Chapter 1758 - Private Chat In A Private Room

MGA: Chapter 1758 - Private Chat In A Private Room

Chili Pepper curled her lips and said, “Hey, you can’t be this narrow-minded, right?”

“Forget about it. Seeing that you saved Little Radish, there’s no need for you to change your name,”

“I wasn’t angry. It’s really just that I am not fond of noise,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Chili Pepper sighed. “You’re a grown man, how can you be this narrow-minded? Very well, let’s say that I was in the wrong earlier. This should be fine now, no?”

“Furthermore, if you’re really not fond of noisiness, I will be able to isolate sound and sight from the outside with a single sealing spirit formation. Like that, we can be completely isolated from what’s happening outside,” Chili Pepper grabbed her shoulders and continued to speak. She was sure that Chu Feng was angry.

“Aiya, Brother Chu Feng, it’s truly not easy to make this little Chili Pepper apologize to others. Come on, give her some face and join us. I’ve brought quite a few good wines and dishes with me. We can enjoy drinking over there,” Big Radish urged.

“That’s right, benefactor, let’s go and rest together,” At the same time, Little Radish also urged Chu Feng to join them.

“Very well then,” As the saying goes, it was hard to refuse magnificent hospitality. In this sort of situation, it was unsuitable for Chu Feng to refuse again.

Thus, Chu Feng joined Big Radish, Little Radish and Chili Pepper and entered the spirit formation building to rest.

Chili Pepper kept her promise and sealed off the spirit formation building she had created to isolate sound from the outside. She even shut the windows.

“Wow, senior sister Chili Pepper’s world spirit technique is truly amazing. I am so envious. I also wish to become a world spiritist,” Little Radish spoke with an expression of envy.

“If you wish to learn world spirit techniques, I have a method to forcibly instill spirit power into you.”

“However, I suggest that you focus on martial cultivation. It is better to focus on only either martial cultivation or world spirit techniques.”

“Back then, if I wasn’t envious of a world spiritist’s world spirit techniques, and insisted that my mother instill spirit power into me, which made me focus on studying world spirit techniques, my current cultivation would not be only that of a rank nine Martial King.”

Chili Pepper patted her chest and said, “If I wholeheartedly focused on martial cultivation and did not spend time and efforts on my world spirit techniques, I am not boasting here, I would at least be a Half Martial Emperor now,”

“What Chili Pepper said is correct. One must not split one’s focus. It’s better to wholeheartedly focus on martial cultivation,” Big Radish urged.

Little Radish pouted his mouth and said, “But isn’t that Chu Feng training in both world spirit techniques and martial cultivation simultaneously? Not only is his martial power exceptional, he is also a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.”

“Are you able to compare with that Chu Feng? A genius like Chu Feng cannot even be found among ten thousand, no, tens of million people,” Chili Pepper said.

“Tsk…” Little Radish curled his lips. Being struck down on this topic so severely, Little Radish did not wish to continue discussing it.

Afterward, Big Radish took out the wine and food that he brought and began to set up a table full of delicacies. Perhaps it might be because he was grateful toward Chu Feng, but Big Radish insisted that they must drink till they were drunk.

Seeing that Big Radish and Chu Feng were drinking merrily, Little Radish also joined in the fun. However, Chu Feng currently possessed a body that was immune to poisons. Thus, regardless of how strong the wines might be, Chu Feng could no longer become drunk.

Thus, in the end, both Big Radish and Little Radish ended up drunk. The alcohol entered their dantians and even affected their source energy. If it hadn’t been for Chu Feng secretly helping them out, the two of them would have damaged their bodies.

However, even with this being the case, the two of them still ended up falling asleep. Furthermore, they were dead asleep.

With this sort of situation, only Chu Feng and Chili Pepper remained awake in the sealed world spirit building.

As Chili Pepper was someone who was very talkative, the disappearance of the two people she was used to talking with, Little Radish and Big Radish, caused her to feel extremely awkward.

At the beginning, she was still a bit reserved. However, after enduring not talking for an entire morning, she was finally unable to restrain herself and began to chat with Chu Feng and inquire of him about the things he had experienced through his life.

As Chu Feng felt that Chili Pepper was very amusing, he decided to not tell her the truth. Instead, he casually gave himself an identity to tease her.

After getting to know her for nearly two days, Chu Feng came to find out that Chili Pepper was, as Big Radish had said, quite a good person. She was very carefree, and she would not abstain from anything. She was a woman with a very honest temperament. A woman like her was rather rare.

Currently, she was sighing. “Exactly what is your appearance like? After all, we’re friends. Can’t you take off that conical bamboo hat and show me your face?” Chili Pepper said as she stared at Chu Feng.

“It’s better that I don’t. I’m afraid of scaring you,” Chu Feng said.

“Tsk, I’ve seen all sorts of ugly men. Yet I’ve never been scared once.”

“It’s alright, let me see exactly how you look. If you’re truly extremely ugly, I am a Gold-cloak World Spiritist, and I can change your appearance for you so that you can find a wife in the future,” Chili Pepper said with a beaming smile.

“You wish to see my appearance that much?” Chu Feng asked.

“Mn, kinda. We’re friends. I feel that friends should be frank with one another. Thus, you should face us with your true appearance,” Chili Pepper said with a very serious expression on her face.

How could Chu Feng possibly not tell what Chili Pepper was scheming? Thus, he smiled cunningly and said, “Actually, I have had a question that I wished to ask you the entire time. However, I was a bit worried about asking that question. However, since you’ve said those words, I might as well ask you my question.”

“As long as you’re willing to answer my question, I’ll show you my appearance. What do you think?”

“Remember, you’re the one who said that friends should be frank with one another,” Chu Feng said.

“Aiya, so you were waiting for me,” Chili Pepper curled her lips. Then, she said, “Very well, ask away.”

“There is no relationship between you and that Chu Feng. Thus, why do you defend him like you do?” Chu Feng asked. He had been curious about this matter the entire time.

“Let me ask you this, do you think that there must be a reason for a person to adore another person?” Chili Pepper asked.

“Yes. I feel that all things have reasons to them. For example, in terms of loving someone, it will either be familiarity that breeds fondness, or love at first sight.”

“However, even if it is love at first sight, there are still reasons for that. At the very least, it means that the person one has fallen for, regardless of whether it is their appearance or their temperament, are in accordance with what one’s heart desires. That is the reason why one will experience love at first sight,”Chu Feng said.

“I don’t think there is a need for that. I merely felt that Chu Feng is very courageous, brave and unyielding after hearing about his achievements.”

“He is loyal to his friends and uncompromising to his enemies. How could there be a girl who isn’t fond of such a man?”

“However, I’ve also heard that Chu Feng seems to not have any girlfriends. Could it be that he’s not into women, and is instead into men?” Chili Pepper propped her chin with her hand and had an appearance of contemplating. Then she sighed and said, “It doesn't matter. After all, I only admire him, and I do not have any other thoughts. It will be sufficient if I were able to meet him one day.”

As she spoke those words, Chili Pepper had her hands on her chest and narrowed her eyes. Her appearance was like that of a love-struck fool.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt quite awkward. Especially those words, ‘Could it be that he’s not into women, and is instead into men?’ caused Chu Feng’s heart to tremble. How could someone think that of him?

He was clearly a straight male. Furthermore, he possessed girlfriends, okay? Merely, they didn’t make it public, that’s all.