Chapter 1755 - You Are Chu Feng?

MGA: Chapter 1755 - You Are Chu Feng?

Chu Feng had heard about the Three Palaces being antagonistic toward one another. Especially the Heavenly Law Palace and the Underworld Palace, the two of them seemed to hate one another even more.

Seeing this scene today, it would appear that that was indeed the case. Else, Chu Feng would never imagine that three grown men would refuse to help a child, and instead stand on the side and watch while mocking and ridiculing.

While the three men were able to refuse to save that child, Chu Feng was not someone who could watch and not help when there was a child in need. Even though the world was filled with injustice, Chu Feng was unable to tolerate three kinds of people being bullied by others.

The first kind was powerless individuals. The second was women. As for the last one, it was children.

Seeing that the little boy’s situation was very serious, Chu Feng grabbed a branch from a nearby tree. Then, with a clench of his palm, he split the tree branch into ten pieces. Then, he shot those ten pieces forward. “Woosh, woosh, woosh…” Ten rays of light flashed past. The next moment, ten streams of blood sprayed out.

The ten ferocious beasts that surrounded the little boy all fell to the ground simultaneously. Even though they still had very ferocious expressions and ominous gazes, they, at this moment, no longer had any traces of life.


At this moment, the little boy sat down on the ground. He was dripping with sweat and gasping for breath. He had thought that he was going to die. Yet, he suddenly discovered that the ten ferocious beasts had all fallen to the ground. At this instant, he was still unable to determine exactly what had happened.

“Who is it that dares to meddle in other people’s business? Show yourself!”

It was the three disciples from the Heavenly Law Palace that reacted first. They turned their gazes filled with dissatisfaction toward the direction where Chu Feng was.

“Meddle in other people’s business? Since when did saving someone become meddling in other people’s business? Is that the rule of your Heavenly Law Palace?” At this moment, Chu Feng slowly walked out from the forest.

He looked to the three individuals from the Heavenly Law Palace and said mockingly, “What a Heavenly Law Palace that is said to carry on heavenly laws and is willing to help others. Today, you all have truly broadened my horizons.”

“What audacity! You actually dare to slander our Heavenly Law Palace! You have grown tired of living!” Two of the three men were extremely enraged by Chu Feng’s words. As he spoke, they took out their respective Royal Armaments and planned to attack Chu Feng.

“Stop,” However, right at this moment, the man in the middle suddenly stopped the other two men. Then, with a beaming smile on his face, he said to Chu Feng, “Brother, I think you are mistaken. How could we possibly watch and not help? We merely wanted to temper that young brother. If he were truly in fatal danger, we would naturally have acted to save him.”

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed lightly. Chu Feng was disinclined to bother with the sophistry of individuals like them.

“Brother, it would seem that your misunderstanding of us is extremely deep. Well, that is fine. In that case, we shall take our leave. Farewell,” Seeing Chu Feng’s attitude, that man was not only not angered, he instead pulled the two men beside him, turned around and left.

“May I ask, were you the one who saved me?” At this moment, that little boy had stood back up.

“What do you think?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“I think it was you,” The little boy laughed mischievously. Then, he said, “Thank you for saving me. My name is Zhao Tuo. However, you can call me Little Radish. That’s what everyone calls me.”

“Little Radish? Why are you called Little Radish?” Chu Feng asked.

Little Radish pointed to his head and said, “Everyone says that I look like a radish.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself and started laughing. If the boy hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have noticed. But since he mentioned it, Chu Feng looked carefully at the little boy’s head and, sure enough, it did look like a little radish.

“Say, Little Radish, this place is dangerous. How come you came in here by yourself?” Chu Feng asked.

“Speaking of this matter, I am truly ashamed. I refused to listen to my big brother and wanted to charge through this forest myself. In the end…” He sighed. “I’ve stirred up trouble. I think I’ll likely have to receive a scolding later,” Little Radish said with an expression of fear.

Chu Feng could tell that Little Radish was not afraid of those ferocious beasts. Instead, he was afraid that his big brother would scold him later.

“How about this? Since I’ve helped you, I’ll help you all the way. I’ll bring you over. When your big brother arrives, you can tell him that you managed to charge through the forest yourself,” Chu Feng said.

“Really?” Hearing those words, the little boy was immediately overjoyed.

“Really,” Chu Feng nodded his head with a smile.

“That would be great. Thank you, thank you very much. Benefactor, what is your name? I will definitely repay you in the future,” The little boy said.

“There’s no need,” Chu Feng smiled slightly. Then, he began to walk forward. As for Little Radish, he hurriedly followed Chu Feng. He was jumping and hopping and appeared to be very joyous. Even though he possessed the cultivation of a Martial King, he still had the temperament of a child, and he was much less mature than Chu Feng had been at that age.

Seeing Little Radish acting like this, Chu Feng was quite envious of him. He was able to act this carefree and without worries, which meant that he had most likely had never suffered before.

At the same time, at a certain location in the forest, the three Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples were panting with their heads lowered and their backs bent.

It was clear that they had used extremely powerful movement martial skills in this short period of time. That was the reason why they were gasping for breath.

“Really, why are we running? He’s merely a nameless punk from the younger generation. Don’t tell me that we should be scared of him.”

“That’s right. Senior brother Liu, I don’t understand why you refused to allow us to teach him a lesson, and instead made us flee from him. This is not the way you usually do things,” The two men who wanted to teach Chu Feng a lesson asked in a very confused manner.

“The hell do the two of you know? I clearly surveyed the wounds on those ten ferocious beasts. They were extremely neat and tidy. It is definitely not something that anyone ordinary could accomplish. At least, it’s impossible for us to accomplish that.”

“This means that that man’s cultivation was definitely above ours. Practically all of the Holy Land of Martialism’s powerful younger generation has come for this Battle Assembly. The inside of this fort is truly a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers.”

“After all, even someone as reckless as Chu Feng has been invited. If we are to encounter that reckless fellow, we will not even know how we were killed,” That man surnamed Liu said.

“Senior brother Liu, you’re joking. Not to mention whether that Chu Feng will really come or not, even if he really did come, we wouldn’t have run into him that coincidentally, no?” One of the men laughed mischievously.

Even though he said those words with a very easy-going tone, when Chu Feng’s name was mentioned, a clear trace of fear flashed through his eyes.

“We’ll naturally not run into Chu Feng. I am merely giving an example.”

“There are this many experts here; even mavericks like Chu Feng will not number only a couple. Thus, without absolute certainty of winning, it is best for us to not fight against others. Else, even if we are killed, no one will avenge us,” said the man surnamed Liu.

“Then what do we do? Are we to be humiliated without doing anything?” The two other men said.

“Since when have our Heavenly Law Palace’s disciples ever been humiliated?” The man surnamed Liu said with a cold sneer.

“Senior brother Liu, what do you mean?” The two men were confused.

“There are still a total of three days before this competition officially begins. In this three day period, there will definitely be experts from our Heavenly Law Palace that will come here. At that time, we will report what has happened with added details. Those senior brothers and sisters will definitely stand up for us.”

“After all, the honor of our Heavenly Law Palace cannot be infringed upon,” The man surnamed Liu continued to sneer.

“Senior brother Liu is truly wise,” Hearing those words, the two other men suddenly came to a realization. The two of them also began to show sinister smiles on their faces.

Chu Feng did not know about the scheme of the three men. After journeying for some time, he brought Little Radish through the forest.

At this moment, what appeared before Chu Feng and Little Radish was a spacious open field. On the other side of the spacious open field was an enormous gate.

There was a timer on that gate. It was a countdown timer. Evidently, when the gate opened, that would be the time when the competition officially began.

At this moment, a lot of people were already gathered in the spacious open field. There were people from all over the Holy Land of Martialism. In fact, even disciples from the Nine Powers could be seen. One thing worthy of being mentioned was that there were no members of the younger generation from the Four Great Imperial Clans to be seen.

At this moment, those people were all gathered in their own respective camps. Chu Feng chose a remote location and directly sat down in a cross-legged position. He was planning to rest.

There was a good thing regarding remote locations -- they were quiet. Chu Feng was fond of this quietness.

“Benefactor, you have yet to tell me your name,” Little Radish had followed Chu Feng and sat down beside him. This was already the hundred and ninth time that he had asked Chu Feng this question.

“My name’s Chu Feng,” Feeling annoyed, Chu Feng finally revealed his name.

“What? Chu Feng? You’re Chu Feng?” Hearing those words, Little Radish immediately stood up. His eyes were wide open as he looked at Chu Feng with an expression of shock.