Chapter 1759 - Acting To Uphold Justice

MGA: Chapter 1759 - Acting To Uphold Justice

“Waa, Chili Pepper, you’ve finally spoken the truth. Sure enough, you not only admire Chu Feng, you’ve fallen for him too.”

“Mmm mmm, never would I have expected that my senior sister Chili Pepper would fall for someone. What a rare occassion.”

Right at this moment, Little Radish and Big Radish suddenly jumped out from the rooms where they were sleeping. The two of them were looking at Chili Pepper and smiling vulgarly.

“You two, you were actually pretending to be asleep?!” At this moment, Chili Pepper came to a sudden realization. Her face was red with embarrassment and anger.

“Hehe, actually, we just woke up not long ago. However, after we woke up, we discovered that the two of you were getting along well. Thus, we found it unsuitable for us to disturb you two. We wanted to let the two of you ease the tension between you. Thus, we have done so out of good intentions. You must not wrongly accuse us,” Big Radish said shamelessly.

“Damn you, you two actually joined hands to bully me. Watch how I’ll properly teach you two stinky radishes,” Chili Pepper gnashed her teeth angrily as she raised her fist into a position of wanting to beat someone up.

“Don’t!” Seeing that, Big Radish grabbed Little Radish and quickly ran out from the building.

“Stop!” Chili Pepper chased after them.

After the three of them ran out while fooling around, Chu Feng also stood up and stretched his back. He had stayed in this world spirit building for a total of two days now. It would also be good for him to go out and enjoy some sunlight.

After walking out of the world spirit building, Chu Feng discovered that there was a vast crowd outside. There were so many people gathered in this land that there were several tens of thousands of people gathered at the region where Chu Feng was. However, this was merely a corner of the fort.

Judging from this, there should at least be several hundreds of thousands of people in the fort right now.

With this many people gathered, there were bound to be many experts present too. Likely, there would be several tens of thousands of Half Martial Emperor-level experts.

At the very least, there were close to a thousand Half Martial Emperors here. Although the majority of them were old people who were nearly a hundred years old, they were still qualified to enter this place. After all, in the Holy Land of Martialism, anyone underneath a hundred years old would be considered to be part of the younger generation.

However, at this time, Chu Feng discovered that Chili Pepper, Big Radish and Little Radish, the three of them who had run out from the building while fooling around, were all standing beside the doorway.

Furthermore, that girl Chili Pepper was revealing an ominous glint in her eyes and gnashing her teeth while clenching her fists in her sleeves so tightly that creaking sounds could be heard. Furthermore, her cold gaze was directed toward the crowd.

Seeing Chili Pepper’s appearance, Big Radish and Little Radish both had expressions of worry on their faces.

Turning his gaze toward the direction of Chili Pepper’s gaze, Chu Feng discovered that she was looking at two disciples from the Heavenly Law Palace and a disciple from the Mortal King Palace. Their cultivations ranged between rank six Martial King and rank eight Martial King.

Not only did these three people know each other, they were currently chatting with one another. As for the topic of their chat, it was actually Chu Feng.

“Brother Sima, how are you so certain that Chu Feng will not come here? Could it be that the Heavenly Law Palace has received some sort of intelligence?”

“Truth be told, I was actually filled with anticipation for that Chu Feng’s arrival. I wanted to watch him fight against the numerous first-rate geniuses. After all, he is someone who defeated Ximen Feixue,” The Mortal King Palace’s disciple asked curiously.

“Brother Song, you should abandon your expectations. As far as I know, that Chu Feng is merely someone who dallies around with women. He simply does not possess any real ability at all.”

“He defeated Ximen Feixue? The way I see it, that’s nothing more than a rumor. Even if Ximen Feixue was defeated, someone must’ve secretly helped that Chu Feng. With Chu Feng’s own abilities, it’s absolutely impossible for him to be a match for Ximen Feixue.”

“And now, everyone knows that Emperor Gong’s successor has invited him. The Four Great Imperial Clans must’ve definitely arrived to capture him. In this sort of situation, even if that Chu Feng were to have a hundred more guts, he would still not dare to come here.”

“Furthermore, only the younger generation is capable of entering this fortress. Without anyone helping him from the shadows, if that Chu Feng were to come here, he would only be humiliated and beaten by others. As such, how could he possibly show up here?”

“Thus, the way I see it, while that Chu Feng is capable of doing shameful things in the dark, he would not dare to participate in something as public as this. After all, he does not possess true ability. Thus, I dare to guarantee that Chu Feng will not dare to come,” A disciple from the Heavenly Law Palace patted his chest as he guaranteed. Not only that, his words were filled with insults toward Chu Feng.

“Bullshit! How do you know that Chu Feng would not dare to come? What makes you think that you can call Chu Feng someone who dallies with women, and that he doesn’t have actual ability?”

Sure enough, Chili Pepper exploded in anger. She who was unwilling to accept others speaking maliciously of Chu Feng, how could she possibly tolerate it as people slandered Chu Feng right in front of her?

“Yoh, and here I was wondering where such a talkative dog had come from, it turns out that it’s actually an Underworld Palace’s girl. Little girl, your temper is quite explosive.”

“There’s nothing wrong with having a temper. However, it’s best that you do not let your temper loose all over the place. We are merely discussing Chu Feng, what goddamn business does this have with you?” The Heavenly Law Palace’s disciple spoke with a frown. His tone was filled with hostility.

“The fact that you’re discussing Chu Feng makes it related to me. You should piss a puddle and use it as a mirror to look at yourself. Look at you, from head to toe, which part of you is comparable to Chu Feng? What makes you qualified to talk about Chu Feng?”

“Chu Feng was able to subdue the Evil God Sword Demon Sword. What about you? The way I see it, you can’t even subdue an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament, no?”

“Chu Feng dared to go to Mooncloud City and challenge the dignity of the Four Great Imperial Clans. By himself, he defeated all of the Four Great Imperial Clans’ younger generation.”

“What about you? Other than speaking ill of others behind their backs in this place, what else can you do? If Chu Feng were standing before you, would you dare to say those words you said before?” Chili Pepper walked forward and spoke loudly.

Originally, the discussion between those three people had been nothing major. After all, there were many people here, and all of them were discussing all sorts of things. In fact, there were quite a lot of people discussing Chu Feng.

However, with how enraged Chili Pepper was, her voice was extremely loud. Her thunder-like voice had completely drowned out the voices of all the other people, causing all of them to hear what she had said.

All of a sudden, everyone turned their gazes over. There were even busybodies that traveled through the vast crowd from far away so that they could watch the show from a close distance.

After all, the angry words spoken by Chili Pepper were extremely provocative. Likely, a battle was going to happen here.

Furthermore, this battle would be between the disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace and the Underworld Palace. No one was willing to miss out on such a good show.

“Motherfucker, you damned girl. There are neither grievances nor hatreds between us, yet you insulted me the moment you opened your mouth. If I do not teach you a lesson, you will think that we disciples from the Heavenly Law Palace are all freeloaders.”

That Heavenly Law Palace’s disciple felt that he had been publicly humiliated by Chili Pepper. He actually took out his Royal Armament and planned to attack Chili Pepper.

However, he was completely ignorant to the fact that Chili Pepper was a rank nine Martial King. In terms of cultivation, her cultivation was above his.

At the moment he took out his Royal Armament, Chili Pepper had already arrived before him. Her lily-white hands grabbed onto his wrist. Then, with a twist of her body and a ‘snap,’ his arm was broken. Then, Chili Pepper suddenly kicked out and knocked that Heavenly Law Palace’s disciple rolling on the ground.

“Courting death!” Upon seeing this, the other disciple from the Heavenly Law Palace immediately took out his Royal Armament and charged to attack Chili Pepper.

However, being inferior to Chili Pepper, he too was defeated by Chili Pepper in a single bout and ended up rolling on the ground in pain.

“A bunch of trash like you think you’re qualified to insult Chu Feng?” Chili Pepper patted her hands and said as she curled her lips.

“What an unruly Underworld Palace’s disciple. You actually dared to attack the people of our Heavenly Law Palace. Did you think that there was no one in our Heavenly Law Palace capable of standing up to you?”

Suddenly, several angry shouts were heard. Then, close to a hundred powerful auras came crashing toward Chili Pepper from all directions.

They were Half Martial Emperors. A total of close to a hundred auras were all those of Half Martial Emperors.

They were people from the Heavenly Law Palace. There were quite a few experts from the Heavenly Law Palace gathered here. Upon discovering that their Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples were injured by an Underworld Palace’s disciple, they all stood forth.