Chapter 1746 - Legendary Divine Beast

MGA: Chapter 1746 - Legendary Divine Beast

Three arrows appeared in the center of the Second Level Hall.

These three arrows were different from the arrows in Chu Feng’s hand; they were three red arrows.

Not only was the external appearance of those three arrows fiery, the heads of the arrows actually contained flames. Furthermore, the flames were not red in color. Instead, they were actually purple, and appeared to bare fangs and brandish claws like the hand of the devil trying to grab something. They were extremely strange in appearance.

Although those arrows appeared to be strange, one could not feel any pressure when looking at them. They were much less alluring than the golden arrows and gave off a very strong sense of false power.

However, Chu Feng was not looking at them with his naked eyes. Instead, he had used his Heaven’s Eyes to look at them. That was the reason why he was this shocked.

With his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was able to see the might contained in these purple flame arrowheads.

The arrows were so powerful that ordinary rank one Martial Emperors would likely not be able to contend against them.

Those three purple flame arrowheads of the three arrows were capable of killing Martial Emperors.

“Treasures, you’re deliberately luring me,” After carefully observing the arrows, Chu Feng smiled slightly. Then, he turned around and began to walk toward the Second Level Hall.

He thought in his heart how the treasures in this place were truly treasures that were rarely seen in the Holy Land of Martialism.

To be able to come to this place could be said to be his fortune. That Long Lin had only requested that he take out the ten golden arrows, and had not say that he could not take the other items in this palace.

If Chu Feng were to take away these three purple flame arrows, it would also not be an issue if Long Lin were to discover it. After all, he had justifications for his actions. On the other hand, if Long Lin didn’t discover it, then he would have profited enormously.

Not to mention using the arrows to kill his enemies, even if he were to auction the arrows off, he would likely be able to exchange them for a lot of cultivation resources.


Once Chu Feng stepped into the Second Level Hall, an enormous pressure immediately hit him. Like the time when he first set foot into the First Level Hall, the pressure began to engulf his entire body with the intention to make him explode from within.

However, the pressure from the Second Level Hall was much more frightening than the pressure from the First Level Hall.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt that his head was swelling and emitting enormous pain. He felt like his head was about to explode. Even his eyes started to become fuzzy, and his legs grew weak without strength.

“The pressure is actually this strong?”

Chu Feng attempted to walk forward two steps. However, the pressure became stronger and stronger. At this time, his ears had gone deaf, and blood was flowing from his eyes and nostrils. Even his flesh had started to split apart, and his bones had begun to crack.

In this sort of situation, Chu Feng hurriedly began to use the Vermillion Bird Revival Technique to restore his body. However, even though he was able to restore his body, he was unable to lessen the pain he felt.

At this moment, Chu Feng was trapped; he was unable to advance or retreat. If he were to continue to advance, he might die in this palace hall at any moment. If he were to retreat, he would miss the great opportunity to obtain those three purple flame arrows.

“Oh my bloodline, my brothers, Lightning Beasts, I beg of you all, give me some more strength. Can you all help me withstand this a bit more?” Feeling helpless, Chu Feng began to request help from his bloodline.

However, there was no change to his bloodline at all. Evidently, they were unable to understand Chu Feng’s words. Or perhaps they were ignoring Chu Feng’s plea.

“Hey hey hey, you all, you need to get the situation straight. What this place tests is not cultivation. Instead, it’s one’s talent. Thus, what this place tests is not me. Instead, it’s you all.”

“If I am to die here, I would have overestimated my capabilities. That is naturally disgraceful. However, the ones that would have disgraced themselves the most would not be me but you all instead,” Chu Feng refused to give up and began to mock his Divine Lightnings.


After Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, his lightnings seemed to have understood his words, and actually began to become even more intense. In this sort of situation, the pressure Chu Feng was feeling was lessened greatly.

“Haha, that’s more like it. Only when I’m well will you all be well,” At this moment, Chu Feng was overjoyed. Regardless of whether his prodding had worked or his Inherited Bloodline had voluntarily become stronger, they had at least allowed him to withstand the pressure of this place.

Even though his Inherited Bloodline had become stronger, Chu Feng did not dare to hesitate. With a thought, a dragon roar was heard, and azure light began to shine. An enormous azure dragon that flickered with light appeared beneath Chu Feng’s foot.

It was the supreme secret skill -- Azure Dragon Dashing Technique!!!


The Azure Dragon Dashing Technique opened its mouth and unleashed another dragon roar. Then, its enormous body turned into an azure ray of light. After a spin in the Second Level Hall, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique returned to the First Level Hall and disappeared.

However, at this moment, the Second Level Hall was completely empty. As for Chu Feng, he had the three purple flame arrows in his hand.

“What excellent arrows,” Chu Feng looked at the three purple flame arrows he had acquired and was enormously overjoyed. He first sealed them away with World Spirit Techniques, and then carefully placed them into his Cosmos Sack.

He had done that because he feared that Long Lin would discover that he had taken the three purple flame arrows in addition to the ten golden arrows. To speak of it simply, Chu Feng was trying to embezzle the three arrows. Thus, he was afraid of being exposed.


Right at this moment, another series of rumbles sounded from behind Chu Feng.

“Again?” Chu Feng knew that this most definitely meant that the Third Level Hall’s entrance was opened.

He turned around to look. Sure enough, the enormous entrance to the Third Level Hall was slowly opening.

Even though Chu Feng knew that he could not attempt to enter the Third Level Hall, he still looked into the Third Level Hall through the portion of the entrance that had been opened out of curiosity.

He wanted to know what sort of treasure was contained in the Third Level Hall.

“Empty?” Finally, the door to the Third Level Hall was completely open. However, at this moment, Chu Feng was disappointed.

The reason for that was because the center of the Third Level Hall was completely empty. From the Third Level Hall, the only thing Chu Feng could see was the entrance to the Fourth Level Hall, as well as the three enormous words, ‘Fourth Level Hall,’ on top of the entrance to that Fourth Level Hall.

Feeling disappointed, Chu Feng prepared to turn around to leave.


However, right at this moment, an ear-piercing roar sounded. Then, from a corner of the Third Level Hall, a silhouette appeared in the center of the Third Level Hall.

It was a monstrous beast. It was three meters tall and ten meters long. Among monstrous beasts, this sort of size could not be said to be huge. In fact, it could even be said to be very small.

However, looking at this monstrous beast, Chu Feng’s gaze changed, and his heart tightened. His eyes were wide open as he started at the monstrous beast motionlessly.

This monstrous beast was simply too strange-looking. It possessed the head of a dragon, a pair of antlers, the eyes of a lion, the back of a tiger, the waist of a bear, and a body covered with scales. Furthermore, it emitted an extremely impressive and imposing might.

Its appearance was completely different from ordinary monstrous beasts. Furthermore, it emitted a completely different aura, a divine aura.

However, most importantly, this monstrous beast was emitting an Emperor’s might. Even though this Emperor’s might did not try to attack Chu Feng, Chu Feng was still certain that it was an actual Emperor’s might.

That was a Martial Emperor-level monstrous beast. Furthermore, it was most definitely not an ordinary Martial Emperor.

“Exactly what is that? Its aura is entirely different from that of monstrous beasts. It’s actually this divine?”

“Could it be… it is the legendary Divine Beast, Qilin?” After carefully observing it, Chu Feng opened his mouth wide. His already-shocked face revealed an even more shocked appearance.

The reason for that was because the appearance of the beast before him was simply the same as the description of the legendary Divine Beast, the Qilin. What were Qilins? They were Divine Beasts like the true Dragons. They were existences of legends!!!

This world really contained Divine Beasts?