Chapter 1801 - Competition Begin

MGA: Chapter 1801 - Competition Begin

Chu Feng was only able to grasp the Profound Firmament Annihilation because of that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip. As for the reason why Chu Feng was filled with astonishment, it was also because of that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip.

Chu Feng discovered that the contents of that Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip were not only limited to the bits concerning martial skills. At the very most, he had only managed to comprehend a tenth of the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip’s contents.

There was ninety percent more that he had not yet grasped. However, he could not comprehend those. The reason for that was because those contents were incomplete.

“This Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip is something from the Ancient Era. It is no wonder they say that the Ancient Era was the golden age of martial cultivation. Merely from a portion of the contents in this bamboo slip, it could be seen that the comprehension for martial cultivation that martial cultivators currently possess is much inferior to that of the Ancient Era’s martial cultivation experts.”

“There is most definitely more than a single Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip. Likely, there are a lot more. If I were able to obtain all of them, they would not be only limited to the usage of martial skills, I will be able to make progress in all aspects of martial cultivation. Perhaps I might even be able to obtain previously unimaginable harvests.”

“No wonder, no wonder…”

“No wonder senior Zhang said that this is the most precious treasure Emperor Gong obtained in his lifetime.”

“The value of this treasure is indeed unmeasurable. If the matter regarding this bamboo slip were to spread, it would likely overturn the entire Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Fortunately, that girl Leng Yue did not manage to discover the real mystery contained within this Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip. Else… I would likely suffer a calamity,” Chu Feng gasped with admiration. He had realized how amazing this Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slip was. Merely a single bamboo slip was already this powerful. If he were to be able to obtain all of them, how extraordinarily powerful would they be?

Chu Feng felt that if he were able to comprehend all of the contents in the Ancient Era’s Bamboo Slips, while he would not dare to guarantee anything else, he was certain that it would definitely be able to help those that had been unable to reach a breakthrough for a long time reach a breakthrough.

However… merely that would be enough to drive countless cultivators mad. They would fight one another to obtain this treasure. While the bamboo slips might be treasures, they would also be the originator of disasters. Chu Feng absolutely could not allow anyone to know that such a thing was hidden within his dantian.

Suddenly, Chili Pepper’s voice sounded from outside. “Chu Feng, the competition is about to begin. Are you going to watch?”

Using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng discovered that not only were Chili Pepper and the others outside, the people from all of the pagodas had come out. Even Zhang Tianyi’s father was standing in the center of the battle stage. It would appear that this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly was really going to begin.

“Of course,” Chu Feng stood up and began to walk outside.

Even though he could not fight against the competitors himself, as well as the fact that those people were not worthy of him fighting against them, Chu Feng still wished to see Zhang Tianyi defeating everyone and obtaining the title of the Strongest Younger Generation.


“That is?”

However, before Chu Feng walked out of the pagoda, he suddenly discovered that the spirit formation above them was starting to change.

Upon looking at the spirit formation, although there was no clear change, Chu Feng was able to see that the people outside all revealed surprised expressions.

Although he could not hear their voices, Chu Feng was able to read their lips with his Heaven’s Eyes.

“It opened? The spirit formation actually opened?!”

“No, the spirit formation didn’t open. It merely became transparent. We are able to see the inside.”

“We can see inside, we can see everything. Aren’t those people the finest of the Holy Land of Martialism’s younger generation?”

At this moment, the crowd was gasping with surprise. It was as they said, a portion of the sealed spirit formation had been opened. Although it was only the central portion, it was already enough to bring great excitement to those people. After all, they all knew that the central portion was the location where the finest of the younger generation had gathered.

They were being given the opportunity to watch the competition for the title of the Strongest of the Younger Generation.

“Quickly, look. That man standing in the center of the competition stage, his aura is very extraordinary. He’s a Martial Emperor, at the very least. He should be this place’s master, no?”

“Then… that young man standing beside him should be Emperor Gong’s successor, right? He’s actually a rank eight Half Martial Emperor. Amazing,” After discovering Zhang Tianyi and his father, the crowd exclaimed in astonishment.

Even though they were unable to enter due to the spirit formation, they were able to sense the aura of those within the spirit formation.

“Quickly, look, those are our Underworld Palace’s three Underworld Messengers.”

“Those are our Mortal King Palace’s disciples.”

“Our Heavenly Law Palace’s three Heavenly Generals are truly dragons among men. Even when standing with those geniuses, they’re still exceptionally outstanding. Eh… something’s wrong, why are there only two of them? Where’s Leng Yue?”

“Chu Feng is also not present.”




After a moment of astonishment, the crowd discovered that the two people that they were anticipating the most were not present.

“Today is the day of the competition for the title of the Strongest Younger Generation.”

“There were originally a total of twenty one participants. However, the three little friends from the Underworld Palace have decided to forfeit,” As Zhang Tianyi said those words, he looked to Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish.

“Who are those three? I don’t seem to recognize them. Could it be… that they’re that Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish?”

“That’s most definitely them. After all, other than those three, the rest of the people are all people with overwhelming fame. I only do not recognize the three of them.”

“What’s going on? They’re actually the Underworld Palace’s disciples? But, why are their cultivations so weak? They’re not even Half Martial Emperors. With their cultivations, how did they manage to reach the fort’s center region?” The crowd were all guessing wildly. At the same time, they were all disappointed. Originally, they had thought Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish to be extremely powerful. However, it turned out that they were actually this weak.

“What about that Chu Feng and Leng Yue? Where are they?” The crowd asked. Especially the people from the Heavenly Law Palace, they were very worried about where Leng Yue had gone off to. After all, Leng Yue was their strongest disciple.

“Leng Yue and Chu Feng had decided to privately spar with one another. As they have gone against the rules, they are both disqualified from this competition,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“Ah? The two of them fought one another in private? Who won?” The crowd were disappointed. Then, they began to guess. There were even people that spoke the question they were guessing out loud.

The way people saw it, Emperor Gong’s successor, Chu Feng and Leng Yue were definitely hot topics in this competition for the title of the Strongest Young Generation.

However, as matters stood, only that Emperor Gong’s successor remained. In other words, they would not have the opportunity to see Leng Yue and Chu Feng’s strength. This caused the crowd to feel extremely regretful. That said, they also wished to know exactly who won in the match between Leng Yue and Chu Feng.

“Why is it that when my son broke the rule, you expelled him directly, yet when Chu Feng broke the rule, you let him stay?” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief asked with a cold voice.

“The two of them have already received punishment for their actions. As such, they can stay. As for that punishment they received, it is not something that your son could endure,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“......” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief clenched his fists tightly. He felt that those words were simply insulting his son. To say that his son could not even endure a punishment, it was clear that he was calling his son weak.

“The private match between Chu Feng and Leng Yue, exactly who won?” Other than the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans, the others were still mainly concerned about the result of the match between Chu Feng and Leng Yue.

“Ta, ta, ta~~~”

Right at this time, Leng Yue walked out. At this moment, her complexion was somewhat pale. However, it was already much better compared to last night.

“Quickly, look! It’s the Heavenly Law Palace’s number one disciple, Leng Yue. She’s a rank eight Half Martial Emperor. What outstanding strength. Only that Emperor Gong’s successor and Underworld Messenger Kuang are capable of rivaling her cultivation.” Leng Yue’s appearance immediately caused the people from the Heavenly Law Palace to burst into an uproar.

“Leng Yue, she is Leng Yue? Amazing. What powerful strength. Didn’t he say that she was punished? Didn’t he say that her punishment was something that not even Ximen Feixue could endure? Why does Leng Yue appear to be completely fine?”

“Is there even a need to ask that question? Leng Yue’s strength greatly surpasses Ximen Feixue and Chu Feng’s. No matter how strong a punishment it might be, it is still nothing more than a piece of cake for her.”

“Strange. Since Leng Yue is that powerful, why did she fight Chu Feng? Didn’t they say that Chu Feng was only a rank three Half Martial Emperor when he fought against Ximen Feixue? Logically, even if Chu Feng were able to defeat Ximen Feixue, he shouldn’t be qualified to fight against Leng Yue, no?” Many people were confused.

“I know now! That Chu Feng deliberately challenged Leng Yue. He knew that he could not obtain the title of the Strongest Younger Generation. Thus, he deliberately broke the rules and pulled Leng Yue into the water with him so that she would be disqualified alongside him. Someone like him is simply too shameless!”

“That's right. With that Chu Feng’s strength, how could he possibly be a match for Lady Leng Yue? However, if he decided to pull Leng Yue down by breaking the rules, then, regardless of the outcome of the battle, Leng Yue would be disqualified. That Chu Feng is extremely despicable. He’s simply a shameless vile character!” The disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace placed all of the blame onto Chu Feng.

“Although those words might be extreme, they seem reasonable. Regardless of how powerful Chu Feng is, Leng Yue is simply much too powerful. It should be impossible for Chu Feng to defeat Leng Yue.”

After hearing the deductions of the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples, many of the other observers also began to feel the same way.

Right at this moment, Zhang Tianyi spoke. “Everyone, there is no need to make wild guesses anymore. It is Leng Yue who challenged Chu Feng. As for the result of their match, it was Chu Feng’s victory.”

“What?” Hearing those words, the crowd present were all stunned.