, he had discovered… that, sure enough, the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield and the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash could be fused together.

Should the two of them be fused together, their might would be several times more powerful. Although Chu Feng could not guarantee that their might would be able to reach that of a Heaven Taboo Martial Skill, he believed that they would, at the very least, not be weaker than the Heaven Taboo: Dao Light Seal that Leng Yue had revealed yesterday.

Thus, from today onward, Chu Feng’s strongest martial skill was no longer the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash. Instead, it was be the new martial skill originating from the fusion of the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash and Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield.

As this martial skill lacked a name, Chu Feng decided to name it… Profound Firmament Annihilation.

The meaning behind the name was that once that profound attack was unleashed, the firmament would appear. Once the firmament appeared, a complete annihilation would be the result.