Chapter 1729 - Crimson Demon Sword

MGA: Chapter 1729 - Crimson Demon Sword


Right at this moment, that crimson sword suddenly broke free from the surface. It turned into a crimson ray of light and soared into the sky to escape from this place.


Right at this moment, a large hand suddenly appeared in the sky and grabbed onto that crimson sword.

The crowd were all shocked by this scene. The reason for that was because the hand that had grabbed onto the crimson sword was the seriously injured Chu Feng’s.

“Feng Xing, are you tired of living? Quickly, release it, else it will take your life!!!” The World Spiritist Immortal shouted. As matters stood, he was already certain that the crimson sword was no ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. The evil aura it emitted was too powerful. It would not be excessive to say that it was a Demon Sword. For weapons like those, they possessed murderous natures.

Earlier, when Chu Feng was still vigorous and healthy, he had put forth enormous effort, yet had still failed to subdue it. At this moment, Chu Feng was seriously injured. If he were to continue, he would likely be even more gravely injured or even killed by the sword.

“Thank you, senior, for your concern. However, I insist on obtaining this sword.”

Determination shone through Chu Feng’s eyes. Afterward, his entire person began to change.

Suddenly, he landed from the sky and arrived at the location where he had previously set up the spirit formation. “Bang,” he thrust the crimson sword into the ground again.


At this moment, that crimson sword actually let out a strange roar. After that strange roar, crimson gaseous flames suddenly appeared. In an instant, they engulfed Chu Feng.

At the same time, the black clouds that covered the sky turned crimson. People seemed to be able to faintly see that there were countless ghosts that had died with grievances floating about and emitting frightening cries in the sky.

Originally, people thought that it was an illusion. However, the ghosts gradually grew clearer and clearer, more and more numerous. In the end, they were so numerous that they simply covered the entire sky.

This scene deeply frightened many of the people present. For a weapon to possess ghosts that died with grievances, it meant that the weapon must have killed innocent souls. For this crimson sword to possess that many ghosts, one could very well imagine what sort of sword it was. Undoubtedly, it was a Demon Sword.

Furthermore, even within the ranks of Demon Swords, it would be a top existence.

“So nefarious! That sword is truly nefarious! That sword has already become a demon, it absolutely cannot be allowed to continue to exist. If it is to continue to exist, it will only bring about disasters to the world.”

As the World Spiritist Immortal spoke those words, he soared into the sky. Golden light was flickering on him. He had unleashed his Emperor’s might. At this time, he appeared like a god as his Emperor’s might illuminated the crowd.

In an instant, the change to the sky brought forth by the crimson sword was destroyed. The oppressive sensation brought forth by it was also destroyed.

The might of a Martial Emperor was clearly revealed in this situation. At this moment, countless members of the younger generation, and even people from the the older generation, revealed expressions of admiration and adoration.

However, right after the World Spiritist Immortal acted, another even more powerful Emperor’s might swept forth from beside him and stopped him from proceeding onward.

It was the Avaricious Immortal. The Avaricious Immortal had acted to stop the World Spiritist Immortal from helping Chu Feng.

When the World Spiritist Immortal’s Emperor’s might was suppressed, the sky started to turn crimson again. Countless ghosts appeared once again. In fact, there were even crimson lightning flashes and booming thunder rolling on the horizon.

Not only did the power of that crimson sword not decrease, it had become even more frightening.

“Avaricious Immortal, what are you doing?” The World Spiritist Immortal asked furiously.

“World Spiritist Immortal, this is a spar between members of the younger generation. Why must you involve yourself and break the rules?” The Avaricious Immortal asked with a malicious smile on his face.

“That sword is too nefarious. It is no ordinary weapon. Instead, it is a Demon Sword among Demon Swords. It must be eliminated. Otherwise, it will only bring about disaster,” The World Spiritist Immortal said.

“Nefarious? I don’t feel that way at all,” As the Avaricious Immortal said those words, he took a glance, intentional or not, at the crimson sword. An avaricious expression emerged in his eyes.

“Compass Immortal, we must save Feng Xing. Else, he will be devoured by that sword. We must eliminate that sword. Else, it will bring about slaughter to the masses,” Feeling helpless, the World Spiritist Immortal began to request the Compass Immortal for help.

“Indeed, that sword is a Demon Sword. Otherwise, it would not bring about such an enormous amount of ghosts with grievances. Looking at this number… sigh… it has indeed sinned quite a lot,” At this moment, even the Compass Immortal who was all smiles before had a serious expression on his face and sighed as he saw the ghosts with grievances that covered the sky.

“However, although Demon Swords are frightening, they are still rare treasures. If someone is capable of subduing that sword, it would be a good thing,” The Compass Immortal added.

“Compass Immortal, what do you mean by that?” The World Spiritist Immortal said in shock.

“Let’s continue to watch a bit longer. I feel like that… little friend Feng Xing still has some tricks up his sleeves,” The Compass Immortal said as he looked to Chu Feng. A trace of anticipation appeared in his eyes.


After hearing what the Compass Immortal said, the crowd turned their gazes onto Chu Feng again.

Thinking in their hearts, ‘could it be that this Feng Xing is really able to subdue even that Demon Sword?’

“Heavens! Exactly what is happening? Feng Xing’s injuries, they’re actually gone?!”

Upon turning their gazes to Chu Feng, many of the people present were unable to contain themselves from sucking in a mouthful of cold air. They were deeply shocked.

The reason for that was because earlier, Chu Feng was seriously injured. However, at this moment, his injuries were all gone. The reason why they were so shocked was because what was healing Chu Feng’s injuries was not Chu Feng himself. Rather, it was that crimson Demon Sword.

It turned out that although the crimson gaseous flames being emitted from the crimson Demon Sword had sealed Chu Feng’s escape, they had not injured him. Instead, they were healing Chu Feng’s injuries.


Suddenly, the sky started to tremble. The ghosts that covered the sky and the crimson clouds all began to gather in one place. They turned into an enormous vortex in the sky. It was as if the entire sky were about to be sucked away by that vortex.


Finally, the vortex turned into a ray of crimson light and dropped from the sky. It came down vertically and entered that crimson sword.

At this moment, the earth started to tremble violently. It was as if heaven was falling and the earth was sinking.

However, this only lasted an instant. The very next moment, the world returned to normal, and the stage also became tranquil.

However, at this very moment, not a single person present was able to remain calm.

Chu Feng’s injuries were all healed. Not only that, the crimson Demon Sword had also changed. It no longer possessed the evil aura, that overflowing nefariousness, that it did before. However, it was still emitting a very powerful might.

Furthermore, being held by Chu Feng in his hand, the sword was no longer struggling. It was completely obedient to him. It had the appearance of being willing to serve Chu Feng.

“He succeeded! He actually successfully subdued that sword and made it recognize him as its master!”

The crowd burst into an uproar. Regardless of whether or not that sword was the legendary Evil God Sword, the crowd all knew, after experiencing its might, that it was not an ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armament. At the very least, it was a Demon Sword.

However, such a nefarious Demon Sword was actually subdued by Chu Feng. This truly shocked them. If it were them, they would definitely not have been able to accomplish such a feat. In other words, they did not even have the courage to try to subdue that sword.

After all, demonic weapons were different from other weapons. They were weapons that would kill people of their own accord.

“Clap, clap, clap, clap~~~”

Suddenly, crisp and clear claps began to be heard. Turning toward the sound, it was actually Ximen Feixue who was clapping.

At this moment, Ximen Feixue had thrust his Heavenly Immortal Sword into the stage. He had a smile on his face as he looked to Chu Feng and clapped.

“Not bad. Never would I have thought that you’d be able to subdue such a Demon Sword.”

“It means that you are truly its partner in notoriety. It would appear that you might become a demon in the future,” Ximen Feixue’s words possessed hidden implications. While people were able to accept Demon Swords, they feared someone becoming a demon the most. What Ximen Feixue was doing was pushing Chu Feng onto the taboo subject for the people present. It must be said that Ximen Feixue was truly treacherous.

“However, regardless, that Demon Sword of yours seems to be slightly qualified to cross swords against my Heavenly Immortal Sword.”

After saying those words, Ximen Feixue suddenly pulled the Heavenly Immortal Sword beside him up from the stage and pointed it toward Chu Feng. His cold gaze was filled with killing intent.