Chapter 1728 - Cannot Be Looked Down Upon

MGA: Chapter 1728 - Cannot Be Looked Down Upon

“That sword, what power, what an enormous wild nature.”

The struggle between Chu Feng and that sword was clearly seen by the crowd. Even though Incomplete Imperial Armaments were very powerful, with Chu Feng’s strength, it should be a very simple task for him to make an Incomplete Imperial Armament recognize him as its master.

If even someone like Chu Feng was unable to make an Incomplete Imperial Armament recognize him as its master, could there possibly be any other member of the younger generation who would be capable of such a feat?

However, at this time, this sword was refusing to serve Chu Feng. Furthermore, it was struggling very violently. As long as Chu Feng let go of it, it would definitely fly into the sky and escape.

“I refuse to believe that I cannot subdue you!”

Suddenly, with a thought, golden-bright and dazzling world spirit power emerged from Chu Feng’s body. Like a stream of water, his world spirit power flowed down from his body to his foot, and then into the surrounding stage.

After the golden world spirit power landed on the ground, it turned into runes and symbols that scattered about in all directions.

“A formation, that child is actually able to set up such a powerful spirit formation with a thought?!”

At this moment, many of the world spiritists from the World Spiritist Alliance revealed expressions of amazement. Then, they began to praise Chu Feng nonstop.

They were able to tell that Chu Feng was setting up a spirit formation, a very powerful spirit formation. The spirit formation that he was setting up was something that was impossible for many of the World Spiritist Alliance’s elders to accomplish.

However, not only was Chu Feng setting up this sort of spirit formation, he had also managed to finish setting it up in an instant.


After Chu Feng finished setting up the spirit formation, he grasped the sword with both hands. Then, he turned the sword around and faced its tip towards the floor. Afterwards, he abruptly thrust it downwards. “Bang,” the sword was pierced into the spirit formation.

After the crimson sword entered the spirit formation, it began to react like a ferocious beast that had been trapped. Although it had been captured, it began to struggle even more violently.

At that moment, the sky suddenly turned dusky, and a large amount of black clouds rolled about. Thunder began to boom and lightning began to flash. Violent winds sprung up everywhere. Even the weather had been affected by the sword.

“What a frightening Incomplete Imperial Armament. Could it really be the legendary Evil God Sword?”

Weapons naturally possessed auras. There were those that possessed righteous auras, and those that possessed evil auras. If Ximen Feixue’s Heavenly Immortal Sword possessed an overwhelming righteous aura, then the sword in Chu Feng’s hand was filled with an evil aura.

Otherwise, the crowd present would not be feeling such an enormous pressure from the sword.

This did not affect the experts from the older generation that much. After all, they possessed high levels of cultivation. Thus, they were not oppressed by the aura from the sword.

However, this was a different story for the younger generation. Their cultivations were too weak. Thus, they were simply incapable of withstanding the sword’s evil aura. Many people began to feel fear for the sword from the bottom of their hearts and started to shiver.

Not to mention the disciples of other schools and sects, even the participants of the Four Clans’ younger generation’s sparring, the elites of the Four Clans’ younger generation, were all feeling their blood run cold. From this, it could be seen how strong the sword's evil aura was.

“What a malicious sword. Its evil aura is not only capable of oppression, it’s also capable of disturbing one’s heart and mind,” At this moment, even White-browed Immortal had an expression of shock on his face. Even for him, it was the first time he had encountered such a sword.

“That is indeed the case. Furthermore, the closer one is to the sword, the more one’s heart and mind will be disturbed by it. When the members of the younger generation outside the stage who are far from it were already affected by it, with how close little friend Feng Xing is to it, he will be the main target of that sword’s attacks. However, little friend Feng Xing is able to remain unaffected. His willpower is truly worthy of admiration,” The World Spiritist Immortal praised.

He spoke those words with sincerity. If it were him standing in Chu Feng’s position, at Chu Feng’s age and cultivation, he would definitely not have been able to withstand that sword’s evil aura.

“It’s not that he’s unaffected. Rather, it’s that he has stopped the sword from affecting him. His wisdom is truly extraordinary,” The Compass Immortal also praised. Then, he said with a low voice, “I truly never expected for that brat to be this powerful. Tsk tsk… if I knew this would be the case, back then, I should’ve…”

“Compass Immortal, what did you say?” The Compass Immortal’s low-voiced mutter was heard by the Avaricious Immortal beside him.

“Nothing, haha…” The Compass Immortal laughed.

The Avaricious Immortal was skeptical of him. However, he did not continue to question him, and did not think much of it either. Instead, he turned his narrowed gaze to that crimson sword. A light smile emerged at the corner of his mouth.


Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly sat down in a cross-legged position. Even though he had released the crimson sword from his hands, his hands were rapidly forming hand seals to manipulate the spirit formation.


In an instant, the spirit formation surged with golden light. It shone as bright as the sun, and caused many people to be unable to open their eyes.

In this sort of situation, the evil aura of that crimson sword was instantly suppressed. Not only that, even its trembling started to gradually stop.

“A fusion of martial power and world spirit technique, what a profound formation,” The White-browed Immortal gasped in admiration. Even though Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques were exceptional, he did not expect that Chu Feng had been able to grasp this sort of formation.

“It’s not as simple as it seems. That is not a fusion of martial power and world spirit technique. Rather, he himself has fused with the world spirit technique.”

“He has not simply used the spirit formation to assist him in subduing that sword. Instead, he has relied on the spirit formation itself to subdue that sword.”

“The spirit formation he is using is extremely hard to set up and control. It would be one thing if he succeeded. However, if he were to fail, he would likely have become crippled,” The Compass Immortal said.

“There’s actually such a spirit formation?” After hearing what the Compass Immortal said, not to mention the others, even the World Spiritist Immortal and the White-browed Immortal were shocked.

As Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, they knew very well how difficult this sort of spirit formation was. Such a formation, was it really something that a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist had managed to unleash?

“That sort of spirit formation is not something that a brat like him would be capable of controlling. He is being a greedy snake and trying to devour an elephant. I’m afraid he will be the one devoured instead,” The Avaricious Immortal did not believe that Chu Feng could manage such a spirit formation.

“That’s not for certain,” The Compass Immortal said with a smile.

The Avaricious Immortal was a bit displeased to hear those words. However, as the person who had said those words was the Compass Immortal, in the end, he decided not to refute him, and instead revealed an expression of ‘let’s see who’s right later.”


Suddenly, the sword that had grown silent suddenly trembled. With that slight tremble, crimson energy ripples were emitted from the sword.

The energy ripples swept through all directions. Not only did they pound through Chu Feng’s body, they also charged into the entire spirit formation.


Following a loud explosion, Chu Feng was knocked flying, and the spirit formation that he had set up was also shattered in an instant.

When Chu Feng landed on the ground, his entire body was covered in blood. All of his muscles and bones were broken. His aura was so feeble that it was nearly nonexistent. He had the appearance of someone on the verge of dying.

“Failed,” The World Spiritist Immortal’s complexion turned green. This was not the conclusion that he wanted to see.

“Overestimating one’s capabilities. Didn’t I say that that sort of spirit formation is not something that a mere Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist could manage? He is already extremely lucky to not have died from an internal explosion, and only suffered superficial wounds,” The Avaricious Immortal sneered.

He was immensely proud of himself. As he spoke those words, he deliberately took a glance at the Compass Immortal. It was as if he were telling the Compass Immortal ‘look, didn’t I say so?’

“It’s not that Feng Xing has failed. His control of his spirit formation was very good. Merely, that crimson sword is too powerful, and broke through his spirit formation.”

“That sword… is really not one to be looked down upon,” When the Compass Immortal said those words, a rare serious expression emerged in his eyes.

“What sophistry,” The Avaricious Immortal curled his lips and muttered in a low voice.

“Haha…” The Compass Immortal laughed. Then, he said to the Avaricious Immortal, “Are you implying that you possess a higher comprehension of world spirit techniques than me? How about the two of us have a match? Let’s gamble with three Incomplete Imperial Armaments, what say you?”

Hearing those words, the corner of the Avaricious Immortal’s mouth started to twitch. He did not answer the Compass Immortal.

If his world spirit techniques were a match for the Compass Immortal’s, he would not have to endure all the time.

The Ten Immortals possessed different levels of strength. And he… was inferior to the Compass Immortal.

Even if he disagreed with the Compass Immortal, he had no choice but to endure.