Chapter 1727 - Conquer This Sword

MGA: Chapter 1727 - Conquer This Sword

“Immortal has guessed correctly. That sword is precisely the Evil God Sword,” Baili Xuankong said after nodding.

Although he said those words very proudly, people began to hiss at him. Not to mention the others, even the Compass Immortal started to laugh lightly.

After all, the Compass Immortal had clearly narrated the legend of the Evil God Sword. Even the Ancient Era’s Elves that had existed since the Ancient Era did not know whether the legend was real or not.

Furthermore, even if it was real, even if the Evil God Sword existed in this world, judging from the legend, it would definitely be an extraordinary weapon. Thus, how could it possibly appear here?

Furthermore, the lousy piece of wood in Chu Feng’s hand, no matter how one looked at it, did not appear to be related to the Evil God Sword at all. Not only were the others thinking this, even the Compass Immortal was thinking this.

As a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he had actually already observed the wooden sword in Chu Feng’s hand. However, the result was a disappointment. The only difference was that he did not say it like the others.

“If the Evil God Sword really exists, I also wish to experience it with my Heavenly Immortal Sword. Based on the legend of the Evil God Sword that Compass Immortal has narrated, the Evil God Sword is indeed qualified to fight against my Heavenly Immortal Sword.”

“However, if you are to tell me that that lousy piece of wood is the Evil God Sword, you would be taking us for fools, no?”

“There are a lot of expert world spiritists present. In addition to them, there are also the Four Immortals. How could they not be able to tell whether that lousy piece of wood is a treasure or not?” Ximen Feixue said.

“Haha, the masses are ignorant. Even with a treasure before their eyes, they are unable to see it. It would appear that the Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists are not up to much either,” Baili Xuankong laughed out loud.

Seeing that Baili Xuankong had insulted them, the Avaricious Immortal spoke with a cold voice. “Humph, although that log is somewhat special, it is simply nothing extraordinary. The way I see it, you are simply deliberately creating trouble. Lord City Master, I humbly request you drive this man out of here.”

“Very well, men…” Mooncloud City’s City Master had disliked Baili Xuankong to begin with. As the Avaricious Immortal had said it like this, it provided him sufficient justification to take care of Baili Xuankong.

“Whether real or not, we’ll know upon trying. Little friend Feng Xing, you know of the method to make a weapon recognize you as its master, no? Why not give it a try?!” Baili Xuankong said loudly.

Even though the crowd all felt that Baili Xuankong had come to cause trouble, they still turned their gazes to Chu Feng. Traces of anticipation appeared in their eyes.

However, this was not the good kind of anticipation. Instead, their anticipation was malicious. They were anticipating Chu Feng’s failure so they could have Baili Xuankong beat it.

In this sort of situation, the pressure Chu Feng felt increased many times over. No matter what, Chu Feng was also a genius world spiritist. Furthermore, he possessed the Heaven’s Eyes that others did not.

Thus, he had discovered from the very start that there was nothing special about the wooden sword that Baili Xuankong had handed him. It simply could not be considered to be a weapon.

Originally, Chu Feng had thought that Baili Xuankong had some sort of special intention. However, it would now appear that that was not the case at all.

“Such a lousy piece of wood, even if I were to instill my martial power into it, what could it possibly do? Oh Ancestor, aren’t you deliberately trying to make things difficult for me?”

Chu Feng complained in his heart. However, he still emitted a strand of martial power from his palm and instilled it into that wooden stick.


Upon his martial power being instilled into that wooden stick, Chu Feng’s eyes immediately shone. Not only did this piece of wood devour Chu Feng’s martial power, it did so extremely quickly. It was like the dried up earth swallowing a drop of water. In an instant, the strand of martial power Chu Feng instilled into it had been completely absorbed without even a trace remaining.

“It’s feasible!”

At this moment, Chu Feng’s heart started to waver. He had realized that this piece of wood was more remarkable than he had anticipated it to be.

Thus, Chu Feng tightly grabbed onto the piece of wood and began to unleash a steady stream of martial power from his dantian to the wooden stick.

Upon doing so, Chu Feng became even more shocked. The martial power he was pouring into the wooden stick could be said to be extremely ferocious. It was like a surging flood that had broken through a dam.

However, that unremarkable-looking wooden sword was like a bottomless abyss. No matter how much of his martial power Chu Feng poured into the wooden sword, it did not utter the slightest bit of response.

“Heh… sure enough, it’s nothing more than a piece of wood,” The crowd was focused on Chu Feng’s actions the entire time. They had already realized that Chu Feng had begun to instill martial power into the log, that he was using the method to make a weapon recognize its master. Yet, there was no response whatsoever. Thus, the people began to sneer mockingly.

However, Chu Feng did not give up. He felt that no matter how deep a valley might be, it could still be filled up. He refused to believe that his martial power would not be able to fill up that piece of log.

“Snap, snap~~~”

Finally, the log gave a response. Snapping sounds began to be heard from the wooden sword nonstop.

“Heavens! That log!!!”

At this moment, the expressions of practically everyone present began to change. Their gazes started to flicker, their mouths became wide agape and their eyes were wide open.

The reason for that was because when the snapping sound was heard, the log within Chu Feng’s hand was starting to shatter.

Not only was it shattering, a very beautiful red colored light emitted from the cracks.

Finally, the wooden log shattered completely. The shattered pieces started to fall off the wooden sword. Whenever a piece fell off, a crimson sword’s body could be seen. At the moment when all of the shattered pieces fell off, a long, completed sword appeared in Chu Feng’s hand.

This sword was two meters long and less than an inch wide. At a glance, it looked like a very thin bamboo pole.

However, the sword was completely crimson in color, and appeared to be made of blood. Furthermore, it possessed incomparably sharp blade edges.


When the sword appeared, the martial power in the surrounding region began to surge. Ripples began to appear in the space surrounding Chu Feng. Thunder began to be heard from the heavens.

“That sword, it’s actually an Incomplete Imperial Armament!” The crowd were all shocked. Especially the Four Immortals, they were incomparably shocked.

Earlier, the sword had only been a lousy piece of wood. However, it now gave off the Emperor’s might of an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Furthermore, the might it unleashed was extremely powerful, many times more powerful than ordinary Incomplete Imperial Armaments.

However, even though such an Incomplete Imperial Armament had been before their eyes for so long, even though they had observed it carefully, they had been unable to discover its uniqueness. As such, how could they not be shocked?

However, at this moment, the person who was most shocked was Chu Feng. Chu Feng was the one who was able to sense how powerful this sword was the most.

After all this time, Chu Feng could be considered to be someone who had a lot of experience in this world. He had used quite a few weapons. However, never had he felt the sensation brought to him by this weapon.

This sensation was extremely special. If it were any other Incomplete Imperial Armament, after Chu Feng instilled so much of his martial power into it, even if that Incomplete Imperial Armament did not enter absolute submission, it should still recognize him as its master. However, he was still not feeling this sort of sensation from this weapon. Instead, what he felt was… resistance.

Resistance? The more it resisted, the more Chu Feng wanted to subdue it.


Right at this moment, that long crimson sword started to violently tremble. It was trying to escape Chu Feng’s grasp and enter the skies.

“Want to escape? Not that easy!”

Chu Feng tightly grabbed onto the sword. He refused to allow it the opportunity to escape. At the same time, Chu Feng began to instill more martial power into the sword unceasingly.

At this moment, the martial power Chu Feng was instilling was different than the one he had instilled before. If the martial power he had instilled earlier were comparable to that of only commoners, then the martial power he was instilling now would be a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses that had set off for a military campaign.

The army had set off, all for the sake of subduing this sword!!!