Chapter 1763 - Confrontation Between The Strong

MGA: Chapter 1763 - Confrontation Between The Strong

After Yan Xie and that white-clothed man appeared in succession, the crowd was completely shocked.

This was especially true for those old people close to a hundred years old. Although they could still be considered to be a part of the younger generation, they knew very well in their hearts that this era was already not theirs anymore.

It was only when they saw Yan Xie and that white-clothed man that they realized why this era was known as the era where powerful experts were born, the era where an Overlord would appear. The reason for that was because the powerful members of the younger generation in this era were truly very numerous.

In fact, it could even be said that this era possessed more powerful members of the younger generation than any other era after the Ancient Era.

Else, how could all those elders and disciples from the Underworld Palace and the Heavenly Law Palace be suppressed by a single Jin Wei’e?

However, the two men that had appeared were standing in midair right now, and both of them possessed cultivations above what Jin Wei’e possessed. This truly caused the crowd to gasp in admiration.

“Why are you saying that Chu Feng is a coward? Do you even know him?” Yan Xie stared at that white-clothed man with his ice-cold gaze.

As Yan Xie considered Chu Feng his friend, he, like Chili Pepper, would not allow anyone to insult Chu Feng. Furthermore, he had realized that, for that white-clothed man to appear at this time, he had most likely come with ill intentions.

“He has been invited, yet has not dared to appear. If that’s not a coward, then what is?” The white-clothed man said.

“What makes you so certain that Chu Feng has not dared to appear? Perhaps he’s already inside the fort, and you’ve merely not seen him yet,” Yan Xie said.

“With the Four Great Imperial Clans all listing him as wanted, how could he dare come?” The white-clothed man asked.

“According to my understanding of Chu Feng, as long as he’s invited, he will definitely show up,” Yan Xie said.

“If he has come, then yes, it would mean that he’s not a coward. However, I will let everyone know that even if that Chu Feng is not a coward, he still possesses an underserved reputation, and he is nothing more than trash.”

“The reason for that is because I’ll have him die by my hands,” As that white-clothed man said those words, he clenched his fist, and a trace of killing intent flashed through his eyes. He was definitely not joking around. He was truly planning to kill Chu Feng.

“Chili Pepper, it seems that Chu Feng has not only offended the Four Great Imperial Clans. His enemies are truly numerous,” Big Radish said with a low voice.

“Shut up!” Chili Pepper shouted angrily. However, her gaze was flickering. Evidently, she was worried about Chu Feng’s safety.

At this moment, the person that was the calmest was Chu Feng. He knew why so many people were slandering his name, insulting him and even wanted to kill him.

The reason for that was the enormous rewards being offered by the Four Great Imperial Clans. Those rewards were truly too attractive. Thus, there were naturally a lot of people who wanted to kill Chu Feng.

However, even if they wanted to kill Chu Feng, they couldn’t do it without just reasoning. Else, they would be disdained by others. Thus, if they wanted to kill Chu Feng, they had to say that Chu Feng was an evil person who had sinned a lot.

Chu Feng knew the cheap tricks that these people possessed very well. The Heavenly Law Palace, those three Evildoers’ disciples, and even that white-clothed man were all people that wanted to obtain the rewards. [1. Maybe not the evildoers’ disciples… since they don’t even know who Chu Feng is…]

“Chu Feng is my close friend. If you wish to kill Chu Feng, I will definitely not sit by and watch.”

“I, Yan Xie, am not one to kill nameless individuals. Go ahead, tell me your name,” Yan Xie said with a cold voice.

“My surname’s Zhan, and given name’s Qiankun. My respected master’s name is Zhan Cangtian,” The white-clothed man spoke those words one by one.

[1. Zhan → Battle. Qiankun → The World. Cangtian → The Heavens/Firmament. Battle the world, battle the heavens… great names.]

“What? His master is Zhan Cangtian? He’s Zhan Cangtian’s disciple, Zhan Qiankun?”

After hearing what the white-clothed man said, the eyes of many people started to shine. They were shocked. The gazes with which they looked to the white-clothed man turned to ones of shock, resentment and fear.

At this moment, from the discussions of the crowd, Chu Feng discovered who that white-clothed man really was.

Zhan Cangtian was the leader of the Five Great Evildoers. Before him, Jin, Yin, Tong and Tie, the four other Evildoers, would be extremely well-behaved.

Zhan Cangtian’s disciple Zhan Qiankun was also one of the top and most famous members of the younger generation in the Holy Land of Martialism.

His various accomplishments had already spread far and wide through the Holy Land of Martialism since long ago. In fact, Zhan Qiankun was one of the younger generation Emperor Gong’s successor had invited to this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly.

From this, it could be see that Zhan Qiankun’s reputation was definitely not underserved. Instead, he was a genius who possessed true abilities.

“He’s actually one of the people invited. This situation is bad. Will that Chu Feng’s friend be a match for him?” Big Radish was very worried.

“What bad luck. There were so many people invited. Yet, why would we run across the most notorious one on the list?” Chili Pepper also started to frown.

In fact, many of the people present looked down on Yan Xie. After all, that Zhan Qiankun was extremely famous.

However, at this very moment, Chu Feng was smiling. He was not worried in the slightest. He knew Yan Xie’s strength very well. Regardless of how powerful that Zhan Qiankun might be, he would not necessarily be a match for Yan Xie.

However, in a battle between experts, one would be able to obtain some benefits regardless of victory or defeat. To Yan Xie, this would be a rare confrontation to come by.

Chu Feng did not wish to ruin this rare opportunity for Yan Xie. Thus, he decided to continue to be a silent observer. He planned to watch exactly who, between Yan Xie and Zhan Qiankun, would be stronger.

“So you’re actually that biggest Evildoer’s disciple. No wonder you’ve come to stand up for those three.”

“Since that’s the case, it’s even more reasonable for me to kill you,” As matters stood, Yan Xie was disinclined to bother with superfluous words. With a flip of his palm, a fiery red spear with flame lingering around it appeared in Yan Xie’s hand.

Once that spear appeared, Yan Xie’s aura instantly increased dramatically. Even though they were all inside the fort, rising winds and scudding clouds still appeared above Yan Xie. It was obvious how powerful that weapon was.

“Fire Dragon Emperor Spear. However, it’s no longer a copy, but the actual Incomplete Imperial Armament.”

“As expected of the Yan Clan. Even though so many years have passed, they still hid such a treasure.”

When Chu Feng fought against Yan Xie, Yan Xie had used the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear. However, the Fire Dragon Emperor Spear in Yan Xie’s hand at that time had only been a copy, an imitation. Yet, the one he had revealed right now was an actual Incomplete Imperial Armament.

“You’re not the only one with an Incomplete Imperial Armament,” Seeing Yan Xie’s Fire Dragon Emperor Spear, Zhan Qiankun started to smile coldly. Then, a whip that emitted black flames appeared in his hand.

Not only was that black whip an Incomplete Imperial Armament, being held by Zhan Qiankun, it was like an enormous black dragon. The roars of the dragon were capable of shaking heaven and earth. The might of the dragon was capable of covering the heavenly dome.

However, Yan Xie was not at all weaker. Holding the spear in his hand, many fire dragons were shot forth. In an instant, those dragons collided with Zhan Qiankun.

“Boom, boom, boom~~~”

At this moment, heaven and earth had darkened. However, sparks would often appear, and violent energy ripples would spring up like invisible ferocious beasts as they wreaked havoc throughout their surroundings.

Due to the fact that the battlefield was limited in size, and that the two fighters were extremely powerful, the energy ripples created by the two fighters had blown away many of the people down below. There were even individuals who sustained serious injuries, such as losing their limbs or bleeding from their seven facial orifices.

“Underworld Palace, set up the formation!” In this sort of situation, the people from the Underworld Palace were the ones who actually stood forward bravely. Although they were injured, they endured their injuries and began to put forth their all to set up formations to stop the energy ripples that were the result of the battle between the two men.

“Let us help too,” Seeing that even the injured people from the Underworld Palace were willing to help the people here, many experts also joined them in succession to help them defend against the nonstop energy ripples crashing down from the battle happening up above.

This scene could be said to be extremely warm and moving to watch. The unity of the human race was completely evident at this point.

“Ignorant fools! How could the energy ripples caused by rank five Half Martial Emperors be things that you all can resist? Rather than watching the battle and dying here, it’s better to quickly leave.”

However, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace did not help, and instead spoke words of mockery. As they spoke, they prepared to leave.

While the words spoken by the Heavenly Law Palace were extremely hateful, they were not without reason. Indeed, the energy ripples, the aftermath caused by the battle between Yan Xie and Zhan Qiankun, were indeed not something that the people present could withstand.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Sure enough. It was unknown whether he did it intentionally or not, but that Zhan Qiankun lashed his black flame whip many times in succession, and shot out many black gaseous flames that appeared like black dragons.

Among them, three were actually shot toward the crowd down below. Faced with the incoming dragons, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

If those black dragons were to land onto the ground, the casualties of the people on the ground would be enormous. In fact, not a single one of them would be able to survive through them.