Chapter 1726 - The Legend Of The Evil God

MGA: Chapter 1726 - The Legend Of The Evil God

At this moment, Mooncloud City’s City Master started to frown slightly, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. Considering his own point of view, he would naturally not wish for there to be people who would help Chu Feng.

However, when considering the general situation, there was no reason that he could use to stop Baili Xuankong. Feeling helpless, he ended up saying, “Do as you wish.”

“Little friend Feng Xing, catch this weapon,” At this moment, Baili Xuankong did not hesitate. With a wave of his sleeve, a dark red ray of light flew toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng extended his hand and grabbed the item. Then, he immediately clasped his fist respectfully at Baili Xuankong. He said, “Thank you senior.”

At this moment, what had arrived in Chu Feng’s hand was a weapon.

Merely, upon seeing the weapon, the spectators around the stage began to hiss. In fact, there were even people who started to laugh while rocking their bodies back and forth.

Many people had been filled with anticipation when they heard that Baili Xuankong was going to lend Chu Feng an Incomplete Imperial Armament. They all wished to see exactly what sort of Incomplete Imperial Armament this extravagant man would lend Chu Feng.

However, at this moment, the weapon that had arrived in Chu Feng’s hand was truly not up to much.

It was a sword, a longsword longer than two meters. However, no matter how much longer one looked at it, the sword did not look like an Incomplete Imperial Armament. The reason for that was because it was a wooden sword, a dark red wooden sword. Not only did it not have a blade edge, its surface was also very bumpy, and appeared to be extremely shabby. It simply did not even look like a sword.

Such a sword, not to mention being an Incomplete Imperial Armament, it could not even be considered to be a real sword. To say that it was a wooden sword would be speaking highly of it. To call it a wooden stick would instead be more suitable.

“And here I thought what sort of weapon you were going to lend him. After all this, it turned out to be a shabby piece of wood.”

“Can it be that you planned to have Feng Xing use that shabby piece of wood to contend against my Heavenly Immortal Sword?”

“I truly do not know whether you are trying to help him or harm him,” Ximen Feixue laughed mockingly. His laughter grew louder and louder. He was not intentionally laughing. It was just that the wooden sword Baili Xuankong had given Chu Feng was truly too amusing.

“And here I thought that he was an extravagant individual who was willing to lend Feng Xing an Incomplete Imperial Armament.”

“It turns out he’s just trying to make us laugh, hahaha…”

At this time, more and more people from the crowd began to burst into loud laughter. Not only were they laughing at Baili Xuankong, they were also laughing at Chu Feng.


However, Baili Xuankong was not angered by the laughter from the crowd. Instead, he also started to laugh. Then, he said, “Here I thought that everyone present was a peak level character. Never would I have expected that there would be this many ignorant people. I am truly disappointed.”

“Humph, it’s clearly a lousy piece of wood. Yet you still insist on saying that we’re ignorant. Do you really take us for fools?” The crowd scoffed at Baili Xuankong’s words. They all felt that Baili Xuankong was babbling nonsense.

After all, many of them possessed exceptional world spirit techniques. As world spiritists, they had carefully observed the wooden sword in Chu Feng’s hand, and were unable to discover anything peculiar about it. Thus, they were certain that it was nothing more than a wooden stick.

“Compass Immortal, the way I see it, among the crowd present, you are the one who is most learned.”

“Since you know about the story of the Heavenly Immortal Sword, I presume that you’ve also heard of the Evil God Sword, right?” Baili Xuankong asked the Compass Immortal.

“Evil God Sword?” The crowd were all startled upon hearing those words. From their shocked expressions, it could be seen that the majority of them had never heard of the Evil God Sword before.

In fact, even the Compass Immortal was startled upon hearing the words ‘Evil God Sword.’ His expression changed. Then, with a smile on his face, he said, “Haha, Evil God Sword, I have indeed heard of it before. However, it is not a story, but rather a legend.”

At this moment, the shocked expressions on the crowd grew even more pronounced. Regardless of their gender or age, the people of the Holy Land of Martialism were all fond of listening to the legends of the Holy Land of Martialism. After all, hearing about legends would be able to increase their knowledge.

“The Evil God Sword is a very ancient legend…”

“According to legend, it was from a very far gone time. It was after the Ancient Era had just passed. At that time, the world was slowly recovering. It happened in the era when the deteriorated martial cultivators were just starting to emerge in power again.”

“In that era, overlords had yet to be born. However, in that era, an existence who could be qualified to be known as an overlord was born. However, that being was not a human. Rather, he was a monstrous beast.”

“No one knew what sort of monstrous beast he was. The reason for that was because he only showed himself in the guise of a human. What the humans remembered of him is that he had a long crimson sword in his hand. That sword of his was extremely bloodthirsty. To drink blood was its second nature. All of the people who died by that sword would have their blood sucked dry by it.”

“Thus, that sword brought about great fear to countless people. As for that sword, it was the Evil God Sword.”

“It was precisely because of that Evil God Sword that there were people who began to address that monstrous beast as the Evil God. According to legend, at that time, the Evil God was an existence that no one other than the Ancient Era’s Elves were capable of controlling.”

“Some people say that the Evil God possessed overflowing strength. If he had held an Imperial Armament, even the Ancient Era’s Elves would not have been a match for him. He would have become that era’s overlord.”

“However, with the strength that the Evil God possessed back then, it would also not have been a difficult task if he wanted to obtain an Imperial Armament.”

“Thus, another saying came to be. That was, that it was not that the Evil God did not want to switch his weapon. Rather, he was unable to switch his weapon. The reason for that is because he was only able to attain his accomplishments at that time because of that Evil God Sword. If the Evil God didn’t have the Evil God Sword, then he wouldn’t be that powerful.”

“Afterwards, the Evil God suddenly disappeared. Some people said that he had decided to retire from the world of martial cultivators. Some said the Evil God had been killed by the Ancient Era’s Elves. There were even people who said that the Evil God had been unable to control the Evil God Sword, and had ended up being devoured and refined by it.”

“With this many different theories, it is very difficult to determine the truth. In fact, no one knows whether or not the legend of the Evil God is even real.”

“Because of this, I especially asked some of my friends among the Ancient Era’s Elves. They also knew about the legend of the Evil God Sword. However, due to the fact that it happened so long ago, even they were unable to be certain whether or not the legend of the Evil God Sword was real.”

“However, one thing is certain. In the era ruled by Emperor Huang, someone discovered a Demon Sword in a very remote location.”

“That Demon Sword possessed intelligence. After it appeared, it began to slaughter everything before it. It was extremely bloodthirsty. Regardless of whether they might be men or beasts, anyone who encountered that sword would suffer a calamity.”

“Afterward, the human race’s Three Palaces joined hands to eliminate that sword. Although the Three Palaces were capable of eliminating the sword, due to the fact that it was very special, and all Three Palaces possessed ulterior motives, they suddenly decided to not eliminate that sword and instead seized it for themselves.”

“Because of that, the Three Palaces ended up fighting one another. Seizing that opportunity, the Demon Sword escaped. After that, the Demon Sword was never heard of again.”

“Due to the fact that Demon Sword was also red in color, people said that the Demon Sword was the Evil God’s Evil God Sword,” Compass Immortal explained.

Suddenly, someone from the Heavenly Law Palace said, “Compass Immortal, you can’t go around making irresponsible remarks like that. Our Heavenly Law Palace has never done anything like that.”

“Immortal, I have grown up in the Mortal King Palace, and have never heard of anything about a Demon Sword,” Following that, someone from the Mortal King Palace also spoke out.

“What happened was not something good at all. Even for the Three Palaces, the Demon Sword is a hidden secret.”

“Your statuses are still not high enough. Even if you all are people from the Three Palaces, you will naturally not know about this matter,” The Compass Immortal said with contempt.

“You…” The people who had spoken out against the Compass Immortal earlier were angered by him. However, they could not find any justification to refute him. After all, what the Compass Immortal said was very true. Although they were people from the Three Palaces, their statuses were not high at all. Thus, there were indeed things that they did not know about.

“Brother, you asked me about the Evil God Sword, you couldn’t possibly be planning to tell me that the wooden sword you’re lending little friend Feng Xing is the legendary Evil God Sword, right?” The Compass Immortal asked with a beaming smile.