Chapter 1753 - The Gathering Of The Four Clans

 MGA: Chapter 1753 - The Gathering Of The Four Clans

At this moment, the borders of the vast and boundless Gong Ba Plains were packed with people. In the sky and on the the ground, silhouettes could be seen.

In fact, there were even enormous mountain-like bodies galloping on the horizon. Even the experts from the monstrous beast clans had arrived.

The experts from all over the Holy Land of Martialism were all flocking over like bugs that had discovered delicious food. They completely covered that delicious food from all directions.

Merely, the delicious food was not for them to eat. Rather, it was for them to watch. What was going to happen in this place would be a feast for their eyes.

At this moment, after journeying for some time, Chu Feng and Baili Xuankong had finally arrived at the Gong Ba Plains.

When they arrived at the Gong Ba Plains, like the others that had also arrived, their eyes shone, and they revealed surprised expressions.

At this moment, an enormous formation that sealed off both heaven and earth had appeared on those vast plains.

Not only was that spirit formation incomparably sturdy, it also seemed to have covered the entire Gong Ba Plain, making it look like a boundless fort. It was so enormous that it was astonishing to see, and it was entirely capable of stunning one’s heart.

Furthermore, countless small doors could be seen at the bottom of that fort, making it so that one could enter the fort through those doors.

Those doors were all around the fort, and made it very easy for people from the various powers to enter the fort.

However, while those doors were all opened, not just anyone could enter the fort. Only the younger generation under a hundred years old were able to enter through them.

For those older than a hundred years old, if they tried to charge through the doors, not only would they be knocked back by a powerful energy, they would also be seriously injured in the process.

Even Martial Emperor-level experts were unable to charge through the doors.

“That spirit formation is truly extraordinary. It is definitely a great technique that cost a lot to set up.”

Even though the fort was made very perfectly, Chu Feng was still able to see that it contained dragon veined patterns. This meant that the fort was the product of a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

However, the spirit formation was extremely powerful. It was definitely not something that an ordinary Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist could set up. This was most definitely a great project on an enormous scale that required a lot of materials to complete.

“A spirit formation with this level of defensive power is simply comparable to the spirit formation in the Ancient Era’s Remnants. Not to mention me, likely not even rank four Martial Emperors would be able to charge into that formation.”

“It is no wonder that the person who sent the invitation letters was capable of entering our Cyanwood Sacred Assembly so easily. His abilities are truly worthy of admiration,” At this moment, even Baili Xuankong was full of praise.

“Merely, this Gong Ba Plain is extremely famous. Likely, there should have been a lot of people who have come here every day. How could there not be anyone who saw the person that set up such a powerful spirit formation, such a sturdy fort?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“I’ve heard that violent winds began to appear in the Gong Ba Plains a year ago. That windstorm hid the sky and covered the earth. The entire Gong Ba Plain was covered by the wind. Thus, it was simply impossible for ordinary people to enter the Gong Ba Plains. In fact, not even Martial Emperors were able to enter it.”

“When I saw the invitation letter stating that the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly would be held on the Gong Ba Plains, I was a bit worried due to the vile conditions the Gong Ba Plains have been in over the last year.”

“However, now I seem to have come to a realization. The violent winds that covered the Gong Ba Plains before should not have been a natural disaster. Instead, they were created by someone,” Baili Xuankong said.

“I got it. Ancestor, you’re saying that the person who created the fort didn’t want people to know that he was creating the fort, and thus first made the violent windstorm so that others could not approach this area. Then, in that period of time, he finished this enormous project.”

“In that case, Emperor Gong’s successor had planned to hold this Battle Assembly since long ago? If not, he would not have spent this much time constructing a fort,” Chu Feng said.

“That is likely the case,” Baili Xuankong said.

“Truly interesting. The strength of Emperor Gong’s successor is truly not to be looked down upon,” Chu Feng smiled.

“That’s true. It would seem that even you will not be able to win this battle easily,” Baili Xuankong said.

“If that’s the case, it’ll only be more interesting, Chu Feng smiled.

“Excellent. Your attitude is precisely what I like. Go ahead. I can only accompany you to here. You will have to rely on yourself for the road ahead,” Baili Xuankong patted Chu Feng’s shoulder lightly.

At this moment, feeling Baili Xuankong’s hand on his shoulder, Chu Feng was able to sense the high hopes Baili Xuankong had for him. Thus, he said, “This disciple does not dare to guarantee that he will be able to obtain victory. However, I will definitely give my all in this battle.”

“Boy, I trust your ability. Regardless of what the result might be, you are still this old man’s pride. Go ahead, I will wait for you here,” Baili Xuankong said.

Afterward, Chu Feng began to proceed toward that vast fort. In order to not cause unnecessary troubles, Chu Feng had not revealed his true appearance. Not only did he wear a cloak that could hide his aura, he also wore a conical bamboo hat that concealed his appearance. It could be said that Chu Feng had concealed himself completely.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew that the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans must’ve already arrived. He absolutely could not expose his identity.

If not, it would be very possible that he would die at the hands of the Four Great Imperial Clans before even entering the fort.

In fact, Chu Feng’s guess was correct. The people from the Four Great Imperial Clans had already arrived in this place before he and Baili Xuankong arrived. Furthermore, they had gathered in the Gong Ba Plains in secret.

They gathered deep in the underground of the Gong Ba Plains. They had created a temporary underground palace outside the fort using spirit formations.

At this moment, a magnificent army was gathered in this underground palace. They were all the Four Great Imperial Clans’ elites.

The four representatives of the Four Great Imperial Clans were gathered in the deepest region of the underground palace. The four of them were not the Four Great Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs. Instead, they were four Supreme Elders who possessed rank four Martial Emperor cultivations.

In order to catch Chu Feng, the Four Great Imperial Clans had dispatched the strongest strength that they were currently capable of dispatching.

“Say, we don’t even know whether that brat Chu Feng will come or not. Yet, we weary old bones have all arrived here.”

“Not only that, we have also brought the Four Clans’ Emperor Dragon Seal. Are we not overestimating that brat Chu Feng too much?”

“Does he really possess that enormous of an ability to have us muster such a large force?” the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder asked.

He had a face filled with wrinkles, and looked incomparably old. However, his eyes were shining with coldness. Even though he wasn’t angry, he was very intimidating.

However, at this moment, the thing that was the most eye-catching was not him. Rather, it was a large, shiny, golden, square-shaped foot-long-and-wide seal.

Not only was there a vivid and lifelike golden dragon carved on the seal, it was also emitting a very powerful Emperor’s might.

The Supreme Elders from The Dongfang Imperial Clan, the Ximen Imperial Clan and the Nangong Imperial Clan were also each holding one such large seal in their respective hands.

These were Emperor Dragon Seals. They were Imperial Armaments. However, these Imperial Armaments did not need to recognize their master to be used. Instead, they only required powerful Imperial Bloodlines to be used.

The might of the Emperor Dragon Seals was extremely strong. They had been left behind by the Old Ancestors of the Four Great Imperial Clans. Currently, they were the most precious treasures of the Four Great Imperial Clans.

This time around, the four Supreme Elders of the Four Great Imperial Clans had not only led the Four Clans’ elites with them, they had also brought their respective clans’ Emperor Dragon Seals. From this, it could be seen how much importance they placed on Chu Feng.

“You have not seen that brat’s abilities. Once you have, you will not question our decision,” The Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

While he had also not personally seen Chu Feng, he had seen and even fought against the Asura Evil Spirit Chu Feng had released. Thus, he knew very well how frightening Chu Feng was.

“While I will not question you old fellows’ decisions, I feel that having the four of us dispatched with the Emperor Dragon Seals for a mere rank three Martial Emperor and a mere member of the younger generation is truly mustering too enormous of a force for something minor.”

“Even if we are to kill them, it will be unfair. Likely, we will be made fun of by the people of the world,” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.

“Even if we are to be ridiculed and laughed at, it is still better than to leave behind a root of trouble that will bring about the annihilation of our Four Great Imperial Clans.”

“Out of carelessness, we have already missed one opportunity to eliminate him. This time around, we absolutely cannot make a mistake. Otherwise, what awaits us will be a grand disaster,” The Nangong Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elder said.