Chapter 1757 - Changing Attitude Extremely Fast

MGA: Chapter 1757 - Changing Attitude Extremely Fast

“Chili Pepper, what are you saying? He is the benefactor who saved Little Radish,” At this moment, Big Radish was a bit anxious. He immediately stepped forward to try to mediate the situation.

“So what? I am also grateful that he saved Little Radish. However, he cannot be named Chu Feng. These are two completely separate matters.”

“As I said, quickly change your name. Otherwise, don’t blame me for becoming impolite,” Chili Pepper’s face was very red as she pointed at Chu Feng and spoke in a very threatening manner.

“Benefactor, Chili Pepper has gone nuts, she has gone crazy about that Chu Feng. It’s the same Chu Feng who is wanted by the Four Great Imperial Clans. You must not lower yourself to argue with her,” Seeing that trying to console Chili Pepper was useless, Big Radish hurriedly began to explain the situation to Chu Feng.

“Aiya! Big Radish, I’m giving you face, yet you actually dare to call me nuts?” Chili Pepper curled her lips.

“You’re nuts to begin with. You’ve become nuts for that Chu Feng. What’s so good about that Chu Feng? The two of you are completely unrelated to one another. Is he worth you becoming like this? If you are to continue acting this way, sooner or later, you’ll be killed because of him!” At this moment, Big Radish lost his patience.

“Impudent! While you can speak ill of me, you absolutely cannot speak ill of Chu Feng. Remember, if you dare to say those sorts of words again, I’m breaking off my relationship with you,” At this moment, Chili Pepper was even more angered. Different from Big Radish, she was really angered, from the bottom of her heart.

Chu Feng dared to guarantee that it was only because it was Big Radish who said those words that she didn’t do anything. If it were anybody else, she would’ve likely already fought them.

“Aiya! Senior sister Chili Pepper, big brother, can you two stop arguing?! No matter what, he is my benefactor, the person who saved my life. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve already been eaten by ferocious beasts,” Seeing this, Little Radish spoke to stop the argument.

“Humph!” Hearing those words, that Chili Pepper finally snorted coldly, flung her arms and turned to leave.

“Benefactor, please don’t mind her. Senior sister Chili Pepper is actually an extremely good person. Merely, she is unable to tolerate anyone, and I mean anyone, speaking ill of Chu Feng,” Little Radish had an ashamed expression on his face as he began to apologize to Chu Feng.

“It’s alright,” Chu Feng waved his hand while smiling. He would naturally not be angry because of Chili Pepper. Even though he knew that she was in the wrong, it remained that she was acting this unreasonable because of him.

Thus, not only was Chu Feng not angered, he instead felt that this Chili Pepper was quite adorable. Merely, he was very curious as to why Chili Pepper would try to defend him like that. After all, they had never come in contact with one another before this.

Not long after Chili Pepper left, a sneer suddenly sounded. “Yoh, brother, you’ve surely made us search for you long and hard. And here I thought you’d escaped.”

Turning toward the direction of the voice, Chu Feng saw that five people were currently walking toward him. They were five of the Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples. The two men who led the group were two rank eight Martial Kings. As for the three men behind them, they were people that Chu Feng recognized. They were the three men who had only stood and watched with mocking smiles on their faces as Little Radish encountered danger in the forest.

As for the person that had spoken, it was the one that had offered Chu Feng an explanation for their actions in the forest, that man surnamed Liu. Sure enough, he was a very treacherous individual.

“Big brother, back in the forest, those three people not only refused to help me, they even mocked me from the sidelines,” Little Radish said to Big Radish.

“What do you all want?” After learning of the situation, Big Radish’s expression turned cold.

“We are searching for him. It is not related to your Underworld Palace. Step aside immediately, do not meddle in our business,” The rank eight Martial King that led the group spoke in a very unyielding manner.

“You have something that you need me for? Very well, let’s go and chat properly in the forest,” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to walk toward the forest.

He had already let those three men go once. Never would he have expected that they were unable to recognize others’ good intentions, yet they came back to find him again with two rank eight Martial Kings.

Chu Feng had already decided to eliminate them. Merely, there were too many people in this place. Even though Chu Feng had concealed his identity, it was still inconvenient for him to directly kill them here.

As he was already wanted by the Four Great Imperial Clans, he did not wish to offend the Heavenly Law Palace too. After all, the Heavenly Law Palace was a lot more powerful than all four of the Four Great Imperial Clans combined.

Thus, he planned to bring them into the forest and secretly eliminate them.

However, right at this moment, Big Radish grabbed Chu Feng and pulled him back. “Brother Chu Feng, this matter was caused by my little brother. Let us handle this.”

“Brother Chu Feng? Haha… you called him Chu Feng?”

“Is he the same Chu Feng who defeated all of the Four Clans’ younger generation? No wonder you wanted to bring us into the forest. Could it be that you wanted to eliminate us? Aiyoyo, I’m so scared. Hahaha…” Hearing the name ‘Chu Feng’, the five men burst into loud laughter.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, five stones shot forth. The five stones landed directly on the heads of the five men.


Even though the five stones were shot out with different strengths, they left nearly identical wounds on the five men. Not only were all five of the stones smashed onto the backs of the heads of the five Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples, the stones also left their heads running with blood.

“Who dared to attack us? Do you know who we are?” After being smashed in the head with rocks, the disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace were immediately enraged.

“I’m precisely beating you dogs from the Heavenly Law Palace. What, do you have complaints?” It turned out that the person that had attacked them was the person who had just left not long ago, Chili Pepper.

“Underworld Palace, our Heavenly Law Palace has always minded our own matters. For you to attack us is completely uncalled for. Are you planning to incite a war between our two Palaces?” The rank eight Martial King that led the five men spoke with hidden threats.

“Mind your own matters? Bull-motherfucking-shit!!! Did you think that I didn’t know about all of the filthy things your Heavenly Law Palace has done to our Underworld Palace in the shadows?”

“Scram! Else, I will not mind properly teaching you all a lesson before all these people,” Chili Pepper took a glance toward the distance, at the crowd that was unceasingly growing in size, as she said those words.

“Very well, girl, you win!” The man clenched his teeth and then looked to Chu Feng. He pointed at Chu Feng and said, “Boy, just you wait. To dare go against our Heavenly Law Palace, you’ll suffer the consequences.”

After leaving those threatening words, the five men rapidly left. As they were in a remote region, there weren’t any people who saw their disgraceful appearance. However, he was afraid that Chili Pepper would make this matter huge.

If she were to really cause others to pay attention to them, if they were to be discovered to have been beaten by a disciple from the Underworld Palace, they would definitely be punished severely upon their return to the Heavenly Law Palace. After all, they would have shamed the Heavenly Law Palace.

“They were acting all arrogant before. Yet, after senior sister Chili Pepper arrived, they immediately ran with their tails between their legs. Senior sister Chili Pepper is truly amazing,” Little Radish said with a beaming smile.

“That’s to be expected.”

“I have put up a residence in that area. Let’s go and rest there. After all, there’re still three more days until the Battle Assembly begins. We can’t stay here and bask in the sunlight all day long, no?”

Chili Pepper pointed in the direction of the crowd. Sure enough, there was a small palace that had just been built there. It had been formed with spirit formations. It turned out that Chili Pepper was actually a Gold-cloak World Spiritist.

However, compared to those, what Chu Feng was shocked about was how fast Chili Pepper had changed her attitude. Earlier, she had been in a deep rage. Yet, at this moment, she was actually smiling happily.

“Wow! That’s truly great. We have a place to stay now! Senior sister Chili Pepper, I truly worship you more and more now!” At this moment, Little Radish became even more joyous.

Chili Pepper looked to Chu Feng and said, “Hey, you come join us too, yeah?”

“There’s no need. You all can go. I prefer the quiet,” Chu Feng was telling the truth. The reason he had come here to rest was precisely because this place was quieter.

As for the spirit formation building Chili Pepper had set up, it was in the middle of the noisy crowd. Many people had set up camps at that place. Thus, it was not quiet at all.