Chapter 1740 - Two Major Events

MGA: Chapter 1740 - Two Major Events

After this matter ended, in order to save face, the Four Great Imperial Clans bribed the people who had witnessed the events in Mooncloud City with many treasures and benefits, hoping that they would keep everything that had happened confidential. They truly did not want word of the event to spread out.

However, as the saying goes, walls have ears and doors have eyes. With so many people present, how could all of them keep what had happened confidential, just because they had obtained benefits? Those with large mouths immediately leaked what had happened.

Sure enough, not long afterward, Chu Feng’s complete suppression of the Four Clans’ younger generation began to spread...

At this moment, on the Immortal Island, there was an old man that emitted airs of immortality standing by the lake with his hands behind his back. This person was the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

“I got it, you can go,” The Weaponry Refinement Immortal waved his hand at the messenger behind him.

After that messager left, the Weaponry Refinement Immortal cast his gaze toward the direction of Mooncloud City and sighed, “He actually didn’t die. That’s enormously fortunate. If it were anybody else, they would definitely choose to live out their lives in seclusion. However, Chu Feng… he instead decided to do such a world-shaking matter. That child is truly not one to allow others to be worry-free.”

Even though the Weaponry Refinement Immortal spoke those words with a tone that contained a slight trace of complaint, his eyes were filled with anticipation, and he had a slight smile on his face.


At the same time, in an ancient pagoda located at the peak of the Ten Thousand Miles Heavenly Summit, a slender and elegant woman with a head of white hair that emitted killing intent all over was sitting there. This woman was the Snow-haired Immortal.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed past, and the Snow-haired Immortal abruptly opened her eyes. The golden light suddenly stopped before her eyes. It was a little golden bird, a bird formed from a world spirit formation.

Cold light shone through the Snow-haired Immortal’s eyes. Then, the little golden bird began to disintegrate into golden strands of gaseous matter that entered the Snow-haired Immortal’s forehead.

“What? That brat is actually still alive?”

The next moment, the Snow-haired Immortal immediately stood up and revealed an expression of shock.

“Hahaha, hahahaha…” Soon, the Snow-haired Immortal revealed an extremely joyous expression and started to laugh crazily. Then, she began to repeat, “Heaven’s will! This is definitely Heaven’s will! The Heavens want me, Snow-hair, to have a successor!”

This matter spread extremely quickly. More and more people came to know Chu Feng’s name.

Perhaps it was not the first time that they had heard the name Chu Feng. However, this time around, the name Chu Feng was deeply engraved into their hearts and minds. After all, this young man by the name of Chu Feng had done such a world-shaking thing. He had utterly humiliated the Four Great Imperial Clans...

After this matter with Chu Feng spread and shocked the world, another grand matter began to occur.

The people from the Nangong Imperial Clan and the Ximen Imperial Clan began to constantly be killed. It was not only the people from the younger generation, even the people from the older generation were being killed.

This matter brought great fear and panic to the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan and the Ximen Imperial Clan. However, there was nothing they could do. With no other choice, they ended up ordering all of their clansmen to stay inside their clans.

They were no fools. Immediately, they thought that someone had come to attack them out of retaliation. Who would attack them? Naturally, it would be none other than Chu Feng, and that mysterious expert that stood behind him.

After all, in Mooncloud City, only the Nangong Imperial Clan and the Ximen Imperial Clan had tried to kill Chu Feng. This was also the reason why only the two of them were being attacked, while the Dongfang Imperial Clan and the Beitang Imperial Clan were completely fine.

At this moment, the clan chiefs of the Four Great Imperial Clans were gathered together once again in the Nangong Imperial Clan.

“That mysterious man that helped Chu Feng, for him to be able to take out Incomplete Imperial Armaments like the Evil God Sword and the Death Kill Brush, he is definitely not someone ordinary. Being educated by him, Chu Feng will definitely become someone very powerful in the future.”

“We cannot continue to sit and wait for death, else the situation will become worse and worse. We must join hands and strike back at them,” Nangong Beidou said.

“Brother Nangong, what you’ve said is incorrect. The people who ended up making that Chu Feng into their enemy is your Nangong Imperial Clan and the Ximen Imperial Clan. It’s not related to us,” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief said with an indifferent smile. He was declaring that he was unrelated to this matter.

Suddenly, the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief asked, “Brother Beitang, Beitang Zhiqiang and your son Beitang Zimo have already disappeared for many days. Have you manage to obtain any news of them yet?”

“Why are you asking this? Could it be that you’ve managed to obtain hints to where they are?” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief raised his eyebrows slightly. Evidently, he was worried about this matter deeply.

“Since you can’t find them, you shouldn’t bother looking for them anymore. Your son and that Beitang Zhiqiang once had conflicts with that Chu Feng. I believe that the location that they’ve disappeared in should be around Mooncloud City, no?” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Ximen, while you can say what you want, do not damn my son and Zhiqiang,” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief was slightly angered.

“It’s useless to be angry at me. With that Chu Feng’s temperament of taking revenge, if he were to encounter Beitang Zhiqiang and your son, he would definitely not let them get away.”

“Actually, you should know very well what has happened to them. You should stop trying to deceive yourself.”

“That said… to be able to remain this calm after having your own son killed, I am truly in admiration,” The Ximen Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief said mockingly.

The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief did not refute his words, and instead grew silent. He was no fool. How could he not have guessed that his son might have been killed by Chu Feng?

He merely did not wish to make Chu Feng an enemy for the sake of the safety of the Beitang Imperial Clan. That was the reason why he was refusing to acknowledge this. After all, Chu Feng was extremely dangerous.

“Beitang, Dongfang, I’ll tell you two the truth. Back then, when Chu Feng was staying as a guest in our clan, he did not do any malicious deeds. Indeed, I was the one who wanted to push him into a corner,” Nangong Beidou said.

“Heh, even without you telling us, we already guessed it,” the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief laughed lightly and said mockingly.

“But, do you two know why I wished to eliminate Chu Feng?” Nangong Beidou asked.

“Why?” The Dongfang Imperial Clan and the Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chiefs asked together.

“That day, my youngest son Tianhu reached a breakthrough, and let out the abnormal sign of a soaring golden dragon. Right at that time, that Chu Feng also happened to reach a breakthrough and also let out an abnormal sign.”

“Something like that would be completely normal. After all, other than our Imperial Bloodlines, Divine Bodies will also cause abnormal signs when they reach a breakthrough. However, the abnormal sign caused by that Chu Feng just so happened to suppress my youngest son’s abnormal sign,” Nangong Beidou said.

“What did you say? Suppressed his abnormal sign?!” Hearing those words, the two clan chiefs were shocked.

“Not only that, when that Chu Feng’s abnormal sign appeared, all of the people in our Nangong Imperial Clan felt our bloodlines tremble in fear.”

“I believe everyone knows that when Royal Bloodlines encounter our Imperial Bloodlines, they would tremble in fear. However, you all most definitely do not know how that felt.”

“Actually, the people from our Nangong Imperial Clan also didn’t know about that. However, at the moment when Chu Feng triggered his abnormal sign, we came to know that sensation,” Nangong Beidou said.

“You’re saying that Chu Feng is also a possessor of an Inherited Bloodline, and that his Inherited Bloodline is above our Imperial Bloodlines and capable of suppressing us?” The Beitang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“That’s impossible! Isn’t our Imperial Bloodline the strongest Inherited Bloodline in the Holy Land of Martialism?!” The Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief became emotional. After all, if this were true, it would deeply concern the status of their Dongfang Imperial Clan in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“The world is enormous, nothing is too bizarre. That Chu Feng’s origin is mysterious to begin with. Perhaps he might’ve obtained some sort of inheritance from the Outer World? After all, the path of martial cultivation is never-ending. Furthermore, since the Ancient Era, there have been records saying that the vast starry sky is the true place for martial cultivators to continue their journey,” Speaking till this point, Nangong Beidou looked to the horizon.

Since ancient times, many experts were only capable of becoming experts due to the treasures that had fallen from the Outer World. Those were all not things capable of being found in the Holy Land of Martialism.