Chapter 1760 - Evildoers’ Disciples

MGA: Chapter 1760 - Evildoers’ Disciples

Close to a hundred Half Martial Emperor’s auras came surging over like invisible waves. However, they were only aimed at Chili Pepper.

“Ta, ta, ta~~~” Loud impacts could be heard as the group of Half Martial Emperors landed in front of Chili Pepper.

No matter how strong Chili Pepper might be, it remained that she was only a Martial King. Facing close to a hundred Half Martial Emperors and their oppressive might, her little face instantly turned pale. She began to waver left and right like a leaf in the ocean. All she could do was drift with the waves and go with the flower. Her situation was truly pitiful.


However, this state did not last for a long time before close to another hundred Half Martial Emperor’s oppressive auras swept forth from the crowd. They actually collided directly with the Heavenly Law Palace’s Half Martial Emperor's’ oppressive auras, saving Chili Pepper from them.

“Did you think that only your Heavenly Law Palace had people, and our Underworld Palace didn’t?”

At the moment when the oppressive might arrived, close to a hundred silhouettes walked over from the sky. They also arrived before Chili Pepper.

There were both men and women in this group of close to a hundred Half Martial Emperors. They aged from their thirties to nineties. The weakest among them were rank one Half Martial Emperors, whereas the strongest among them were rank three Half Martial Emperors.

However, there was one thing they all had in common. That was, that they were all people from the Underground Palace.

At the same time, close to ten thousand Heavenly Law Palace and Underworld Palace disciples appeared in succession. They stood respectively behind those two groups of Half Martial Emperors.

All of a sudden, two of the strongest powers of the human race, the Heavenly Law Palace and Underground Palace, were confronting one another.

At this moment, many of the people present immediately drew back. However, they were extremely excited.

While they had heard that the Heavenly Law Palace and the Underground Palace were antagonistic toward one another, very few people had actually seen the people from the Heavenly Law Palace and the Underworld Palace fighting one another.

Today, such a chance had actually appeared before them. To be able to see the Heavenly Law Palace and the Underworld Palace fight against one another would be an enormously fortunate thing. As such, how could the crowd not be excited?

“Sure enough, the Three Palaces are different,” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng was also surprised.

While bystanders would be watching for entertainment value, Chu Feng was observing their technicalities. The way Chu Feng saw it, compared to the Nine Powers, the Three Palaces’ disciples were very united.

At the very least, when their fellow disciples were in danger, they immediately stepped forth to support their fellow disciples. That was something that the Nine Powers lacked.

It was no wonder the Three Palaces had existed in the Holy Land of Martialism for tens of thousands of years, and that they ended up becoming the most powerful powers of the human race.

People must be united. Only by being united would their power become even stronger.

However, in the world of martial cultivators, a world filled with mutual deception where one placed one’s personal benefits over everything else, this sort of solidarity was growing more and more rare.

“What’s this? Is your Underworld Palace trying to start a war with us?” An old rank three Half Martial Emperor from among the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples stood forth.

Although this old man’s age was not a hundred years old, his attitude was different from the rest of the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples. Evidently, he was not an ordinary disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace. Likely, he was an elder-level character.

“Firstly, even if we are to start a war, our Underworld Palace will definitely not fear your Heavenly Law Palace. Secondly, if it’s only all of us here, it cannot be considered to be starting a war. After all, we are only disciples of the Underworld Palace, and cannot represent the entire Underworld Palace. As for you, you are the same as us.”

“Lastly, your Heavenly Law Palace’s numerous Half Martial Emperors actually attacked together to suppress our Underworld Palace’s single Martial King-level disciple. Furthermore, it was a female disciple on top of that. Even if we are to truly fight, the ones in the wrong will be you all,” An old man from the Underworld Palace who was also an elder and also possessed the cultivation of rank three Half Martial Emperor spoke with a slight smile.

“What a joke! Why did we try to suppress her? That’s because she injured our Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples,” The elder who was leading the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples said with a cold voice.

“A joke indeed. Why did she injure your Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples? Isn’t it all because your Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples attacked her first? If your skills are inferior to others, you shouldn’t court your own disgrace,” The Underworld Palace’s elder mocked.

“What sophistry! For no reason at all, why would our Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples attack a little girl? Isn’t it all because she insulted our Heavenly Law Palace’s disciple?” The Heavenly Law Palace’s elder justified his fellow disciples’ actions.

“The reason I insulted him was because he was maliciously slandering Chu Feng.”

“He actually dared to slander Chu Feng. He should have asked himself whether he was qualified to do so to begin with,” Chili Pepper was unable to contain herself and spoke out.

“Look at that, she admitted to it herself. That Chu Feng has done all sorts of malicious deeds. He is an utter disgrace to the world. So what if our Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples speak ill of him?”

“Yet you, exactly what sort of relationship do you have with that Chu Feng for you to defend him like that?” The Heavenly Law Palace’s elder asked.

“I have no relationship with Chu Feng. I merely cannot bear to see someone slander another behind their back,” Chili Pepper said.

“What a ‘cannot bear to see someone slander another behind their back.’ Girl, you truly are filled with righteousness. This great commander is very fond of you.”

Suddenly, another voice sounded from the crowd. Following that voice, three figures arrived from the sky.

They were three young men. Every one of them emitted the aura of a Half Martial Emperor. Due to the fact that they were concealing their cultivations, the crowd was unable to determine their actual cultivations.

However, once these three people appeared, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

It was for no other reason than the fact that these three young men’s clothes were respectively marked with the words ‘Gold,’ ‘Silver,’ and ‘Copper’ in large fonts.

Suddenly, a white-haired old man from the crowd asked, “Are you all the disciples of Evildoer Jin, Evildoer Yin and Evildoer Tong, Jin Wei’e, Yin Wei’e and Tong Wei’e?” with enormous hatred in his tone.

[1. It would seem that the Evildoers’ names are most likely titles with different metals as bases. the problems of not reading ahead… Jin → Gold, Yin → Silver, Tong → Copper, Tie → Iron. Wei’e → Is Evil. I don’t know why their masters gave them all the same name...]

“So what if we are? So what if we aren’t?” The man with the word ‘Copper,’ on his chest asked disdainfully.

“The sin of one’s master is something that the disciple should repay. Your masters have done all sorts of evil deeds. As their disciples, you all cannot escape responsibility.”

“Today, this old man will avenge my Ma Family’s one thousand three hundred and forty-one dead!”

As the old man spoke, a rank one Half Martial Emperor’s boundless aura surged forth. Like a myriad of bloodthirsty beasts, his aura swept forth toward the three men in the sky. He was planning to tear the three men in the sky to pieces.


However, at this moment, that man with the word ‘Copper’ on his chest extended his hand and pointed at the old man. With that one point, not only did that old man’s oppressive might vanish instantly, the old man’s dantian was also pierced through.


With his dantian pierced through, the old man immediately fell on his knees and began to vomit blood nonstop.

“Someone like you thinks you’re qualified to kill us?” At this moment, the man that had attacked let out a voice filled with contempt.

“Rank three Half Martial Emperor?” At this moment, many of the people present were shocked by this. There were many rank three Half Martial Emperors on the scene. However, very few of them were as young as that man.


Right at this moment, a loud explosion sounded. That old man that was vomiting blood actually directly exploded on the spot.

It turned out that someone had attacked again. The person that attacked was the leader of the three young men, the one with the word ‘Gold,’ on his chest. As for this man’s strength, it was even more valiant; he was a rank four Half Martial Emperor.

“Lil Bro Tong, how many times have I said to you that you must not be lenient toward trash like that? It’s better to kill them directly,” The man with the word ‘Gold’ on his chest said with a beaming smile. The person that had spoken to Chili Pepper earlier was also him.

“Got it,” At this moment, the man with the word ‘Copper,’ on his chest nodded his head obediently.

“Sure enough, they’re the personal disciples of the Evildoers Jin, Yin and Tong, Jin Wei’e, Yin Wei’e and Tong Wei’e.”

“Never would I have imagined that I'd encounter the three of them in this place,” At this moment, many of the people present narrowed their brows and began to emit ill-intended gazes.

Even though the three young men in the sky could be said to be very excellent members of the younger generation in the Holy Land of Martialism, it seemed that practically no one liked them.

The reason for that was none other than because their masters were extremely infamous for having done all sorts of malicious deeds.

However, those three men appeared to be unable to see the ill-intended gazes from all over. Especially that Jin Wei’e. He had turned his gaze to Chili Pepper again. With a smile on his face, he said, “Girl, this great commander thinks very highly of you. What do you think about becoming this great commander’s woman?”