Chapter 1764 - The Flame Emperor’s Successor

MGA: Chapter 1764 - The Flame Emperor’s Successor


Seeing that the situation had become extremely bad, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace that had already quietly distanced themselves started to rapidly accelerate their footsteps to run away after hearing that shout from their elder.

“Truly despicable!”

Seeing that the people from the Heavenly Law Palace had already escaped, the people cursed in their hearts. While escaping was something normal, to secretly escape was something that people disapproved of.


Right at the moment when the crowd thought that they would be met with a disaster, a golden-bright and dazzling defensive barrier appeared over the crowd.

This defensive barrier appeared very promptly. Not only did it block the attacks Zhan Qiankun had unleashed at the crowd, it also did not suffer any damage at all. The defensive barrier could be said to be extremely firm.

This scene shocked the crowd. They began to carefully look at the defensive barrier. It was only then that they discovered that not only was the defensive barrier emitting golden light, there were also snake marks within it.

“Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, it’s a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist. There’s another expert in the crowd!” At this moment, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Even Big Radish was exclaiming in admiration. Repeatedly, he said, “Our Holy Land of Martialism is truly a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. A Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist actually came to this place.”

“Where is he? Where is he? A Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, wouldn’t that mean that he’s the same level of world spiritist as Chu Feng?” Little Radish began to look all around. He wished to find the person that had acted.

Even Chili Pepper was unable to contain herself, and started to stealthily search for the world spiritist that had unleashed the defensive barrier to save them. She wanted to know exactly who that person was.

However, neither of them knew that the person that had saved them was actually standing right beside them. The person that had unleashed that defensive barrier was none other than Chu Feng.

Merely, Chu Feng had been extremely secretive in his actions. No one knew that he was the one that had unleashed that defensive barrier.

“Damn it, he’s doing that deliberately!”

At the moment when the crowd was searching for the world spiritist that had saved them, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were cursing nonstop.

Turning their gazes toward the direction of the voices, the crowd discovered that, due to the fact that the people from the Heavenly Law Palace had already escaped from the crowd, they were not covered by the defensive barrier.

Furthermore, it just so happened that a black dragon landed near them. The aftermath from the energy ripple of that black dragon caused all of those below the Half Martial Emperor level to either die or become seriously injured. The Heavenly Law Palace had suffered enormous casualties.

“With the abilities of a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he is more than capable of covering the people from the Heavenly Law Palace. Yet, he deliberately decided not to do so. Evidently, he didn’t plan to save them.”

“Selfish and despicable. Now they’re receiving their retribution. Serves them right.”

Seeing the devastation the people from the Heavenly Law Palace were met with, not only was the crowd not sympathizing with them, there were even people who began to cheer.

If one were to ask Chu Feng whether he had deliberately not saved the people from the Heavenly Law Palace, then naturally, he would say that he had done it deliberately. The people from the Heavenly Law Palace were extremely despicable. Not only did they publicly insult him, they even wanted to kill him so as to obtain the bounty on him from the Four Great Imperial Clans.

How could Chu Feng possibly save people like them?

However, Chu Feng didn’t have time to bother with the people from the Heavenly Law Palace. Instead, his eyes were fixed upon the battle in the sky.

On the horizon, black gaseous flames and boundless seas of flames were colliding with one another. They burned the sky, and even space itself. It was a truly spectacular sight.

They were no longer casually fighting with one another. The two fighters had both used extremely powerful Earthen Taboo Martial Skills.

Both Yan Xie and Zhan Qiankun had used their signature abilities. The battle between them was growing more and more intense.

“Amazing, that Chu Feng’s friend is actually this powerful. He is able to fight Zhan Qiankun to a stalemate. Could it be that Chu Feng really possesses talent as heaven-defying as he is rumored to?”

As the aftermath of the two fighters’ attacks that were capable of causing massive devastation landed onto the defensive formation Chu Feng had set up, the crowd within the defensive formation turned their gazes onto the battle between Yan Xie and Zhan Qiankun once again. Upon seeing the intense battle between the two men, not only did the crowd exclaim in admiration, they involuntarily began to think about Chu Feng.

They had only heard about Chu Feng’s various accomplishments. Thus, many people were very skeptical of them. However, after seeing how powerful Yan Xie was with their own eyes, they began to inevitably become convinced that the rumors about Chu Feng might be real.

“Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust!”

Suddenly, the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear in Yan Xie’s hand fused together with the vast flames in the sky. Then, he pointed his spear at Zhan Qiankun and shouted, “First thrust!”


A vivid and lifelike fire dragon surged out of the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear. It charged through all of the energy ripples created by the two fighters and, with an extremely fast speed, galloped to attack Zhan Qiankun.


Seeing this, Zhan Qiankun immediately began to wave his long whip around. He unleashed a powerful martial skill with his whip to block the incoming fire dragon.

“Seven consecutive thrusts!”

However, after Zhan Qiankun spent a great amount of effort to block the first fire dragon, a total of seven more fire dragons surged forth to devour him. Furthermore, each of the fire dragons was more ferocious than the last. Especially the last fire dragon, it was extremely terrifying.

“Damn it!”

At this moment, even Zhan Qiankun’s expression took a huge change. In merely an instant, the fire dragons had arrived before him. He was unable to even run away. At this moment, he felt that his life was in danger.

In fact, many of the people present were stunned by the fire dragons in the sky. None of them knew what they were. However, they were able to sense how frightening they were.

At this moment, the only person capable of maintaining his calm was Chu Feng. Chu Feng knew that this was Yan Xie’s ultimate skill. Back then, if it wasn’t for the fact that he possessed the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash, Chu Feng would have likely been defeated by the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust.

As for Zhan Qiankun, he was evidently unable to block the Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust. It would seem that the outcome of the battle between the two men had been decided.

“Ji, ji, ji, ji~~~”

However, right at the moment when Chu Feng felt that the outcome of the battle had been decided, strange sounds suddenly began to emit from the center of the fire dragons.

When the strange sounds were heard, the ferocious fire dragons actually began to gradually disappear. Finally, the fire dragons all disappeared. At this time, Zhan Qiankun reemerged before the crowd.

It was only at this moment that the crowd discovered that Zhan Qiankun’s body was actually covered with black insects. Those black insects were densely packed and crawling over his entire body.

That being said, those black insects were not only swelling, their bodies were also emitting a faint fiery glow. It was extremely stange.

“Those insects…” Chu Feng started to frown. He knew that the strange sound earlier had been made by those insects. The power of the fire dragons had not disappeared without reason either. They had all been devoured by those insects. It was those insects that had saved Zhan Qiankun.

“Pa, pa, pa, pa~~~”

Suddenly, those insects began to explode. With each explosion, a strand of fiery glow would appear. With the successive explosions of the insects, it was like watching a small feast of fireworks. It was quite a spectacular sight.

When those insects disappeared, the crowd discovered that Zhan Qiankun was actually completely naked as he stood in midair. However, his body was completely undamaged.

“Phew, that was a close call. If it wasn’t for the Ancient Era’s Black Insect Armor given to me by my master, I might have been defeated by you,” Zhan Qiankun did not put on new clothes. Just like that, he stood there naked as he said those words.

“So you actually used a precious treasure to block my Fire Dragon Burning Heaven Thrust?” Yan Xie revealed a gaze of contempt.

The way he saw it, if it hadn’t been for Zhan Qiankun’s treasure, he would’ve already defeated him.

“I admit that you’re very powerful. Your flames are no ordinary flames. They’re extremely strong.”

“My guess is that you’re definitely not an ordinary person. Do you dare to reveal your name and origin?” Zhan Qiankun asked.

“Why would I not dare? I am called Yan Xie. I am the Flame Emperor’s successor,” Yan Xie spoke with a loud voice.

“What? Flame Emperor’s successor? Could he be talking about that Flame Emperor that fought against Emperor Qing ten thousand years ago, and then created the Holy Land of Martialism’s forbidden area, the Purgatory Sea of Flames?”

“It was because of him that the Yan Clan reached the apex. Yet, it was also because of him that they withered away. Is he speaking of that Flame Emperor?”

“The Flame Emperor actually possessed descendants? The Yan Clan actually still exists?”

“What a grand era. Not only has Emperor Gong’s successor shown himself, even the Flame Emperor’s successor has shown himself.”

Once Yan Xie said those words, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar. After all, the Flame Emperor was an expert from an era that was not very long ago, relatively speaking. Ten thousand years ago, if it hadn’t been for the appearance of Emperor Qing, it was very likely that the Flame Emperor would have become that era’s overlord. Thus, there were many people who knew of his distinguished name.

Yan Xie was actually the Flame Emperor’s descendant. Naturally, this would cause them to be shocked. However, they did not doubt him. The reason for that was because the crowd had long since discovered that Yan Xie’s abilities were extremely similar to that of the legendary Flame Emperor.