Chapter 1748 - Effective Weapon For Killing

MGA: Chapter 1748 - Effective Weapon For Killing

“I know a great amount of things. However, there’s no reason for me to tell you anything. Thus, you are not qualified to ask.”

“Right now, instead of thinking about those trivial matters, it’s better that you think about yourself. After all, you will soon feel extremely sad, displeased, depressed and unreconciled.” The corners of Long Lin’s mouth raised to reveal a wicked smile.

“Let’s go,” Chu Feng started to frown. He sensed that the situation was abnormal. Immediately, he grabbed Yao’er and planned to leave this place.


However, right at this moment, that Long Lin’s body shifted; he instantly arrived beside Chu Feng and Yao’er. Furthermore, his palm had already grabbed onto Yao’er’s shoulder.

Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly grabbed onto Yao’er wrist in fear that Long Lin would snatch Yao’er away again.

However, right after Chu Feng grabbed onto Yao’er’s wrist, he felt his body growing weak and powerless. Just like that, he watched as Yao’er was snatched away by Long Lin.

“Long Lin, you are breaking your promise!” At this moment, Chu Feng was deeply angry.

“Breaking my promise? Why do you say that?” Long Lin pushed Yao’er behind him and then asked with a beaming smile. It was as if he was unable to understand what Chu Feng was saying.

“You said that as long as I become a Half Martial Emperor and return, you will release Yao’er. Yet, what is the meaning of your current actions?” Chu Feng lashed out angrily.

“I think you’re mistaken. Have I not already released this girl? I had already released her, thus, I have kept my promise.”

“Merely, I caught her again. You cannot blame me for this. If you must blame someone, you can only blame yourself for being so weak,” Long Lin continued to smile.

“Shameless! You’re truly courting death!” Baili Xuankong was unable to contain himself. He waved his sleeve and revealed his palm. His Death Kill Brush was already in his hand.

“Kill all living things!!!”

Suddenly, Baili Xuankong pointed his Death Kill Brush at Long Lin. Then, the Death Kill Brush started to shine with light. A dazzling golden radiance hid the sky and covered the earth as it shot explosively toward Long Lin.

“Ancestor, Yao’er is also there,” Seeing this, Chu Feng was extremely worried. He naturally wished for Long Lin to be suppressed. However, he did not wish for anything to happen to Yao’er.

With how strong Baili Xuankong’s attack was, Chu Feng was worried that Yao’er would be harmed.


However, right after Baili Xuankong shot out his attack, a strange sound suddenly came from Long Lin’s direction. Then, Baili Xuankong’s attack actually disappeared in mid air.

As for Long Lin, he was still standing there completely unharmed. Merely, there was already no longer any trace of smile in his eyes. His smile had already been replaced with coldness.


At this moment, Long Lin’s arm was raised. Then, many golden nails shot toward Baili Xuankong.

Seeing this scene, Baili Xuankong began to unleash his martial power. Light started to shine underneath his feet. He was trying to dodge.

“Puu, puu, puu, puu~~~”

“The golden nails suddenly accelerated. In the end, all of them shot into Baili Xuankong’s body and nailed him to the ground. As blood started to flow from his body, Baili Xuankong was unable to budge because of the nails.

“If it wasn’t for Chu Feng, you would already be dead now,” Long Lin said coldly.

“Bastard!” Seeing this scene, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were deeply enraged. One by one, they took out their weapons and planned to attack Long Lin.

“Stop, do not attack,” However, Baili Xuankong hurriedly spoke to stop them.

Being nailed by the golden nails, he finally realized the enormous gap between him and Long Lin. When even he was left in such a state, if Dugu Xingfeng and the others were to attack Long Lin, they would simply be courting death.

“Lord Baili,” Seeing that Baili Xuankong did not allow them to attack, even though Dugu Xingfeng and the others were very unreconciled, they had no choice but to move to Baili Xuankong’s side. They wanted to help Baili Xuankong remove the nails.



However, right after Dugu Xingfeng’s hand approached the nails, before he even touched them, his hand was already badly mutilated.

“Don’t approach me. This is not something that you all can contend against,” Baili Xuankong warned.

It was only at this moment that Dugu Xingfeng and the others finally realized how frightening that Long Lin was.

Merely, they did not understand why there would be such a frightening existence in their Cyanwood Mountain’s Ancient Era’s Remnant. Exactly what was his purpose in having Chu Feng help him?

“What do you want?” Chu Feng asked Long Lin.

“Become a Martial Emperor and then return. I’ll tell you then,” Long Lin said with a beaming smile.

“At that time, will you release Yao’er?” Chu Feng asked.

“Naturally. Furthermore, I will not capture her again. I will let her leave with you,” Long Lin said.

“How can I trust you?” Chu Feng asked.

“You have no other choice. Thus, do not try to haggle with me. You do not have the means to do so,” Long Lin said.

Chu Feng felt very displeased to hear those words. However, what Long Lin said was the truth. Thus, he was powerless to refute him.

“Rest assured, I am someone who keeps their promises. I will definitely do what I say I will,” Seeing that Chu Feng had grown speechless, Long Lin spoke in a very shameless manner.

“Release my ancestor,” Chu Feng said.

“Ancestor? Someone with that sort of strength is capable of becoming an Ancestor?”

“Hahaha…” Long Lin started to laugh mockingly. This made Baili Xuankong’s expression become very ugly.

However, as Long Lin laughed loudly, the golden nails that had nailed Baili Xuankong to the ground actually disappeared. Following that, the wounds on Baili Xuankong caused by the nails also disappeared. In fact, Baili Xuankong was not even feeling any pain now.

It was as if he had never been injured. But… the blood that had flowed from his wounds earlier was still present.

At this moment, even though Baili Xuankong was angered, he did not say anything and stood up silently.

He knew that, regardless of what sort of thing this guy by the name of Long Lin was, he was not someone who he could afford to provoke.

Not only him, there would probably not be anyone in the Holy Land of Martialism who could afford to provoke Long Lin.

This guy was truly too frightening.

“I hope that you will not continue to break your promises,” Chu Feng said those words and then turned around to leave.

“Wait, don’t be so anxious to leave,” Long Lin suddenly said.

“What else do you need?” Chu Feng turned around and asked.

“I’ll grant you a treasure for protection,” As Long Lin said those words, he pointed to the deep blue bow underneath the large tree.

Then, with a wave of his arm, he pointed his finger toward Chu Feng, and that bow started to rise from the ground and fly toward Chu Feng.


Chu Feng raised his hand and caught the bow. In the instant he caught the bow, a very fantastic power surged into his body.

That power was extremely peculiar. It was not recognizing him as its master. While Chu Feng was unable to sense the true power of the bow, he was capable of using it.

Without thinking about it, Chu Feng knew that it must have been done by Long Lin.


Right at this moment, Long Lin raised his arm again and tossed the ten golden arrows that Chu Feng had obtained from the golden palace to him.

“This bow is absolutely useless to be pulled without arrows. Only by fitting it with these arrows will its might be unleashed.”

“There is no need for you to know your opponent’s name. You merely need to shout the cultivation of your opponent, and the bow will shoot those arrows. Unless your opponent is capable of splitting apart the strength of these arrows, they will not be able to dodge them and will definitely be injured by these arrows,” Long Lin said.

Chu Feng’s heart was startled upon hearing those words. The arrows themselves were extremely powerful to begin with. Likely, no one underneath the Martial Emperor level would be able to withstand them.

As for the bow, it was also extremely powerful. If these arrows were shot from this bow, it was likely that even rank one Martial Emperors would undoubtedly be killed.

As long as he declared his opponent’s cultivation, they would not be able to dodge the arrows. Wouldn’t this mean that, by relying on these ten arrows, Chu Feng would be able to easily kill ten rank one Martial Emperors?

Sure enough, this bow was as he had imagined it to be. It was very extraordinary, and definitely not an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. This was simply an extremely effective weapon for killing.