Chapter 1716 - Find A Pushover First

MGA: Chapter 1716 - Find A Pushover First

“My apologies everyone, this old man has arrived late.”

Right at this moment, a clear laugh suddenly sounded. After this voice sounded, a silhouette rushed forth with lightning speed and sat down onto the seat for the Compass Immortal.

At this moment, everyone came to know that the late-arriving Compass Immortal had finally shown up.

Even though the Compass Immortal had come late, there was no one who dared to say anything. The reason for that was because everyone present knew that the Compass Immortal was the strongest among all the Four Immortals who had come today.

To be able to invite someone like the Compass Immortal to Mooncloud City was a very extraordinary feat. Thus, how could there possibly be anyone who would dare to say anything about him being late?

Everyone felt that just being able to see the Compass Immortal’s true appearance was already a blessing to them.

Thus, at this moment, many of the people present, regardless of their age, gender or strength, revealed expressions of admiration.

“It’s actually him?!”

At this moment when everyone was feeling joyous, Chu Feng was startled. The reason for that was because the Compass Immortal was completely different from the other three Immortals, who gave off the sensation of daoist immortals.

The Compass Immortal had the appearance of a monk. Not only that, he was wearing shabby plain clothing.

His appearance and his outfit were simply the same as that shameless monk who had snatched the scroll from Chu Feng outside of the Nangong Imperial Clan’s territory.

If it wasn’t for that monk snatching away the scroll the Snow-haired Immortal had had Chu Feng watch over, Chu Feng would not have been played with by the Snow-haired Immortal.

Chu Feng had really never expected for the swindler monk to be one of the Ten Immortals, the Compass Immortal.

Furthermore, based on the reaction from the crowd, it seemed that this Compass Immortal’s status was quite extraordinary.

“Crap, that old fart, will he expose me?”

Chu Feng was afraid. Even though his impression of that Compass Immortal was not good, Chu Feng had to admit that his world spirit techniques were very strong.

Otherwise he would not have been able to see through the scroll that had been in Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack, as well as Chu Feng’s disguised appearance, with a single glance.

As he had been able to see through his disguise back then, logically, he would be able to see through his disguise today too.

“Haha, let’s start.”

After the Compass Immortal took his seat, he took a glance at Chu Feng. However, he did not bother to pay attention to Chu Feng. Instead, he smiled and nodded at the experts present. Then, he spoke to indicate that the competition should begin.

Logically, it was impossible for someone like him to not see through Chu Feng’s disguise. However, he did not say anything about it. Likely, he did not plan to expose Chu Feng.

Chu Feng felt that, regardless of what the Compass Immortal might be planning, it was good that he had not yet been exposed.

“You on the stage, who are you?”

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. Turning toward the source of the voice, Chu Feng discovered that the person who had spoken was a person with an unfathomable cultivation. Likely, that person was at least a Martial Emperor.

However, that person was not someone from the Nine Powers, nor was he someone from the Four Clans. Instead, he was Mooncloud City’s City Master.

Even though Mooncloud City’s City Master was a white-haired old man, he possessed a very robust build. Furthermore, he was wearing a suit of silvery-white armor that covered his whole body.

His armor shone with light. On the chest area of his armor was a moon symbol. This made him appear to be extremely domineering. Even were one to disregard the armor, the old man’s aura was also extremely strong. From a single glance, one could tell that he was a very aggressive type of person.

“Junior is called Feng Xing. I am without a sect or school. I have only come here for the sake of swapping pointers with the Four Clans’ younger generation,” Chu Feng clasped his fist and responded.

“Without sect or school? With his cultivation, how could he be without sect or school?”

“It would seem that this boy has come with ill intentions,” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the people from the Four Clans all revealed displeased expressions.

“Very well. Since you are able to prevail over others, you are qualified to compete with the Four Clans’ younger generation.”

“However, you must make sure to listen to the rules of this sparring contest carefully.”

“The Four Clans’ younger generation will spar with one another in succession. Before that, you will be able to first choose any one of the Four Clans’ younger generation to challenge.”

“If you are to obtain victory, you will rest for a round. The Four Clans’ younger generation will continue to spar with one another. After they finish that round of sparring, you will have to continue to challenge another of them.”

“This will continue until you lose. Upon losing, you will lose the qualifications to continue challenging them.”

“Do you understand?” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

“Yes, I understand,” Chu Feng sneered in his heart. He was thinking about how unfair this rule was. With every round of sparring, he would have to challenge someone from the Four Clan’s younger generation. Even if he were able to win every single match, he would still be the person to fight the most in the end. He would have to exhaust a great amount of physical strength. This rule was truly unfair.

However, this did not truly bother Chu Feng. What he wanted was the authority to challenge the Four Clans. If he was able to challenge anyone at will, then it would be more favorable to him.

“Since you understand the rules, then let’s begin,” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

“Am I to start first?” Chu Feng asked in a slightly astonished manner.

“Mn, you are to challenge first. They will spar afterward,” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.

Hearing those words, not to mention Chu Feng, apart from the people from the Four Clans, many of the other people present were unable to remain collected. This rule was simply too disadvantageous toward the challenger.

Wasn’t this rule obviously there to eliminate the challenger as quickly as possible?

At this moment, the people from the Nine Powers all felt that Mooncloud City was truly a power that was in cahoots with the Four Clans. Even when bullying others, they would do it this openly.

“Very well. In that case, I’ll challenge that young lady from the Nangong Imperial Clan,” Chu Feng pointed to Nangong Tianfeng.

“Me?” Nangong Tianfeng was startled to hear those words. She had been completely distracted, and had not expected that she would be the first to be challenged.

“That’s right. It’ll be you. Young lady, please don’t harbor hard feelings.”

“After all, there are this many experts among the Four Clans’ younger generation. I would like to challenge a couple more people.”

“Thus, I will naturally have to find a pushover to challenge first,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“What? You called me a pushover?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Nangong Tianfeng’s eyes were wide open. Anger surged onto her face.

In fact, this was not only limited to her. At this moment, the expressions of everyone from the Nangong Imperial Clan turned malicious. They were extremely displeased.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was clearly mocking Nangong Tianfeng. This was a provocation, an undisguised provocation.

“That’s right, I feel that you are the weakest among everyone present,” Chu Feng smiled an innocent smile. It was as if he were saying something that was completely natural.

“You bastard! Even if I am only a rank two Half Martial Emperor, I am definitely not someone whom you can look down upon!”

At this moment, Nangong Tianfeng was utterly enraged. Her body shifted as she leapt onto the stage.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

At the same time she got onto the stage, she began to attack. With a flip of her palm, a slender sword appeared in her hand. She aimed it toward Chu Feng and thrust it forward.

Golden light began to shine. It was as if there were ten thousand snakes galloping. They turned into an enormous formation and swept toward Chu Feng. This formation was extremely strong. It contained an enormous amount of profoundness. If one were to be sealed by this formation, one would likely suffer a disaster.

Even without mentioning it, one would know that that slender sword was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Although it was only a copy, it was still an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Else, it would be impossible for it to possess such powerful might.

Furthermore, Nangong Tianfeng had used a martial skill. The martial skill she had used was not an ordinary martial skill. Instead, it was the famous martial skill of the Nangong Imperial Clan that they did not teach outsiders, the Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit.

This Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit was a very difficult to learn, yet very powerful martial skill. Nangong Tianfeng had evidently mastered this martial skill. Else, it would have been impossible for her to unleash it to such a degree of proficiency.

“As expected from the Nangong Imperial Clan’s princess. With her strength, it would seem that this brat is going to suffer.”

At this moment, many of the people present exclaimed in admiration at Nangong Tianfeng’s strength and nodded in approval.

Seeing that her martial skill had sealed off her opponent, Nangong Tianfeng revealed a proud smile.

Actually, as she was a rank two Half Martial Emperor, she did not have much hope in this sparring competition. After all, she also knew that her strength, when compared to the others’, was very weak.

However, if she were able to defeat this challenge, it would mean that she was stronger than the personal disciples of the Avaricious Immortal, the World Spiritist Immortal and the White-browed Immortal. That, in turn, would greatly increase her reputation, and obtain honor for the Nangong Imperial Clan.

However, she also knew that her opponent was not someone to be underestimated, since he had been able to defeat the Three Immortal’s personal disciples. Thus, she was very nervous, and did not possess much certainty in victory. That was why she had unleashed a fatal attack from the get-go. She was trying to obtain a chance for victory.

She truly had never expected that everything would go this smoothly. With only that one attack, she had actually been able to determine the outcome of the battle and defeat her opponent.

As such, how could she not be in joy?

However, at the moment when she was feeling extremely pleased and not paying attention, Chu Feng, who had been sealed by her Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit, also revealed a smile.

Furthermore, Chu Feng’s smile was much colder than hers.