Chapter 1765 - Your Natural Counter

MGA: Chapter 1765 - Your Natural Counter

“Haha, you’re actually the Flame Emperor’s descendant. If that’s the case, then you are indeed qualified to die at my hands,” After learning Yan Xie’s identity, not only was Zhan Qiankun not shocked, he was instead in joy.

“A man that relied on a treasure to block my attack actually dares to boast this shamelessly? Your treasure is already gone. Are you capable of defending against my Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust again?” Yan Xie carried the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear on his shoulder and asked with a narrowed gaze.

“Haha, I was merely careless earlier. I have yet to use my full strength.”

“If I were to go all out, you, Yan Xie, would definitely be defeated by me,” Zhan Qiankun said.

“You’re overestimating your capabilities,” Yan Xie was enraged by Zhan Qiankun’s words. He held the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear and unleashed another Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust.


However, faced with Yan Xie’s attack, not only was Zhan Qiankun not afraid, his mouth even lifted into a complacent smile.


Suddenly, heaven and earth started to darken. Violent winds began to form and blew away the clouds. Many dazzling bolts of lighting that shined with dazzling light began to flicker in the clouds like galloping dragons.


Following that, heavy rainfall began to pour down like a waterfall. That rainwater was so strong that it actually managed to directly extinguish Yan Xie’s Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust.

“Impossible!!!” Yan Xie was deeply shocked. He found this hard to accept. After all, the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust was his strongest martial skill.

Right at this moment, the heavy rainstorm started to stop. The black clouds that surrounded the area also began to dissipate. However, at this moment, everyone present was shocked.

At this moment, Zhan Qiankun who was standing in the sky had lost his skin, his flesh and the temperature of his body. He had actually turned into a blue man made of water.

Furthermore, at this moment, his aura was no longer that of a rank five Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he had become a rank six Half Martial Emperor.

“Divine Body,” Chu Feng started to frown. What he was worried about was not the fact that Zhan Qiankun was able to increase his cultivation by a level through his Divine Power. The reason for that was because he knew that Yan Xie was also a Divine Body, and also capable of increasing his cultivation by a level.

The reason why he was worried was because that Zhan Qiankun’s Divine Power was water-based, whereas Yan Xie’s Divine Power was fire-based.

All things in this world counteracted and neutralized one another. As for water, it was what neutralized fire. This was a truth that everyone knew about. While ordinary water might not be able to counter Yan Xie’s fire, it would not necessarily hold true for water from a Divine Power.

“Do you know why I am so confident now?” Zhan Qiankun asked complacently.

“You are not the only one with Divine Power!” Yan Xie shouted. Then, flames began to linger around his body. In an instant, he had turned into a man covered with purple flames.

After unleashing his Divine Power, Yan Xie’s aura also increased from rank five Half Martial Emperor to rank six Half Martial Emperor.


Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded. Majestic purple flames turned into a ray and were shot directly toward Zhan Qiankun.

However, Zhan Qiankun was not afraid at all. He also moved his body and charged toward Yan Xie.


In an instant, flames covered the sky, and water began to sprinkle everywhere. The two men were fighting each other.

“Heh, even if you are able to increase your cultivation to the same level as mine, could your fire possibly be able to win against my water?” As Zhan Qiankun attacked, he also spoke words of mockery at Yan Xie.

“Enough of your rubbish. Say that again after you defeat me,” Yan Xie naturally knew that it was difficult for fire to match water. However, he also knew that he had no way out now, and had to go all-out.

If he fought, he would still have a chance to live. If he retreated, only death would await him.

However, it was as Chu Feng had thought. Zhan Qiankun’s water was no ordinary water. No matter what, it was water formed with Divine Power. If he were to fight against other people, perhaps his water would not be as valiant as Yan Xie’s fire.

However, when fighting against Yan Xie’s fire with his water, Zhan Qiankun possessed absolute superiority.

At the beginning, the two men appeared to be equally matched. However, after battling for some time, Yan Xie entered a disadvantageous state. Furthermore, he no longer had a way to turn the situation around. Turning weaker and weaker, Yan Xie entered a bitter struggle.

In the end, Yan Xie was at an absolute disadvantaged state. He was bitterly struggling to continue fighting.

However, that Zhan Qiankun had yet to injure Yan Xie. As if toying with a monkey, he was toying with Yan Xie. His actions were truly abominable.

“That Yan Xie is also a rare genius. Unfortunately, he encountered Zhan Qiankun, his natural counter. He’s truly unlucky,” someone sighed.

“If Yan Xie were to truly die at Zhan Qiankun’s hands, it would be an enormous pity.”

The crowd were all able to tell the situation of the battle. One by one, they began to voice their pity for Yan Xie. It could be said that Yan Xie had not been defeated in terms of strength. Instead, he had been defeated by luck.


Suddenly, several thousand water snakes shot out from Zhan Qiankun’s body. The water snakes were all a hundred meters long. Not only did they seal off the entire sky, they also surrounded Yan Xie like a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses.

After battling Zhan Qiankun for so long, the purple flames that covered Yan Xie had grown extremely weak. In the end, the purple flames disappeared, and Yan Xie’s aura returned back to that of a rank five Half Martial Emperor.


At this moment, although Yan Xie was still standing in the sky without any injuries, he was gasping for breath.

Returning to a state of being only a human, Yan Xie appeared to be extremely small and weak as he was surrounded by several thousand hundred-meter-long water snakes. If those water snakes were to attack him, Yan Xie would undoubtedly die.

“Yan Xie, is it really worth fighting for the sake of that Chu Feng?”

“You said that he is not a coward, and not a trash. Yet now, when you’re going to die because of him, where is he?” Zhan Qiankun did not directly attack to kill Yan Xie. Instead, he began to mock and ridicule Yan Xie.

“The victor is the king and the loser is the thief. You’ve won. I have nothing to say.”

“However, while you might be able to defeat me, you will not necessarily be able to defeat Chu Feng. The reason for that is because I, Yan Xie, throughout my life, have only been defeated by two people of my same generation. One is you, and the other is Chu Feng.”

“Although I was defeated by both of you, I am convinced of my defeat at the hands of Chu Feng. As for you, I am not convinced at all!!!” Yan Xie said.

“What? That Yan Xie was defeated by Chu Feng before?” Hearing those words, the crowd was shocked once again. Yan Xie was this powerful, and yet, he was actually no match for Chu Feng. This indirectly told the crowd how powerful Chu Feng was.

“Is that so? So you were defeated by Chu Feng before? In that case, it would seem that I am quite related to that Chu Feng. At least, we’ve both defeated the successor of the Flame Emperor.”

“However, I’ve not only defeated you, I’ll also defeat Chu Feng,” Zhan Qiankun smiled coldly. Then, he said, “Yan Xie, taking the Flame Emperor into consideration, I’ll give you a chance to live. As long as you kneel to me and beg for forgiveness, I’ll spare your life.”

“It’s meaningless to say anymore. Go ahead and kill me,” Yan Xie closed his eyes. As someone who refused to yield even when facing death, how could he possibly kneel and beg someone?

“Haha, it seems that you’re quite wise. You knew that even if you were to kneel to me, I still wouldn’t let you live,” Seeing that Yan Xie had refused to kneel, Zhan Qiankun actually burst into loud laughter.

Not only did he shamelessly speak what he had planned to do, he did not feel shame from it at all. Instead, he felt extremely proud of himself.

Seeing Zhan Qiankun acting like this, everyone present felt extremely disgusted with him. It was as the rumors had said. Although that child possessed heaven-defying talent, he was absolute scum.

“However, remember this. Your death was caused by Chu Feng.”

Suddenly, Zhan Qiankun stopped laughing. Coldness flashed through his eyes, and the several thousand water snakes all opened their mouths and charged toward Yan Xie to devour him.


After a loud rumble, water splashed everywhere. Waterfall-like rain once again splattered downward, landing on the defensive barrier. This caused even Chu Feng’s defensive barrier to tremble unceasingly. From this, it could be seen how powerful those water snakes had been.

Being attacked by those water snakes, Yan Xie’s aura disappeared completely.