Chapter 1747 - Advance By Leaps And Bounds

MGA: Chapter 1747 - Advance By Leaps And Bounds

Chu Feng was even more shocked. Even when using his Heaven’s Eyes, he was still unable to determine whether the Qilin before him was real or not.

He was unable to determine whether this Qilin was a mechanism like the golden-armored, soldiers or whether it was formed with spirit formations, or whether it was actually a Divine Beast.

However, even if it was not an actual Divine Beast, it would still be a magnificent feat to create it. However, if it was actually a Divine Beast, then it would truly be shocking.


At the same time Chu Feng was sizing up the Qilin, the Qilin was also sizing up Chu Feng. Suddenly, it let out a roar. Then its body shifted as it ran to the side and away from Chu Feng’s line of sight. It had hidden itself again.

“The hell, it’s looking down on me?”

Feeling speechless, Chu Feng curled his lips. He had felt a special sort of feeling from the final gaze that Qilin had shown him. It was a gaze of contempt, disdain and scorn. In fact, there was even disappointment in its gaze. The disappointment after a deep sense of anticipation.

Without a doubt, it was looking down on Chu Feng. This Qilin was truly different. Compared to the golden-armored soldiers, it evidently possessed wisdom.

Even though Chu Feng was being looked down upon, Chu Feng did not feel anything other than speechlessness. He did not feel unreconciled, nor did he feel that his ego had been humiliated. The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew extremely well that, regardless of whether or not that Qilin was real, and whether or not it was the legendary Divine Beast, it remained that he could not defeat it in a fight.

When facing the truth, Chu Feng was never one to deceive himself. Furthermore, there was no hatred nor grievance between him and that Qilin. Even if he were to be looked down upon, there was no reason for him to feel displeased.

“Don’t worry. Once I become a Martial Emperor, I’ll return to play with you,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile. This was not a provocation. More than that, it was a joke.


However, right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, a roar sounded from within that palace hall. That roar was filled with impatience. It was as if that Qilin was capable of understanding Chu Feng’s speech.


After that roar, that Third Level Hall’s entrance started to slowly close.

“Yoh, that’s quite a temper there.”

The smile on Chu Feng’s face grew denser. It was only when the Third Level Hall’s entrance was completely shut that he turned around to leave and walked out of the First Level Hall.

At the moment when Chu Feng returned to the palace hall filled with golden-armored soldiers, he carefully inspected the glorious palace, as well as the mighty and domineering soldiers.

At this moment, Chu Feng actually felt a bit of reluctance to leave this place., This was the true treasure deposit. It contained many different treasures that might be able to broaden Chu Feng’s horizons.

Even though Chu Feng was reluctant to leave, he did not continue to stay. Instead, after he observed the palace, he held onto the ten golden arrows in his hand and quickly proceeded toward the outside.

Having obtained the ten golden arrows, he would be able to leave with Yao’er.

At this moment, Long Lin and the others all had their gazes fixed on the golden palace.

Especially Baili Xuankong and the others. Their gazes were flickering, and they were unable to sit or stand still. Their each and every action manifested what was no doubt worry for Chu Feng.


Finally, Chu Feng walked out of the palace and descended onto the ground. Furthermore, he was holding ten golden arrows in his hand.

“Success?” Upon seeing Chu Feng, Baili Xuankong heaved a sigh of relief. He was overjoyed.

“Success,” Chu Feng nodded. Then, he raised his palm and threw the ten arrows in his hand to Long Lin, “It’s time for you to keep your part of the agreement.”

“Indeed,” Holding the ten golden arrows in his hand, Long Lin nodded with a smile. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, wind began to surge. The tree also started to violently tremble.

From that trembling, the fruits that filled the tree began to drop off from the tree in succession. Then, the fruits began to fly toward Chu Feng. In the end, all of them were gathered before him.

While the fruits were not very large, when all the fruits were gathered before Chu Feng, they piled up even taller than Chu Feng’s height. From this, it could be seen how numerous an amount of fruits there were.

However, this was no wonder. After all, at this moment, there was not a single fruit on that giant tree. All of them had arrived before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not put the fruits away. Instead, he said to Long Lin, “Release Yao’er.”

“Rest assured, I am someone who keeps my promises,” As Long Lin spoke, he moved to the side and indicated to Yao’er that she could go.

At the beginning, Yao’er was very cautious. She began to slowly walk forward. It was only when she had walked twenty meters from Long Lin, yet Long Lin still had done nothing stop her, that her body rapidly shifted, and she arrived beside Chu Feng.

After arriving beside Chu Feng, she grabbed tightly onto the corner of Chu Feng’s clothes. She did not say anything. However, her eyes were narrowed, and she was smiling a very sweet smile. The joy she was feeling was evident on her face.

“Thank you senior,” It was only when Yao’er was released that Chu Feng took out his Cosmos Sack with the intention to gather the fruits.

Right at this moment, Long Lin suddenly spoke. “Why not refine them right away? I would also like to broaden my horizons.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to frown. He looked to Long Lin and discovered that Long Lin was looking at him with a smile on his face.

Although Long Lin’s eyes were twinkling and smiling, they were still so deep that Chu Feng could not see through them. However, evidently, Long Lin had already managed to discover a lot of Chu Feng’s secrets.

“Very well,” Chu Feng took a look around. Then, he smiled slightly and sat down in a cross-legged position.

Seeing this, Dugu Xingfeng, Yin Chengkong and the others were startled. They did not understand what Chu Feng was doing.

It was only when Chu Feng opened his mouth and began to suck in the fruits before him that Dugu Xingfeng and the others’ eyes started to shine with astonishment.

Chu Feng was refining those fruits. However, the speed at which he was refining them was truly too astonishing.

In fact, they were even able to clearly sense Chu Feng’s aura increasing rapidly.

Even though those fruits were treasured cultivation resources, it was still the first time that they were seeing someone refine cultivation resources the way Chu Feng was. This sort of vicious cultivation method was likely something that even the Four Great Imperial Clans would not be able to accomplish.

To be precise, it was likely that no one else in the entire Holy Land of Martialism would be capable of it.

However, they were also feeling very joyous. They finally understood why Chu Feng’s cultivation could increase so rapidly. It turned out that this child’s talent was this heaven-defying. As long as he possessed sufficient cultivation resources, he would be able to increase his cultivation.

This was truly heaven-defying. The path of martial cultivation was incomparably difficult. However, this did not seem to be the case for Chu Feng. This was what it really meant to be heaven-defying. This was what a truly heaven-defying talent was.

Although this was Chu Feng’s superiority over other martial cultivators, there was also a fault to it. That was that Chu Feng’s appetite was too enormous.

With such powerful cultivation resources, if others were capable of rapidly refining them and turning their power into their own, it would not be difficult for them to reach a Martial Emperor-level cultivation. In fact, they might even be able to break through past rank one Martial Emperor. The reason for that was because the power contained in those fruits was truly enormous. On top of that, there were so many of them.

However, after Chu Feng completely devoured all of the cultivation fruits, his cultivation only increased by four levels. From rank three Half Martial Emperor, he had become a rank seven Half Martial Emperor.

However, Chu Feng was extremely satisfied with this. The reason for that was because only he knew how insatiable his Inherited Bloodline was.

Although Chu Feng had managed to reach a breakthrough with a single fruit back then, it remained that he had only been a Martial Lord at the time. Yet now, Chu Feng was a Half Martial Emperor. At the same time his cultivation increased, the appetite of his Inherited Bloodline also increased. Furthermore, the extent to which his appetite increased was extremely frightening.

Thus, for Chu Feng to reach four breakthroughs in cultivation in succession, for him to be able to reach rank seven Half Martial Emperor from rank three Half Martial Emperor, was already very unexpected.

Furthermore, the martial power in Chu Feng’s dantian was very abundant. He was only a bit away from reaching a breakthrough to rank eight Half Martial Emperor. This would provide a very good foundation for Chu Feng’s future breakthrough.To Chu Feng, this was akin to being able to advance by leaps and bounds. As such, how could he not be in joy?


Chu Feng stood back up and sucked in a mouthful of air. Sensing his current cultivation of rank seven Half Martial Emperor, Chu Feng revealed a smile that could not be contained.

With his current cultivation of rank seven Half Martial Emperor, if he were to use his Thunder Armor and Thunder Wings, his cultivation would reach rank nine Half Martial Emperor. On top of that, he possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation. Likely, very few people below the Martial Emperor realm would be able to contend against him.

In the Holy Land of Martialism, likely only Martial Emperors would be able to suppress Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you have truly broadened our horizons,” Right at this moment, Yin Chengkong exclaimed in incomparable admiration.

Turning his head around, Chu Feng saw that Yin Chengkong was looking at him with an expression of surprise and admiration all over his face. It was not only him. Guan Hong, Dugu Xingfeng and Yao’er also had the same expression on their faces.

It seemed very unreasonable for Chu Feng to only reach four breakthroughs in cultivation after devouring all those cultivation resources.

However, the speed at which he devoured them was extremely fast. In practically only moments, he had completely devoured all of the fruits.

In other words, Chu Feng had increased his cultivation by four levels in an instant. As such, how could they not be astonished by him?

Facing Dugu Xingfeng and the others who were both surprised and joyous, Chu Feng merely smiled and did not say anything.

He had dared to reveal his secret to them because he trusted them. Thus, it did not matter to him what they might be thinking.

“Not bad. It’s more interesting than I anticipated. While your Bloodline might not be much in the Outer World, it is indeed capable of being considered as miraculous in the Holy Land of Martialism,” Long Lin said with a light smile.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed. He hurriedly asked, “You know of the Outer World?”