Chapter 1798 - Divine Lightnings Revealing Their Might

MGA: Chapter 1798 - Divine Lightnings Revealing Their Might

The dark golden bamboo slip was not only emitting a very strong Ancient Era’s aura, it was also emitting the aura of an unparalleled sovereign.

Even though he was very far away from it, with the help of his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was practically certain that it was a bamboo slip.

“That is a treasure from the Ancient Era.”

With his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng came to see the bamboo slip more and more clearly. At the same time, the joyous expression on his face grew more and more intense.

Although it was only a single bamboo slip, the bamboo slip contained countless symbols. Those symbols were words. Each word contained a certain amount of profoundness.

In that small little bamboo slip, there were a total of several tens of thousands of such symbols. They gathered together like a stream of water, a river, as they rapidly flowed through the bamboo slip.

“Martial skill. It actually contains instruction regarding martial skills.”

“What profoundness. If I am able to grasp the contents of that bamboo slip, I will definitely be able to obtain enlightenment. My grasp of martial skills will also increase by an entire tier.”

After realizing the contents of that bamboo slip, Chu Feng became overjoyed. Sure enough, that bamboo slip was a treasure. Furthermore, it was a treasure of enormous assistance to one’s path in martial cultivation.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was carefully observing and comprehending the contents of the bamboo slip, the bamboo slip suddenly and faintly trembled. Then, it began to slowly float toward Chu Feng’s direction. Even though it was very slow, it was indeed floating toward Chu Feng.

“I’m actually able to form a connection to that bamboo slip?”

At this moment, Chu Feng was overjoyed. At the moment he had discovered the bamboo slip, Chu Feng had started to gradually get used to the pain that engulfed his entire body.

This caused Chu Feng’s spirit power to become more and more focused. The bamboo slip also started to float toward Chu Feng faster and faster.



Right at this moment, a dazzling blu bolt of lightning flashed across Chu Feng’s body. Not only did it emit a very ear-piercing sound, Chu Feng had also managed to clearly capture the sight of that lightning bolt.

Indeed, it was a lightning bolt. However, it did not appear to be ordinary lightning. Looking at it, Chu Feng felt uneasy.

“Why would there be lightning here?” Chu Feng started to frown as he pondered.

“Huu, huu, huu~~~”

Right at this moment, the sound of strong wind that sounded like the roaring of ten thousand beasts began to resonate. Furthermore, the sound was growing closer and closer.



Following that, many thunderous sounds began to be heard continuously. At the moment when the lightning flashes appeared, Chu Feng was able to see that there were lightnings along with the violent wind that were surging toward him.

Furthermore, the lightnings and violent wind were extremely powerful in appearance. Even though he was very far away from them, they still appeared to be enormous, unimaginably big.

“Hahaha, Chu Feng, the Heavens are truly helping me.”

“Although I am unable to move my physical body here, I am able to control my Divine Powers. Chu Feng, you’re toast!”

“Eh? There’s such a treasure here? It seems to be something from the Ancient Era. Haha. Good, very good!”

“Not only will you die today, that treasure will also be mine. And here I thought that Emperor Gong’s successor was helping you. It turns out he’s helping me instead. Hahaha!!!”

An incomparably malevolent voice sounded. It was Leng Yue’s voice. Her voice sounded from the depths of this empty space. Her voice was extremely disgusting to hear.

“Damn it, she can control her Divine Powers?”

“Why is it that I can’t control my powers?”

Chu Feng started to panic. The wind and lightning that had appeared were Leng Yue’s Divine Powers.

However, in here, they appeared to be many tens of thousand of times more frightening. Before them, Chu Feng felt that he was very weak and small.

He knew that, with Leng Yue’s strength, it should be impossible for her to unleash the power of her Divine Powers to such a frightening degree. It was very likely that what had appeared before him were the true appearances of her Divine Powers.

But, why was it that Leng Yue could unleash the true appearances of her Divine Powers, while he was unable to unleash his Inherited Bloodline?

That’s right. Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline was not willing to be controlled by him at all.

Thinking till this point, Chu Feng laughed a bitter laugh. Although he possessed a very powerful Inherited Bloodline, unfortunately, he had never been able to control it.


Fortunately, Leng Yue was not anxious to kill Chu Feng right away. Instead, after she discovered that bamboo slip, she began to control her wind and lightning to take the bamboo slip from Chu Feng.

Likely, Leng Yue had also discovered the importance of that bamboo slip, and she was not willing to miss out on the opportunity to obtain it.

At this moment, Leng Yue’s boundless Divine Powers had managed to tightly bind the bamboo slip. The power being emitted by her Divine Powers was incomparably strong. They greatly surpassed the power that Chu Feng was able to grasp in this place.

That frighteningly strong power from Leng Yue’s Divine Power created a clear contrast against the small bamboo slip.

However, although the bamboo slip was small, it also possessed a boundless amount of power; it was actually contending against Leng Yue’s Divine Powers.

Even though Leng Yue’s Divine Powers were dragging that bamboo slip toward her, its speed was extremely slow. It was only a tiny bit faster than the speed it had moved toward Chu Feng at.

If all she had was two hours, she would definitely not be able to subdue the bamboo slip.

“Damn it, why is this item so hard to deal with?” Although Chu Feng could not see Leng Yue, he was able to hear her frustration.

‘Heh, if it’s not hard, it wouldn’t be an object from the Ancient Era,’ Chu Feng sneered in his heart. The more difficulty Leng Yue ended up suffering, the more he would enjoy it.


Right at this moment, the wind and lightning suddenly gave up on the bamboo slip. With unstoppable might, they swept toward Chu Feng once again.

‘Crap!’ Chu Feng cried out in his heart. Evidently, Leng Yue had discovered that it was impossible for her to obtain the bamboo slip. Thus, she had decided to abandon it and take care of Chu Feng instead.

Although Leng Yue was unable to subdue the bamboo slip, with her enormously frightening Divine Powers, it would be extremely easy for her to kill a defenseless Chu Feng.

What to do? Chu Feng was unable to even move. Furthermore, even if he were able to move, he would still undoubtedly be killed by Leng Yue’s frightening Divine Powers. There was simply no way for him to escape them.

“Could it be that I, Chu Feng, must resign myself to fate and die here?” Chu Feng felt extremely unreconciled upon thinking that he would die at Leng Yue’s hands here in such a way.


Right at the moment when the wind and lightning were about to reach Chu Feng, ear-piercing sounds suddenly emitted from Chu Feng’s body.

When the ear-piercing sounds were heard, Leng Yue’s Divine Powers actually trembled slightly. Then, they stopped.

“What is that?” At this moment, Leng Yue’s worried voice could be heard. She seemed to have seen something.


Right at this moment, many ear-piercing roars suddenly exploded in this region of space.

When the roars sounded, Chu Feng was able to clearly see sonic waves that spread through all directions. Even the empty space started to become distorted.

As the roars were heard, nine Divine Lightnings shot out explosively from within Chu Feng.

When the Divine Lightnings were shot out, they soon turned into enormous lightning beasts. Even though their current size was not their true size, when compared to Leng Yue’s Divine Powers, they appeared to be incomparably gigantic.

Although Leng Yue’s Divine Powers were enormous, when compared to the nine enormous lightning beasts before Chu Feng, they were incomparably small.


Suddenly, the nine enormous lightning beasts moved. With each step, they created a violent quake and emitted ear-piercing noises. It was as if a continuous mountain range or a continent ten thousand miles wide was crumbling nonstop.


Seeing that Chu Feng’s nine enormous lightnings had galloped forth, Leng Yue’s Divine Powers started to surge. Merely, this time around, they were not coming toward Chu Feng. Instead, they were retreating.

They were afraid. Leng Yue’s Divine Powers were actually afraid of Chu Feng’s Inherited Bloodline.

“How could this be?! How could this be?!!!”

“Get back here and kill him! Damn it!!!!”

Leng Yue shouted in frustration. It seemed that her Divine Powers had broken free from her control.