Chapter 1766 - Carefully See For Yourself Who I Am

MGA: Chapter 1766 - Carefully See For Yourself Who I Am


Seeing that Yan Xie had lost all ability to fight back, many people began to sigh and shake their heads incessantly. Some even lowered their heads because they did not wish to see Yan Xie being killed.

Even though it was only a battle between Yan Xie and Zhan Qiankun, and was not related to them, everyone knew what sort of individual Zhan Qiankun was.

In terms of talent, Zhan Qiankun was most definitely a rare genius. However, in terms of his character, he was definitely scum, a scourge on society. If someone like him were to continue to live, he would be a threat to everyone. For people like him, it would be best for them to die.

As for Yan Xie, he was the Flame Emperor’s successor. From his earlier actions, it could also be seen that Yan Xie was an upright and righteous man. At the very least, he was someone willing to sacrifice himself for his friend, and someone who refused to lower his head. He was clearly someone with a lot of moral integrity.

Even though Yan Xie was not at all related to them, the crowd did not wish for Yan Xie to be defeated.

But… the crowd could only hope, since they had no strength to change the outcome of the battle between the two men.

Suddenly, someone pointed to the sky and cried out in alarm, “Yan Xie is not dead!!!”

“Quickly, look, Yan Xie is still alive!!”

“Yan Xie is alive?”

“Heavens! Yan Xie really is alive!”

The crowd all turned their gazes to the sky. When they saw the scene in the sky, they were all overjoyed at the turn of events. Then, they were extremely shocked.

At this moment, Yan Xie was still alive. Not only was he alive, he was not injured in the slightest.

However, that was not the only reason why the crowd was so shocked. In addition to Yan Xie being alive and completely unharmed, there was another person standing before him.

Regardless of who that person might be, for him to appear before Yan Xie at such a time, it meant that he was most definitely an extraordinary person.

“Heavens, does he have a death wish? Why would he run over there?” Compared to the others, Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish were extremely shocked.

Different from the others, their current reactions were not those of curiosity. Instead, they were worried.

The reason for that was because the person that was standing in front of Yan Xie was none other than Chu Feng, who was still wearing the conical bamboo hat.

Merely, to them, this person was not Chu Feng, but rather an unfamiliar man wearing a conical bamboo hat.

“You’re not qualified to kill him,” Chu Feng said slowly. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing. However, the words he spoke were extremely powerful.

“Yoh, could it be that you’re another of Chu Feng’s friends? It seems that Chu Feng has quite a number of friends.”

“However, that doesn’t matter. Killing one is killing, and killing two is still just killing. Today, I have decided, other than my three junior brothers and the people from the Heavenly Law Palace, I will kill everyone here.” Suddenly, Zhan Qiankun laughed coldly, and traces of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

His ruthlessness was real. It was the ruthlessness of a murderer who killed without blinking an eye, the ruthlessness of someone who treats human lives like grass.

Hearing those words, the bystanders were all startled. Then, their expressions turned pale with fear. That Zhan Qiankun was planning to murder all of them; he was planning to murder them, people who were only observers.

Innocent, they were all innocent spectators. No matter what, there shouldn’t be a reason for him to kill them.

No, something was wrong. Jin Wei’e and them were Zhan Qiankun’s junior brothers. After all, their masters possessed the same title. Even if their relationship was not good, it would also be reasonable for Zhan Qiankun to not kill them.

But, why was it that he also planned to spare the people from the Heavenly Law Palace? Could it be that the Heavenly Law Palace possessed some sort of relationship with Zhan Qiankun?

Actually, this was also what the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were thinking. They knew very well that their Heavenly Law Palace did not possess any relationship with the Five Great Evildoers. Thus, they would naturally not be related to Zhan Qiankun.

Therefore, they were unable to understand why Zhan Qiankun was not planning to kill them.

Could it be because that Zhan Qiankun planned to spare them because they did not try to do anything to him earlier? Could it be that Zhan Qiankun was feeling grateful to them? This was the only reason that the people from the Heavenly Law Palace could think of.

“There need to be people to spread my magnificent feat today. The people from the Heavenly Law Palace just so happen to be suited for that task,” Zhan Qiankun spoke again. After he said those words, he looked to the people from the Heavenly Law Palace, “Isn’t that right? Cowards that fear death?”


Hearing those words, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were all enraged, and began to gnash their teeth in anger. However, none of them said a single word to refute Zhan Qiankun. After all, none of them were a match for Zhan Qiankun.

“Hey, I’m done playing. Chu Feng’s friends, are you all prepared to die for Chu Feng?” Zhan Qiankun turned his gaze filled with contempt toward Chu Feng and Yan Xie.

Having already unleashed his Divine Power, Zhan Qiankun was filled with confidence. Even though the man wearing the conical bamboo hat before him had clearly blocked his attack, he was not afraid in the slightest.


However, right at this moment, a loud explosion was suddenly heard, and boundless oppressive might came crushing down from the sky. It was aimed at Zhan Qiankun.

That oppressive might was so powerful that it was like a vast galaxy falling down from the ninth heaven. Not only was it incomparably magnificent, it was also extremely intimidating.

Facing that oppressive might, Zhan Qiankun started to frown. He did not dare to underestimate it in the slightest, and immediately unleashed all of his strength and released his strongest oppressive might to block the incoming oppressive might.

However, when the two oppressive mights collided with one another, it was as if a single droplet of water had fallen into a surging violent river. In an instant, that droplet of water disappeared without a trace.

It turned out that the oppressive might of Zhan Qiankun’s opponent was like a surging violent river, whereas Zhan Qiankun’s oppressive might was merely that of a water droplet.


Thus, after a miserable shriek, Zhan Qiankun was pressed Into the ground from mid-air by his opponent’s oppressive might.


A large pile of dust began to blow through the surroundings as rock fragments flew all over. The powerful strength of his opponent’s oppressive might had directly crushed Zhan Qiankun deep underground. It was an appalling scene of devastation.

“Rank seven Half Martial Emperor?”

“He’s actually such a grand character. Exactly who is he?”

At this moment, everyone was shocked beyond belief. They were all able to sense the powerful strength of that man’s oppressive might. That oppressive might was that of a rank seven Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, the master of that oppressive might was that man wearing the conical bamboo hat, the man that was standing in front of Yan Xie.

Rank seven Half Martial Emperors, regardless of their age, as long as they were less than a hundred years old, they would all be considered to be a grand character in any of the major powers. They were people who would be held in high regard.

Thus, at this moment, all of the people present, regardless of their identity and status, all felt deep veneration for that man wearing the conical bamboo hat in the sky.

This was not only because that man had saved them. Most importantly, it was because of that man’s powerful strength.

“Senior, please spare me. I, Zhan Qiankun, had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai. I mistook senior to be that Chu Feng’s friend and spoke rudely earlier. I know I shall be punished. However, I beg senior to take my master into consideration and spare this junior’s life.”

At this moment, Zhan Qiankun was panicking. The arrogance he had been displaying earlier was completely gone. All that remained on him was enormous fear.

The confrontation of their oppressive mights earlier had allowed him to clearly recognize how powerful his opponent was. That man with the conical bamboo hat was simply someone that he could not contend against. Before someone like that, the only thing he could do was beg for forgiveness.

“Heh… senior?” However, Chu Feng laughed lightly at Zhan Qiankun’s begging. Then, he said, “You should carefully see for yourself exactly who I am first.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he slowly removed the conical bamboo hat and revealed his true appearance.

“Heavens, it’s him?!!!!”

At this moment, everyone present was stunned.