Chapter 1738 - Leaving The Scene Domineeringly

 MGA: Chapter 1738 - Leaving The Scene Domineeringly

“Sure, I’ll say it again. It’s not like I fear you,” The Avaricious Immortal gathered up his courage and planned to say it again.


However, right after his words left his mouth, the Compass Immortal smacked down with a palm strike and smashed the table before him to pieces.

Then, he stood up and said with a cold voice, “You asked me what sort of relationship I have with Chu Feng? You’re clearly trying to say that I am related to Chu Feng.”

“However, use that head of yours that has been kicked by a donkey and think carefully. If I was related to Chu Feng, would you still be able to stand here alive?”

After the Compass Immortal said these words, his eyes shone. Then, light began to radiate from behind him. He was like a buddha standing there. His esteemed presence was extremely intimidating.


At the same time, a very powerful oppressive sensation flooded the entire area. That was not only an Emperor’s might, it was a rank four Martial Emperor’s Emperor’s might.

Before this Emperor’s might, the younger generation present all started to shiver in fear. While they were feeling fear, they did not feel any oppression from the Emperor’s might.

Instead, it was those possessing higher levels of cultivation who felt greater pressure from the Compass Immortal’s Emperor’s might. For example, not only were Nangong Beidou, the Avaricious Immortal and many of the others having difficulty breathing, even their bones were feeling so much pressure that they began to emit cracking sounds.

At this moment, the Avaricious Immortal that had spoken out against the Compass Immortal earlier did not dare to utter another word. In fact, he did not even dare to look at the Compass Immortal face to face, and had lowered his head silently.

The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief clenched his teeth and shouted, “Compass Immortal, by releasing your oppressive might, are you planning to have our Ximen Imperial Clan as enemies?”

“You should know that you are not the only rank four Martial Emperor in the Holy Land of Martialism, our Ximen Imperial Clan also possesses rank four Martial Emperors .”

“Don’t think you can act this arrogantly just because our Ximen Imperial Clan’s Supreme Elders are not present.”

However, the smile on the Compass Immortal’s face did not waver when he heard the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief’s threatening words. Not only did he not release that oppressive might, his brows moved, and he actually increased the strength of his oppressive might.

Once the strength of his oppressive might was increased, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief, Nangong Beidou and the Avaricious Immortal’s knees all grew weak, and they nearly knelt onto the ground.

The gap between their strength was simply too enormous. In the cultivation realm of Martial Emperors, a difference of a single level of cultivation was as enormous as the difference between heaven and earth. No matter how strong they were, they would not be able to contend against a rank four Martial Emperor.

“Brother Compass, I misspoke earlier. I hope that you will not pay mind to this,” Feeling that he was unable to continue resisting, the Avaricious Immortal spoke to ask for forgiveness.

However, the Compass Immortal still had a smile on his face and did not remove his oppressive might.

“I shall give face to the Compass Immortal today. You all from the Cyanwood Mountain can leave. I do not wish to see you all again,” Nangong Beidou said. He knew that if this were to continue, the ones who would suffer would be them.

It was only when those words were said that the Compass Immortal removed his oppressive might and sat back down.

In response, Yin Chengkong hurriedly got up. Together with Elder Guan Hong and Dugu Xingfeng, he led the crowd from the Cyanwood Mountain and hurriedly left.

During this period of time, everyone was completely quiet. They were still stunned by the Compass Immortal’s oppressive might because that oppressive might was simply too frightening.

It was only when the people from the Cyanwood Mountain left that the Compass Immortal stood back up.

“Since the competition is over, I will no longer linger. I thank Mooncloud City’s City Master for inviting me over,” he said.

“Immortal, please take care,” The Mooncloud City’s City Master clasped his fist with a smile on his face. Evidently, despite his relationship with the Four Imperial Clans, he was not willing to offend the Compass Immortal.

The Compass Immortal soared into the sky. However, suddenly, he stopped. Then, he turned around and said, “Oh, that’s right, Clan Chief Ximen…”

“Indeed, I am not the only rank four Martial Emperor in the Holy Land of Martialism. However, I am the only person by the name of Compass in the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“Even though your Ximen imperial Clan has been in existence for a very long time, I, Compass, have also made friends throughout the world. If you think that your Ximen Imperial Clan is capable of it, feel free to come and find me at any time.”


By the time those words were heard, the Compass Immortal had already flown away. The only thing that remained was a series of ear-piercing laughs.

Arrogant. He was so very arrogant. However, faced with this sort of arrogance, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief could only furrow his brows and accept it silently. The reason for that was because he did not have the strength to fight back.

Everyone remembered this scene deep within their hearts. At the moment when they were feeling astonished, they also pondered why such a powerful Compass Immortal would shield Chu Feng like he did.

However, this was insignificant. After all, what passed had already passed. What had happened today would become the past. What was important was the future.

In the future, the name of a single person would spread through the Holy Land of Martialism. This time around, the clamor would be enormous. The reason for that was because not only had that person utterly defeated the Four Clans’ younger generation, he had also subdued a Demon Sword. As for the identity of this man, he was the one who the Nangong Imperial Clan had spread wanted posters all over before, Chu Feng.


The people from the Cyanwood Mountain had already left. Not only had Yin Chengkong brought with him the elders from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly, even the disciples that had been dispatched this time around had been brought away with them.

“That Chu Feng is truly daring. He actually left behind such an enormous burden for us. If it wasn’t for that Compass Immortal saving us out of kindness, we would’ve likely all died there.”

A frizzy-haired and red-complexioned old man spoke with a face of complaint. He was an elder from the Cyanwood Sacred Assembly. However, he was not familiar with Chu Feng. After hearing about Chu Feng’s past deeds, the only thing he felt for Chu Feng was scorn.

In fact, at this moment, there were a lot of people like him who were complaining about Chu Feng. However, to their complaints, the three strongest individuals of the current Cyanwood Mountain, the Assembly Master Yin Chengkong, Elder Guan Hong and Headmaster Dugu Xingfeng were not saying anything.

The three of them knew the truth of the matter. From the bottoms of their hearts, they despised these elders’ complaints.

However, due to many reasons, it was unsuitable for them to reprimand these elders. Thus, they could only pretend to not hear anything.

“Lord Elder, I don’t think this matter can all be blamed on junior brother Chu Feng. With his character, he would definitely not have planned to harm us. The ones being excessive were the Imperial Clans,” Jiang Furong said.

As matters stood, they had already learned what Chu Feng did in Mooncloud City. Different from the elders, after Jiang Furong came to know about this matter, she was extremely happy.

Furthermore, she was feeling very ferocious and angry for Chu Feng. After all, the Nangong Imperial Clan had oppressed Chu Feng to this extent.

Thus, even though this elder possessed a higher status than her, she was still unable to tolerate him speaking out against Chu Feng.

“His character? What sort of character could he possibly possess? You’re nothing but a child, what the hell would you know?” That red-complexioned old man angrily berated Jiang Furong. He felt it very insulting to be criticized by a member of the younger generation.

“I know junior brother Chu Feng’s character better than you, elder. When we were being humiliated in the underground palace, it was junior brother Chu Feng who saved us. Not only did he save us, he also redeemed our Cyanwood Mountain’s dignity,” Jiang Furong said unyieldingly.

“Junior brother? You’re still calling him junior brother? Do you not think that our Cyanwood Mountain has wiped his ass enough?”

“He saved you all? What use is that? If the Four Clans are to become further enraged, all of the people in our Cyanwood Mountain will be killed. Who will take responsibility for that? Are you going to take responsibility for that? Are you capable of taking responsibility for that?” The red-complexioned elder shouted angrily.

“Elder, are you that afraid of death?” Finally, Dugu Xingfeng, who had been silent for a very long time, was unable to endure it anymore.

Furthermore, when he spoke those words, chilliness filled the air. Within his tone was a very strong sense of annoyance.