Chapter 1754 - Violent Development

 MGA: Chapter 1754 - Violent Development

“Since that child possesses power capable of suppressing our Imperial Bloodline, he naturally must be eliminated.”

“Merely, are you all certain that he will definitely come? Right now… practically the entire Holy Land of Martialism knows that this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly has invited Chu Feng.”

“When all of us know that we will have to take this opportunity to eradicate Chu Feng, how could that Chu Feng not know that we would come here to ambush him?”

“If he is to come even after knowing that we would ambush him here, then that child is truly too daring; he simply refuses to put our Four Great Imperial Clans in his eyes,” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

“He never placed our Four Great Imperial Clans in his eyes to begin with. If not, how could he dare to do the things he did?”

“Thus, that Chu Feng must be eliminated. That person with the Death Kill Brush must also be eliminated. We cannot let a single one of Chu Feng’s accomplices live,” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said slowly.

He had never seen Chu Feng nor Baili Xuankong before. However, when mentioning the two of them, he was overflowing with killing intent.

“Assuming that they show up, with the ability that they have to conceal themselves, how are we to distinguish them?”

“Furthermore, you all can see the situation around the Gong Ba Plains too. That fort over there, it is likely that even if the four of us were to use our Emperor Dragon Seals, we would still not be able to charge into it.”

“If Chu Feng were to enter it, even if he revealed his true appearance inside, we would still not be able to capture him,” The Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder was a bit worried.

“I’ve already had White-brow carefully inspect that fort. Indeed, it is not something that an ordinary world spiritist could set up.”

“However, as White-brow is a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he is still capable of making out some things from that spirit formation. He said that although this spirit formation is currently completely sealed, it is actually capable of transforming.”

“Once the spirit formation transforms, the spirit formation will become transparent. At that time, the situation inside will be able to be seen by us outside. At that time, we will naturally know whether or not Chu Feng has come,” the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

“Mn, if that is the case, it will be much simpler. According to what you all have said, as long as that Chu Feng shows up, the man using the Death Kill Brush will definitely also show up. If that’s the case, we will be able to kill them both at once,” the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

“Rest assured, as long as they show up, we will definitely make them die here,” said the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder. As he spoke those words, he looked to the direction of the fort.


Suddenly, his killing intent surged, and the Emperor Dragon Seal in his hand started to slightly tremble.

In this sort of situation, the Emperor Dragon Seals in the hands of the other three Supreme Elders also started to tremble, as if they were resonating with the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Emperor Dragon Seal.

In this sort of situation, even though the four Emperor Dragon Seals were only Imperial Armaments, they, like humans, began to emit killing intent. In fact, their killing intent was even more intense than the killing intent being emitted by the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder.

It was as if they were impatient to eliminate that Chu Feng, who was a threat to their Imperial Bloodlines.


At the same time as the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Supreme Elders were discussing how to eliminate Chu Feng while hiding deep underground, an old monk was sitting on the ground at a certain place outside the Gong Ba Plains.

There was a jar of top-quality wine placed beside the old monk. Before him was a bonfire. On top of the bonfire was a giant lamb leg. The lamb leg was already done roasting, and it was currently emitting an alluring aroma.

Without fear of being burned, the old monk began to take big mouthful sized bites of the lamb leg while drinking the wine. His appearance was truly unrestrained.

His appearance caused passer-bys to discuss him spiritedly. In fact, there were even some people who scoffed at him and began to point fingers.

Monks did not drink wine or eat meat; that was the standard. As for monks who would drink wine and eat meat, they were generally not good monks.

However, the old monk completely ignored the actions of the passer-bys.

He only looked to the fort and said with a low voice, “As far as I know, there are no more than three people in the Holy Land of Martialism who could create such a fort within a year.”

“As for those three old fellows, they seemed to all have been in their own territories, and none of them set foot outside in the past year.”

“It would seem that there will be the addition of another Immortal to the Holy Land of Martialism’s Ten Immortals. Emperor Gong’s successor? Interesting.”

“This Holy Land of Martialism is truly a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. I wonder, how many more powerful existences are there that we still do not know about?”

“However, no matter what, that boy Chu Feng has finally met his match this time around.”


At the same time. In the sky above the Gong Ba Plains, at the summit of the white clouds, at an altitude that ordinary people were simply incapable of reaching, a woman wearing a white dress suddenly appeared.

Not only did this woman possess a very marvelous body with all the right curves, her facial appearance was also quite beautiful.

However, this woman just so happened to give off malicious airs. Not only that, she also had a head full of white hair. Upon seeing her, one would tremble with fear.

At this moment, this woman’s gaze swept downward. As she looked at the tide of people pouring into that enormous fort, the corners of her mouth raised into a slight smile. “My disciple, master has come to see you.”


At this moment, Chu Feng had already entered the fort. Upon entering the fort, he discovered that this fort was actually transparent.

Even though he was unable to see the inside of the fort at all when he was outside, upon entering the fort, he was able to clearly see everything outside.

For this fort to have such an enormously powerful defensive ability and this special effect, Chu Feng felt a greater admiration for the techniques of the person who had created the fort.

Other than the transparent fort, the first thing that came into Chu Feng’s line of sight was a dense forest. Before he even stepped foot into the forest, Chu Feng was already able to sense a dangerous aura being emitted by the forest. Whatever was inside the forest was most definitely not something simple.

There were many enormous signboards outside of that forest. The words written on the signboards let Chu Feng and the others know about the rules of this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly.

This Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly would officially start three days from now. When it started, everyone needed to proceed to the center region of the fort. There would be many untold dangers and difficulties on the journey there. Only the twenty people that were the fastest to arrive at the center region would be qualified to participate in the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly.

However, before that, everyone had to pass through this dense forest. Only by passing through the forest would they be able to reach the entrance to proceed toward the central region of the fort. This… was another trial.

“To set up many hurdles to eliminate the majority of the people. This is indeed a way that would save troubles later,” After Chu Feng understood the rules of this place, he directly entered the forest.

Ferocious beasts were running amuck through the forest. Through his observational skills, Chu Feng determined that the weakest beasts in the forest had cultivations of rank one Martial Kings. As for the strongest beasts, they were only rank six Martial Kings.

While ferocious beasts of those levels of cultivation could not be said to be weak, to Chu Feng, they were extremely weak.

Furthermore, as there were a total of three days till the Battle Assembly officially started, Chu Feng was not in a rush. Thus, he began to walk through the forest unhurriedly.

“Help! Help!!!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng heard cries for help. Hearing those cries, Chu Feng immediately unleashed his Heaven’s Eyes to look in the direction of the cries.

“What animals!” Upon seeing what was happening, Chu Feng’s eyes started to flicker with anger.

The person crying for help was a young boy. This boy’s age was about the same as Nangong Moli’s. He was about to become a youngster.

However, his cultivation was much inferior to Nangong Moli’s. He was merely a rank two Martial King, and did not possess any heaven-defying battle power.

At this moment, he was surrounded by ten rank two Martial King-level ferocious beasts, and was in imminent danger. After all, regardless of the cultivation of the ferocious beasts of this place, they were all not ordinary ferocious beasts.

The reason why Chu Feng was angered was not because the boy was being surrounded by ferocious beasts. Rather, it was because there were three men with cultivations of rank five Martial Kings beside that boy.

Those three men were disciples of the Heavenly Law Palace. With their cultivations, they were clearly capable of immediately killing the ferocious beasts and saving that boy.

However, not only were they not helping the boy, they were instead smiling while watching from the sidelines. They simply had the attitude of planning to watch and not help as the boy was eaten by the ferocious beasts.

As for the reason why they were doing that, it was most likely because of the clothes that little boy was wearing, as well as the title plate on his waist.

That boy was also a disciple of the Three Palaces. Merely, he was not a disciple of the Heavenly Law Palace, but was instead a disciple of the Underworld Palace. [1. I am quite certain it was mentioned before that the Three Palaces would only allow their disciples that had reached Half Martial Emperor realm to go out so as to not shame themselves? {Xima: yes, but don't tell that to Bee, he forgot}]