Chapter 1739 - Further And Further Away

MGA: Chapter 1739 - Further And Further Away

Hearing those words, the expressions on the elders who were cursing out at Chu Feng earlier all changed. Their old faces began to tremble.

Had it been before, they would not have place Dugu Xingfeng in their eyes at all. After all, they possessed higher seniority than Dugu Xingfeng.

However, Dugu Xingfeng had become a Martial Emperor, whereas they were still only peak Half Martial Emperors. Thus, they would naturally not dare to act rudely toward him.

“Oh Xingfeng, what sorts of words are those? You must not misunderstand us. We are naturally not people afraid of death. Merely, we feel that it would truly not be worth it if we were to ruin our Cyanwood Mountain’s several tens of thousand of years of foundation because of a single Chu Feng,” Feeling helpless, that red-complexioned elder smiled politely and spoke to explain.

“Our Cyanwood Mountain’s foundation will not be ruined. I’m afraid you all are overthinking,” Although Dugu Xingfeng spoke with a very tranquil tone, the coldness contained within his tone was not reduced in the slightest.

Sensing Dugu Xingfeng’s annoyance, that elder could only continue to smile politely, “Of course, you’re right, of course. However, even with that being the case, we must still teach these members of the younger generation how to keep their mouths in control. Else, sooner or later, they’ll provoke a disaster.”


Hearing those words, Jiang Furong wanted to continue to talk back. However, at this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed her. It was Tao Xiangyu.

Tao Xiangyu began to blink and shake her head at Jiang Furong to indicate that she needed to stop arguing with that elder.

“Senior sister Jiang, it would do for us to remember the grace junior brother Chu Feng showed us in our hearts. There is no need to bother arguing with this bunch of inflexible old men,” At the same time, a voice transmission entered Jiang Furong’s ears. It was Bai Yunxiao.

At this moment, Jiang Furong looked to Bai Yunxiao and the others. She discovered that they were all looking at her. Their current appearances were completely different from before.

Seeing this, Jiang Furong’s heart was moved. It seemed that Chu Feng saving them had not only caused Bai Yunxiao and the others to remember the grace he had shown them in their hearts, he had also changed them.

“I can take care of my disciples myself. There is no need for you to worry,” Right at this moment, Dugu Xingfeng spoke again. At the time he spoke those words, he even took a fierce glance at that elder.

That glance from Dugu Xingfeng caused the red-complexioned elder’s face to turn ashen. He was unable to say anything. At that moment, he felt extremely depressed.

He truly did not understand why Dugu Xingfeng would speak out for a member of the younger generation.

Of course, they didn’t know that Dugu Xingfeng was not speaking out for Jiang Furong. Instead, he was speaking out for Chu Feng.

“Yoh, it’s truly lively here,” Right at this moment, a silhouette suddenly appeared in the sky and descended before the crowd from the Cyanwood Mountain.

Seeing this person, the people from the Cyanwood Mountain immediately felt enormous veneration. The reason for that was because the person who had arrived was the Compass Immortal.

“We pay our respects to Compass Immortal,” Led by Yin Chengkong, the crowd from the Cyanwood Mountain immediately bowed courteously to the Compass Immortal. After all, the Compass Immortal was one of the Ten Immortals, one of the peak experts of the Holy Land of Martialism.

Without mentioning others, just by the fact that he managed to suppress the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief, the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief and the Avaricious Immortal by himself was sufficient enough to show how powerful he was.

However, this was not the important aspect. The important aspect was that the Compass Immortal had helped them before and shown them enormous grace.

“Yin Chengkong, we’ve met each other before. Thus, we could be said to be acquaintances. There is no need for you to be this courteous. I have come here to ask you about something,” the Compass Immortal said with a beaming smile. Although he was fat and ugly, he appeared to be very amiable. Thus, even though his status was extraordinary, he did not cause others to feel very restrained around him.

“Immortal, please ask,” Yin Chengkong said.

“May I know where Chu Feng is from?” The Compass Immortal asked.

Hearing those words, Dugu Xingfeng’s gaze narrowed slightly. He had become alert. Regardless of whether or not the Compass Immortal had spoken out for them earlier, it remained that he did not know the Compass Immortal well. Thus, he did not know exactly what sort of intention the Compass Immortal had in asking about Chu Feng.

“As far as I know, Chu Feng is from the Southern Sea Region. Other than that, I know very little about him. Immortal, why have you asked about this?” Yin Chengkong said.

“It’s nothing, I merely thought of it,” After the Compass Immortal spoke those words, he turned around and planned to leave.

“Immortal, thank you for speaking out for us in righteousness today. It is only because of you that we managed to escape a potential calamity. The great grace Immortal has shown us is something that we will engrave in our hearts. If Immortal is to pass by our Cyanwood Mountain in the future, you must definitely come and stay as a guest so that we can treat you with hospitality.”

Right at this moment, that red-complexioned elder stood forward courteously and spoke in a very eager manner.

The Compass Immortal turned around and asked, “What is your name?”

“Immortal, I am called Song Wanjie,” Seeing that the Compass Immortal had actually spoken to him, the red-complexioned elder immediately started to smile. He was so excited that he was unable to conceal his happiness.

“What do you think of Chu Feng?” The Compass Immortal asked.

“Chu Feng?” Hearing the words ‘Chu Feng’, the red-complexioned elder was startled. He did not understand why the Compass Immortal would ask that. However, soon, he had a sudden inspiration. Seeming as if he thought of something, he said, “That child is an utter disgrace. He places no one in his eyes and was expelled by our Cyanwood Mountain long ago. He is no longer related to our Cyanwood Mountain.”

“You seem to indicate that you despise Chu Feng enormously?” The Compass Immortal asked.

“Actually, I not only despise that child, I utterly detest him. If possible, I would definitely eliminate him myself so that he will not bring harm to the people of the world in the future,” The red-complexioned elder made a motion with his knife-hand to show his determination.

“In that case, do you know why I’ve helped you all?” The Compass Immortal asked.

“Immortal is a person of great righteousness. You were unable to sit and watch as the Imperial Clans bully the weak. You are truly a person of great virtue, truly a person worthy of being praised as an Immortal,” The red-complexioned elder said.

“Your ability to flatter is quite good. For you to be able to obtain your current status in the Cyanwood Mountain, you must’ve flattered quite a few people and done many despicable things, no?” The Compass Immortal asked with a smile.

“Eh… this…” At this moment, the red-complexioned elder was immediately stunned. He had truly never expected that the Compass Immortal would say such a thing.

“I might as well tell you, the reason why I helped you all was only because of one person. That person is Chu Feng.”

“Some time ago, Chu Feng helped me once. Today, I was merely returning the favor that I owed him.”

“Since you all have expelled little friend Chu Feng from your Cyanwood Mountain, you all no longer have any relationship with little friend Chu Feng. Thus, what happened today is a one time thing. I wish you all the best.”

After speaking those words, the Compass Immortal coldly swept his glance at the crowd from the Cyanwood Mountain. Then, he brushed his sleeve and flew away.

Only the people from the Cyanwood Mountain remained there. They stood there as if they were petrified. Especially the red-complexioned elder and the others who had been complaining about Chu Feng. At this moment, they were stunned like chickens. They were feeling so embarrassed that they were unable to even say a single word.

They had truly never expected that the Compass Immortal had helped them because of Chu Feng. Yet, the red-complexioned elder had actually insulted Chu Feng before the Compass Immortal.

He had truly become a victim of his own ingenuity. Just thinking about how he had unknowingly offended someone as powerful as the Compass Immortal, he felt like dying.

Those who had slandered Chu Feng were all scared witless. As for Jiang Furong and the others, their hearts were beating rapidly.

Even though they did not know what Chu Feng had done, just thinking about how the Compass Immortal said that Chu Feng had helped him, and that he owed Chu Feng a favor, they were unable to remain calm. Their emotions were rushing overwhelmingly. Even their hairs were erect.

The reason for that was because they knew that Chu Feng had grown further and further away from them, that he had stepped into an extraordinary level.

A level that they might not be able to set foot into in their entire lives.