Chapter 1730 - Needing Only A Single Sword Strike

MGA: Chapter 1730 - Needing Only A Single Sword Strike

“Yoh, what enormous killing intent. Could it be that you’re planning to kill me?” Chu Feng sneered.

“Since ancient times, good and evil have not been able to coexist. Since you have shown the potential to become a demon, I will thus eliminate you here.”

As Ximen Feixue spoke, his body trembled. Then the space behind him started to twist. Invisible strands of aura were being emitted from within the sword and his body.

Sensing those auras, many people began to feel energetic and excited.

“What an overwhelming righteous aura. Such a powerful aura is something that I’ve never felt from Incomplete Imperial Armaments. Sure enough, the Heavenly Immortal Sword stands out from the masses. Likely, it is only lacking a bit to be able to contend against Imperial Armaments,” After sensing the power of the Heavenly Immortal Sword, the people began to praise it repeatedly.

“Good sword,” Chu Feng exclaimed.

“Naturally. Else, it would not be the Heavenly Immortal Sword,” Ximen Feixue said.

“I’m talking about the Evil God Sword in my hand, not your Heavenly Immortal Sword,” Chu Feng said.

“You really think that the sword in your hand is that legendary Evil God Sword?”

Ximen Feixue did not believe that. After all, the legend of the Evil God Sword was even more dreadful than the story of his Heavenly Immortal Sword. In other words, when judging from a different aspect, the Evil God Sword was even stronger than his Heavenly Immortal Sword. Thus, he was unwilling to accept that the sword in Chu Feng’s hand was the Evil God Sword.

“The sword’s in my hand. I know about what kind of sword it is more clearly than you,” As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly pointed the Evil God Sword toward Ximen Feixue.

Once the sword was pointed toward Ximen Feixue, the sky immediately darkened. Rays of crimson light began to sweep forth from the sword in Chu Feng’s hand. The evil aura that had disappeared earlier once again emerged to deter the crowd’s hearts. In fact, even the ghosts that filled the sky had appeared once again. They began to howl in grief nonstop.

It turned out that the nefariousness of the sword had not disappeared. Rather, it was being controlled by Chu Feng.

“Sure enough, your demonic nature is overflowing. I must kill you,” Suddenly, Ximen Feixue swung his Heavenly Immortal Sword lightly. Immediately, flowers began to bloom in the sky as countless silvery sword strikes flew toward Chu Feng.

It appeared like several tens of thousands of Heavenly Immortals had descended to the mortal world together to behead the demon and rescue the common people.

Not only was this scene very magnificent, it was also very shocking. Countless people were affected by it.

At this moment, the crowd finally realized the reason why people all said that Ximen Feixue’s sword techniques were his strongest point.

This sword technique had indeed surpassed ordinary sword techniques. Whether it be the might or the power, it surpassed Earthen Taboo Martial Skills in both, and was even comparable to the legendary Heaven Taboo Martial Skills.

With such a sword technique, it was already no longer a question of the strength of the weapon. Would Feng Xing be able to withstand it? This was what everyone present was wondering.


However, when facing Ximen Feixue’s powerful attack, Chu Feng laughed lightly. Suddenly, the Evil God Sword in his hand trembled slightly. Immediately afterward, it turned into a ray of crimson light and swept forth.


Once the sword was unleashed, the crimson clouds in the sky began to surge. Several crimson lightning bolts struck down from the sky, landing on the stage.

The unleashed might of the sword had created a change in the heavens. This was no longer something as simple as a sword technique.

Finally, the stage that was covered with crimson light returned to normal. However, Ximen Feixue had fallen off the stage. Even though he was putting forth great effort to support his body to keep it from falling to the ground, his body was nevertheless trembling.

He had been defeated. Ximen Feixue had actually been defeated. Ximen Feixue, the person who was most proficient in using swords, had finally decided to use his Heavenly Immortal Sword.

However, he had been defeated in a single sword strike by his opponent. Oh how much of a humiliation was this?


Right at this moment, completely drained of strength, Ximen Feixue fell to the ground. The Heavenly Immortal Sword in his hand had also fallen to the ground.

“Tink, tink, tink~~~”

After the Heavenly Immortal Sword fell to the ground, it actually began to violently tremble and move about all over the place. It was trying to escape like a sheep that had seen a hungry wolf.

This scene shocked the crowd so much that their mouths gaped wide open.

The appearance that the Heavenly Immortal Sword revealed was one of extreme fear. The legendary Heavenly Immortal Sword was actually afraid. What was it afraid of? Weapons did not fear people. They would only fear other weapons.

However, of all the weapons present, which one could possibly make the Heavenly Immortal Sword be scared?

Upon thinking of that, the crowd all turned their gaze to the crimson Demon Sword in Chu Feng’s hand. The reason for that was because that was the only weapon among all the weapons present that they could think of that was capable of bringing fear to the Heavenly Immortal Sword.

In order to verify their guesses, there were even people who secretly took out their own weapons. Upon taking out their weapons, their weapons actually also started to violently tremble, as if they were trying to escape. The direction at which they were trying to escape from was the direction of the stage, the direction of Feng Xing, the direction of the crimson sword.

“Amazing! Someone capable of deterring everyone is an emperor among men. A weapon capable of deterring other weapons is a king among weapons.”

“Such a deterrence power, it truly deserves to be called a Demon Sword, an actual Demon Sword.”

The crowd were all shocked. If they had only been feeling admiration for Chu Feng before, then right now, they were also feeling envious.

Even though it was a Demon Sword, it was still a weapon. Such a powerful weapon, as martial cultivators, which one of them would not want to obtain it?

Unfortunately, they were unable to obtain it. Most importantly, they did not have the capability to obtain it.

Thus, not only were they envious, they were also jealous. They were jealous of the fact that their talent was inferior to Chu Feng’s.

“Very good. A good sword is only befitting of a hero. Little friend Feng Xing, this Evil God Sword shall be gifted to you,” Suddenly, a loud shout was heard. It was Baili Xuankong.

At this moment, if one were to ask who was feeling the most joyous at this moment, then, other than Chu Feng, it would definitely be Baili Xuankong.

As Chu Feng’s Ancestor, he was extremely proud at this moment. He felt that he was honored, truly honored by Chu Feng.

He had defeated all of the Four Clans’ younger generation and subdued the crimson Demon Sword. His techniques and ability were things that everyone approved of.

“Could it be that that crimson sword is really the Evil God Sword?”

“He’s actually going to gift such a powerful sword to Feng Xing?”

“Exactly who is that man? How did he obtain that sword? How could he be this extravagant?”

The crowd gasped with admiration and shock. They no longer bothered to continue to guess whether the crimson Demon Sword was really the Evil God Sword. Regardless of whether or not it was a Demon Sword or the Evil God Sword, it would still become a famous sword.

At this moment, what they were guessing was who exactly Baili Xuankong was. After all, at this time when even the Four Immortals had been unable to determine that the sword was a treasure, only he had firmly believed that the sword was a treasure. Furthermore, in the end… he had been correct.

Such a man possessed such a sword, and even bestowed that sword to another person. This inevitably caused the crowd to ponder about the origins of this man.

“Thank you senior,” Chu Feng accepted the sword immediately. After all, he knew that the person below the stage was none other than his Ancestor.

Furthermore, he was fond of the sword. After the sword had recognized him as its master, Chu Feng was able to sense how powerful it was. It was so powerful that the Purple Rainbow Sword and the Cyan Rainbow Sword were simply unable to compare to it.

However, Chu Feng was still unable to completely grasp it. This sword was a sword that he had yet to completely grasp. There was still a hidden strength in the sword that he could not ascertain. It was precisely because of that hidden strength that Chu Feng wanted to subdue the sword completely.

“Little friend Feng Xing is truly a heavenly genius. Mooncloud City’s City master, you can announce the result now,” Suddenly, someone loudly spoke from the crowd. This person was someone from the Dongfang Imperial Clan.

Following that, many other voices began to sound. There were not only people praising Chu Feng, there were also people who voiced their desire to befriend Chu Feng.

In this sort of situation, there was already no need for the Mooncloud City’s City Master to announce the result. After all, in the hearts of the crowd, this young man called Feng Xing was the victor. In fact, this was also the reality.