Chapter 1799 - Subduing the Bamboo Slip

MGA: Chapter 1799 - Subduing the Bamboo Slip

With Divine Powers that strong, anyone would try to flee upon seeing them.

However, it was precisely those two enormously strong and frightening Divine Powers that were fleeing at this time.

Although the two Divine Powers were escaping, the speed of the enormous lightning beasts was simply too fast. Soon, they caught up to them.


Right at this moment, the enormous lightning beast leading the others let out a roar. That roar turned into sonic waves that could be seen with the naked eye. Merely, the sonic wave this time around was many times more ferocious than the one from last time.


The sonic wave dashed through the Divine Powers. Wherever the sonic wave passed, the Divine Powers of wind and lightning turned into strands of gases before disappearing.

Merely the roar of a single lightning beast had left Leng Yue’s Divine Powers in utter devastation.


At the moment when the Divine Powers were destroyed, Chu Feng heard a heart-splitting and lung-tearing scream. It was Leng Yue’s voice.

It was the first time that Chu Feng had heard Leng Yue screaming this miserably.

Likely, Leng Yue had received a backlash from the destruction of her Divine Powers.


Afterward, those nine enormous lightning beasts did not slow their pace. Instead, they continued to gallop onward.


Suddenly, the lightning beast that led the others opened its enormous mouth of lightning and swallowed the bamboo slip. Then its body shifted, and it turned back into a lighting bolt that shot toward Chu Feng.

Following it, the other eight enormous lightning beasts also turned into eight different-colored lightning bolts and returned to Chu Feng’s body.

“How could this be? Exactly what are those?”

“Chu Feng, exactly what sort of monster are you?!!!”

Chu Feng heard Leng Yue’s voice once again. At this moment, her voice was incomparably weak. However, contained within her voice was a very dense amount of disbelief.

Likely, Leng Yue had managed to see Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline easily bringing that bamboo slip into Chu Feng’s body. Not only was she stunned, she was also deeply frightened by it.

After all, she had tried to obtain the bamboo slip using her Divine Powers. However, even after spending a lot of effort, she had been unable to subdue the bamboo slip. Yet, that enormous lightning beast from Chu Feng’s body had managed to easily devour it.

With how enormous the difference between them was, how could she not be afraid?


“Who would’ve thought that you guys would actually not fall short at the crucial moment.”

At this moment, Chu Feng smiled a satisfied smile. The reason for that was because he was able to clearly sense that, in addition to the enormous lightning beasts, there was also a bamboo slip in his dantian. It was floating steadily within his dantian.

Furthermore, this could also be said to be the first time that Chu Feng had experienced the might of his Inherited Bloodline.

As the saying goes, without testing something out, one will not know its strength. Not only did Imperial Bloodlines fear Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline, it turned out that even Divine Powers would flee from Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline.

Although Chu Feng could not be sure whether it might be because Leng Yue’s Divine Powers were weak, or whether the Divine Power she had unleashed was not the true strength of her Divine Powers, even if Leng Yue’s Divine Powers were not at their true strength, Chu Feng also knew that the strength of his Inherited Bloodline that he had revealed earlier was not their true strength either.

Thus, in this match between Divine Powers and Inherited Bloodline, it was Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline’s victory. Furthermore, it was an overwhelming victory.


“It’s actually a success? Furthermore, it’s not even been an hour yet?!”

At this moment, Zhang Tianyi’s father looked at the bottle gourd in his hand. An unconcealable shock was present in his eyes.

Hearing those words, Zhang Tianyi expression changed to one of shock. Then, with a joyous expression on his face, he asked, “Success? Father, you’re saying Chu Feng succeeded?”

“It’s not certain whether it’s Chu Feng or Leng Yue. However, one of them has most definitely managed to comprehend the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip in the bottle gourd.”

“Tianyi, look at this bottle gourd. If someone is able to comprehend the contents of the bamboo slip, the bottle gourd will react. This symbol represents that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip,” Zhang Tianyi’s father pointed at the bottle gourd in his hand.

Zhang Tianyi looked carefully at the bottle gourd. Sure enough, a symbol was currently flickering on the bottle gourd. Earlier, that symbol had appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary. However, looking at it now, it appeared to be very special.

“Father, the symbol disappeared!” Zhang Tianyi cried in alarm. The symbol that had been flickering on the bottle gourd had disappeared.

“How could that be?!” Zhang Tianyi’s father was stunned, as if he had been petrified.

“Father, what happened? Might it be that the disappearance of that symbol means something?” Zhang Tianyi hurriedly asked. It was the first time that he had seen his father have such a reaction.

“Huuu~~~” Zhang Tianyi’s father finally woke back up from his stupor. At this moment, he had a very complicated expression in his eyes. He said, “Regardless of exactly who it is between the two of them that has done that, his or her talent has already surpassed that of our clan’s Ancestor.”

“Ah?” Zhang Tianyi opened his mouth wide in shock. Disbelief filled his eyes.

“Someone has not only comprehended the contents of the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip, he or she has also subdued the bamboo slip,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“Subdued? What do you mean by that?” Zhang Tianyi asked.

“The Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip no longer belongs to the bottle gourd. Instead, it now belongs to the person who subdued it,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“How could that be?! That frightening Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip! Father, didn’t you say that the formation within the bottle gourd is only that powerful because of the bamboo slip’s power?” Zhang Tianyi felt disbelief.

After all, Zhang Tianyi knew how powerful that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip was. He was able to barely see some of the bamboo slip’s contents. However, the symbols on the bamboo slip were truly moving about too quickly for him to comprehend.

Such a powerful Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip had actually been subdued? This was something that he would never have dared to imagine.

“This bottle gourd is originally from the Ancient Era. Our Ancestor managed to obtain it through luck. He had said that the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip within the bottle gourd could be subdued. However, it is only capable of being subdued by those with outstanding talent. Even Lord Ancestor… failed to subdue it.”

“Furthermore, Ancestor said that after one entered the bottle gourd, one would be suppressed by the formation within it. At that time, the only thing one could use would be one’s talent. Thus, if one wished to comprehend the contents of the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip or subdue it, one must rely on one’s talent to do so,” Zhang Tianyi’s father explained.

“......” Zhang Tianyi’s expression became extremely uneasy. If it was Chu Feng that did that, it would naturally be great. However, if it was instead Leng Yue that did that, it would be an extremely bad piece of news for him.

“Father, quickly release them. I want to know exactly who did that,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“There’s no need. Without the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip as its foundation, the bottle gourd has already lost its value. The formation in the bottle gourd will collapse by itself. Even without me helping, they will be able to break free from the bottle gourd themselves.”


Right after Zhang Tianyi’s father said those words, a crack appeared on the bottle gourd. This crack was different from the cracks on the surface of the bottle gourd, because it had originated from the inside of the bottle gourd.

At the moment when that crack appeared, the Ancient Era’s aura that the bottle gourd had been emitting started to dissipate.

“Look, it has begun,” Zhang Tianyi’s father placed the bottle gourd onto the ground.

“Crack, crack~~~”

Sure enough, more cracks began to appear on the bottle gourd. Like a spider web, the entire bottle gourd was now covered with cracks.

Seeing that the bottle gourd was about to split open, Zhang Tianyi felt so nervous that his heart reached his throat. He truly did not wish for it to be Leng Yue who had subdued that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip.

In fact, even Zhang Tianyi’s father’s gaze was flickering with unease.


Finally, the bottle gourd exploded. Then, a dark black radiance began to flicker, and two figures appeared before them. They were Chu Feng and Leng Yue.

At this moment, Chu Feng was gasping for breath. Furthermore, his face was covered with giant beads of sweat. However, his overall health was quite good. Furthermore, he had a faint smile on his face.

As for Leng Yue, her complexion was ashen, her lips were purple and her eyes were sunken. After escaping from the bottle gourd, she directly fell onto her butt with a ‘putt.’ Not only did she not even have the strength to stand up, her body was trembling violently.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Tianyi started to beam with smiles. He was overjoyed.

As for Zhang Tianyi’s father, he was nodding his head repeatedly. Even though he did not reveal it very clearly, he had also heaved a sigh of relief.

After seeing the current appearances of Chu Feng and Leng Yue, this father and son pair had obtained their answer.