Chapter 1761 - Should Know Your Standing

MGA: Chapter 1761 - Should Know Your Standing

“An Evildoer’s disciple dares to think about our Underworld Palace’s disciple? You are truly a toad that wishes to consume the flesh of a swan, a man that has no idea of death and danger,” Before Chili Pepper could say anything, the elder from the Underworld Palace who had spoken earlier spoke mockingly.

From his words, it could be seen how much he disliked the Evildoers’ disciples.

“Yoh, the people from the Underworld Palace actually dare to call themselves swans. Do you really think that you’re good birds?” The corners of Jin Wei’e’s mouth were twitching slightly as he sneered. [1. Good birds → people with good characters.]

The way he saw it, the Underworld Palace and him were simply jacks of the same tribe. Neither one of them had the qualifications to say that the other party was worse. After all, the reason why the Underworld Palace was called the Underworld Palace was because they had done many savage things. Their methods were so ruthless that they wouldn't hesitate to turn a region into hell.

“While the people of our Underworld Palace train in the Underworld Mysterious Technique, we have never willfully slaughtered the innocent. The reason for that is because we have not forgotten that we are also people,” The Underworld Palace’s elder said.

Hearing those words, many of the bystanders present began to nod their heads. While the methods of the Underworld Palace were extremely savage, there would always be reasons when they killed people. It was true that they had never willfully slaughtered the innocent. Not to mention not willfully slaughtering humans, they had not even done so to monstrous beasts.

While the methods of the Underworld Palace were indeed extremely ruthless and cruel at times, they could be considered to have their own Dao, their own path. This was also the reason why the Underworld Palace was capable of continuing on at the apex of the human powers. The reason for that was because they had never done any outrageous atrocities that could cause the heavens to cry and anger all of the people in the world.

“Even though the people of our Underworld Palace train in Mysterious Techniques, we still know that we are humans and will not do things to harm others. Yet, you all are completely unaware of that aspect. That is why you all cannot be considered to be humans. Instead, you’re animals, lower than dogs and pigs.”

“For animals like yourselves, it is the obligation of the people in this world to put you to death,” As the Underworld Palace’s elder spoke those words, the many disciples from the Underworld Palace all took out their Royal Armaments and aimed them at Jin Wei’e and the others in the sky.

“Yoh, you bunch who don't know death and dangers, are you trying to court death?” Faced with this display from the Underworld Palace, Jin Wei’e spoke disdainfully and smiled with contempt.

“Heavenly Law Palace, the disciples of Evildoers are before our eyes. It is our obligation as people of this world to eliminate animals like them. Let’s put aside our previous grudges and grievances to join hands and eliminate these three evil creatures so that they do not inflict suffering upon the people of this world anymore,” The elder from the Underworld Palace spoke to the people from the Heavenly Law Palace.

“Humph, it is beneath our Heavenly Law Palace’s dignity to join hands with your Underworld Palace,” However, the Heavenly Law Palace’s elder snorted coldly upon hearing that Underworld Palace’s elder’s words.

Upon hearing those words, many of the people present started to frown and began to feel contempt for the Heavenly Law Palace in their hearts.

The Heavenly Law Palace had utterly let down their name. As people who should uphold Heavenly Law, when faced with the disciples of Evildoers, they should be the ones that would, on behalf of the heavens and all living things in the world, eliminate them. It shouldn’t need to be the Underworld Palace.

Yet, not only did their Heavenly Law Palace not attack the three Evildoers’ disciples first, they even refused the Underworld Palace’s invitation to join hands.

Furthermore, not only did they refuse the Underworld Palace’s invitation to join hands, they also did not express that they planned to take care of the three Evildoers’ disciples. This was truly too abominable.

“It seems that you all will not have anyone to help you,” Jin Wei’e also realized that the Heavenly Law Palace did not plan to get involved. Thus, he smiled complacently, and then raised his hand upward and shot out a palm strike. Immediately, heaven and earth started to tremble as boundless martial power descended from the sky like countless giant mountains.

With devastating power, it came crushing down upon the people from the Underworld Palace.

Seeing that, the Underworld Palace’s elder shouted, “Set up the formation!” Then the people from the Underworld Palace set up a majestic formation to make a counterattack against Jin Wei’e.


Unfortunately, not only was Jin Wei’e very strong, he also possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. Even though there were a lot of people from the Underworld Palace, they were no match for him.

After the loud explosion, the people from the Underground Palace had suffered a crushing defeat. At this moment, other than Chili Pepper, everyone else from the Underground Palace had fallen to the ground. They were all injured.

Thus, at this moment, Big Radish and Little Radish who were also lying on the ground had expressions of bewilderment on their faces. They could see that the many Half Martial Emperor-level experts were all vomiting blood. Yet, the two of them were completely uninjured. They felt this to be very unfathomable.

Naturally, they would not have known that it was Chu Feng who had protected them from the shadows.

“A bunch of trash. If I don’t teach you all a lesson, you’ll think us to be nothing but sick cats,” After defeating them all with a single strike, Jin Wei’e became even more pleased with himself.

Then, he narrowed his eyes and turned his shameless gaze to Chili Pepper. He said, “My beloved, look at how dearly I love you. With how your Underworld Palace treated me, I was still reluctant to harm you. From this, it can be seen that my love for you is true.”

Still standing, Chili Pepper looked to her fellow disciples all around her that had all fallen to the ground with injuries. Immediately, she started to gnash her teeth with surging anger.

She gripped her Royal Armament and shouted, “You’re courting death!” Then, Chili Pepper soared into the sky to attack Jin Wei’e.

However, faced with Chili Pepper’s attack, Jin Wei’e did not even have to move. With merely a thought, he used his martial power to bind her in midair.

“Girl, don’t you continue to act this indiscriminately. This great commander has fancied you. It is your fortune,” At this moment, faint traces of anger were flickering in Jin Wei’e’s narrowed gaze.

“Pah!” Chili Pepper spit out a mouthful of saliva.

“Haha, senior brother Jin, that girl defended that Chu Feng like that, yet completely refuses to put you in her eyes. It would appear that, in that girl’s heart, you are very inferior to that Chu Feng,” Yin Wei’e said while laughing loudly.

“Fuck! How could trash like Chu Feng possibly be comparable to this great commander?” Jin Wei’e said with an expression of unreconciliation.

“Even if there are thousands upon thousands of you, you would still be inferior to a single Chu Feng. You will not be qualified to be compared with Chu Feng through your entire life, through eternity,” Chili Pepper said.

“You…” Hearing those words, Jin Wei’e was immediately angered. He turned to the surrounding crowd and asked, “Exactly who is this Chu Feng? Someone tell your daddy right now!”

The crowd were all shocked by Jin Wei’e’s behavior. Chu Feng was extremely famous right now. However, from the reactions of Jin Wei’e, Yin Wei’e and Tong Wei’e, it seemed that they really did not know who Chu Feng was.

However, upon thinking about it, the people could also understand the reason why. Other than going about doing evil deeds with their masters, the disciples of Evildoers would be in closed-door training all year round. Thus, it was also understandable that they did not know what was happening in the world outside.

If it wasn’t for the invitation from that Emperor Gong’s successor, it was likely that these three scoundrels would not have left their closed-door training.

Yin Wei’e looked to the Heavenly Law Palace’s crowd and said, “Don’t look at me. I don’t know who that Chu Feng is. However, it seems like those guys from the Heavenly Law Palace know very well who he is.”

“Tell me, who is this Chu Feng?” Jin Wei’e also turned his gaze toward the Heavenly Law Palace’s crowd.

Hearing those words, the elder from the Heavenly Law Palace started to frown. The reason why he had not joined the Underworld Palace to attack Jin Wei’e and the others before was because he was trying to weaken the Underworld Palace’s drive using Jin Wei’e and the others.

The way he saw it, the fact that he did not attack Jin Wei’e and the others could be said to be an extremely magnanimous action. Jin Wei’e and the others should be feeling grateful to him.

Never would he ever have expected that not only would Jin Wei’e and the others not thank him, but they would instead publicly question them about Chu Feng with a tone of questioning servants. His actions showed that he simply did not place the Heavenly Law Palace in his eyes.

“Evildoers’ disciples, I shall give you all a word of advice. One should know one’s standing,” The Heavenly Law Palace’s elder said those words.