Chapter 1762 - Arriving On Stage In Succession

MGA: Chapter 1762 - Arriving On Stage In Succession

“I know your motherfucking standing. Your daddy is asking you all exactly who that Chu Feng is!” Jin Wei’e shouted angrily. Then he shot out a palm strike,and a burst of enormous power appeared out of the blue, covering the army of people from the Heavenly Law Palace.

The might of his attack was even more powerful than when he had attacked the people from the Underworld Palace. Merely, he was acting leniently. He only revealed his might and did not actually unleash the attack at them. Else, the people from the Heavenly Law Palace would have either been injured or killed.

“Tell me right the fuck away… or else, I’ll eliminate you all,” Jin Wei’e revealed an ominous glint in his eyes and spoke very ferociously.

In this sort of situation, the disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace all started to panic. One by one, they began to ask that elder for instructions as to what to do. After all, they were faced with a life and death crisis. Evidently, none of them wished to die.

Feeling helpless, the elder clenched his teeth, then spoke with a feigned calm. “Chu Feng was originally a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. However, that child possesses a malicious heart. Not only did he kill the younger generation of the Nangong Imperial Clan, he also snatched away the Nangong Imperial Clan’s secret skill. Currently, he has been expelled from the Cyanwood Mountain, and he is wanted by the Four Great Imperial Clans. He is a treacherous member of the younger generation who is fleeing for his life.”

Once that Heavenly Law Palace’s elder spoke those words, the crowd immediately began to feel even more contempt for the Heavenly Law Palace. Not only was that elder despicable and shameless, he even lacked moral integrity. He had truly humiliated the name of ‘Heavenly Law.’ This caused the crowd to feel disdain for him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Old fart from the Heavenly Law Palace, I will only ask you this. If Chu Feng were here, would you dare to describe him like that?” Chili Pepper asked angrily. That Heavenly Law Palace’s elder was inverting right and wrong, and he was speaking from the standpoint of the Nangong Imperial Clan. He had described Chu Feng as an extremely malicious person. Naturally, she would not allow it.

“What I’ve said is the truth. I have a heart with a clear conscience. As such, why would I not dare?”

“If that Chu Feng were standing before me, not only would I dare to say those words, I would also eliminate him on behalf of the heavens,” The Heavenly Law Palace’s elder said.

“Pah! When faced with the Evildoers’ disciples, not only did you not say words like ‘eliminate them on behalf of the heavens’, you instead lowered your head and complied with their every order like a servant.”

“Yet, to Chu Feng who is not present, you shouted that you would eliminate him on behalf of the heavens. You’re truly disgusting,” Chili Pepper said with extreme contempt.

“Disgusting indeed,” Many people expressed their agreement with Chili Pepper.

“Today, the Heavenly Law Palace has truly broadened our horizons. Carry on the Heavenly Law, uphold virtue and condemn evil? What a bunch of bullshit. Your righteousness is inferior to that of the Underworld Palace!” In fact, there were even people that discreetly spoke insulting words at the Heavenly Law Palace.

There were people from all over present. Some among them were disciples from grand characters. Therefore, there would naturally be people from the crowd who did not fear the Heavenly Law Palace.

This sort of situation caused the expressions of the people from the Heavenly Law Palace to become very ugly. However, it was unsuitable for them to refute the crowd. After all, it was true that they had been frightened by Jin Wei’e. What the crowd was saying was the truth.

Right at this moment, that Jin Wei’e burst into loud laughter. “Haha, regardless of what sort of person that Chu Feng might be, I can tell that he’s greatly inferior to me.”

“At the very least, even while doing misdeeds, he is not as straightforward and upright as me. Say, girl, you should stop being so hell-bent on that Chu Feng. It’s better that you follow me.”

“Pah!” Chili Pepper spit a mouthful of saliva again.

“Fuck! Damned bitch! You are truly one to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Your daddy wanted you to be my woman out of kindness. Yet, you refused. In that case, I’ll have you become my slave. I’ll toy with you and beat you as I wish. Right now, your daddy shall toy with you in public.”

As he spoke those words, Jin Wei’e opened his arms. At the same time, Chili Pepper’s skirt began to flutter. She who was bound by Jin Wei’e’s martial power began to fly toward his bosom.

Even though Chili Pepper was violently struggling, it was all no use. After all, the gap between her and Jin Wei’e was as enormous as the heaven from the earth.

At this moment, coldness flashed through Chu Feng’s eyes, which were covered by his conical bamboo hat. While he had watched the show for a long time, he would not look on unfeelingly as Chili Pepper entered Jin Wei’e’s bosom.

“Regardless of what sort of person Chu Feng might be, the way I see it, you are unqualified to be compared with him!” Right at the moment when Chu Feng was about to act, a voice that shook heaven and earth sounded.

After that voice sounded, a figure appeared before Chili Pepper. When he appeared, the martial power Jin Wei’e had bound Chili Pepper with was instantly severed.

This scene caused the expressions of many of the people present to change. At this moment, the person who had appeared before Chili Pepper was a young man.

He had a head of black hair tied in a ponytail, a graceful and stern face, and emitted coldness all over. Most importantly, this young man’s cultivation was actually the same as Jin Wei’e’s; he was also a rank four Half Martial Emperor.

“Yan Xie?” Compared to the others, Chu Feng was feeling joyous. The reason for that was because he recognized the person who had come. It was the strongest member of the younger generation from the Cyanwood Domain’s Yan Clan, Yan Xie.

Chu Feng truly did not expect that Yan Xie would have come here too. Furthermore, he had never expected that Yan Xie’s cultivation would increase this quickly. In a period of over a year, he had gone from rank one Half Martial Emperor to rank five Half Martial Emperor.

That’s right, Yan Xie was not a rank four Half Martial Emperor. Instead, he was a rank five Half Martial Emperor. He was concealing his cultivation.

While he could conceal his cultivation from others, he was unable to conceal it from Chu Feng. With a single glance, Chu Feng was able to distinguish his true cultivation.

“Young lady, thank you for defending Chu Feng. You can return. Leave the rest to me,” Yan Xie said to Chili Pepper.

Chili Pepper did not hesitate. She immediately flew back down and helped Big Radish and Little Radish get back up. Then, they moved over to Chu Feng’s side.

“You are Chu Feng?” At this moment, Jin Wei’e was filled with grievances toward Yan Xie, who had come out of nowhere.

“I am not Chu Feng. I am merely Chu Feng’s friend,” Yan Xie said.

“In that case, are you planning to stand up for him?” Jin Wei’e asked.

“In this world, only Chu Feng is capable of fighting against me. As for you… you’re still not qualified to be my opponent,” Yan Xie said.

“What arrogance!” Jin Wei’e was enraged. As he spoke, he shot out a palm strike. Valiant martial power turned into an enormous, golden-bright and dazzling mountain. From the sky, that mountain fell toward Yan Xie. In rage, Jin Wei’e had unleashed a fatal attack from the get-go.

However, Yan Xie’s expression remained unchanged even when faced with Yan Xie’s attack. It was only when that mountain of martial power approached him that he raised his arm and lightly shook his sleeve.

At the moment when he shook his sleeve, a strong gale immediately appeared. Not only did the gale instantly shatter the golden mountain of martial power, it also engulfed Jin Wei’e, Yin Wei’e and Tong Wei’e.

When the gale disappeared, Jin Wei’e, Yin Wei’e and Tong Wei’e’s clothes were all ripped, and they were covered with blood. Then, one by one, they fell to the ground. Even though they were still alive, they were only alive by a breath.

“As I said, you are not qualified to be my opponent,” Yan Xie repeated.

“He’s actually a rank five Half Martial Emperor!? He was actually hiding his cultivation!?”

“To be a rank five Half Martial Emperor at such a young age, exactly who is that child?! He’s actually this powerful?!” At that moment, the crowd was praising Yan Xie nonstop.

“Wow, never would I have expected that Chu Feng actually had a friend like him!” Even Big Radish and Little Radish had expressions of amazement on their faces.

“Chu Feng is a ruler among men. Naturally, his friends will be extraordinary people. Otherwise, how could they be qualified to be Chu Feng’s friends?” Chili Pepper said complacently.

Hearing those words, Big Radish and Little Radish had helpless expressions on their faces. The fascination Chili Pepper had for Chu Feng had reached a level of craziness. There was already no one comparable to Chu Feng in her heart.

“Never would I have expected that that coward Chu Feng would have a friend like you,” However, right at this moment, a white-clothed man slowly walked over from the sky.

This young man possessed a face with delicate features, and gave off an unfathomable air. From merely a glance, the crowd knew that this man was someone extraordinary.

The reason for that was because the aura this white-clothed man emitted was that of a rank five Half Martial Emperor.