Chapter 1715 - A Powerful Character

MGA: Chapter 1715 - A Powerful Character

“Sigh, Brother Avaricious, even if you are angry, you shouldn’t aim your anger at me. The person who defeated your disciple is that young man there. If you don’t like that, you can go and find him yourself. What use is there in becoming angry at me?”

“However, as a senior, if you are to attack him, I fear it would go unwell. After all, he’s a junior, hahaha…” The White-browed Immortal ignored the gaze that the Avaricious Immortal was looking at him with and began to laugh heartily in a mocking manner.

“White-brow, I shall give you a word of advice. Even though we are all part of the Ten Immortals, you are only the weakest bottom cushion. It’s best for you to not think that you can do whatever you want now just because you have the Nangong Imperial Clan behind your back,” Avaricious Immortal said with a cold voice.

“Even if I do not have the backing of the Nangong Imperial Clan, I would still not fear anymore. I, White-brow, am definitely able to assume the title of ‘Immortal,’” White-browed Immortal snorted coldly. Then, he looked to Chu Feng and said, “I truly admire that young man, hahaha…” Then, he burst into loud laughter again.

At this moment, he was truly feeling extremely good. As he did not have any hope that his disciple would be able to emerge the victor to begin with, what he wanted the most was for the other two Immortals’ disciples to not be able to obtain the limelight. After all, if that were to happen, it would only make him look inferior.

However, he also knew that it was impossible. Earlier, even he himself felt that it was an unrealistic hope that the other two Immortals’ disciples would fail.

After all, their disciples were extremely powerful. Not to mention the younger generation from the Nine Powers, there would not be many of the young generation from the entire Holy Land of Martialism who could contend against their disciples.

Even if there were, they would not have come to participate in this sort of competition.

The White-browed Immortal had truly never expected that his unrealistic and extravagant hope would actually become a reality. This brought him extreme joy.

At this moment, he was not only saying that he admired Chu Feng; he really felt that way. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had allowed him to obtain an equilibrium with the other two Immortals.

However, if he were to know that the young man that he admired right now was actually Chu Feng, he would likely be unable to feel any joy. Instead, he would feel more depressed than anyone else.

“It’s actually him?”

At the moment when the majority of the people were shocked, the gaze of the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Ximen Feixue started to shine. He was also shocked.

“Fifth brother, you recognize him?”

Hearing Ximen Feixue’s cry of shock, the four people beside him asked together.

They were two men and two women. They were Ximen Feixue’s older blood brothers and sisters. They were respectively the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Eldest Prince, Second Prince, Third Princess and Fourth Princess.

Even though they were all blood siblings, the four of them were much older than Ximen Feixue.

The oldest among them, the Eldest Prince, was over a thousand years old. The youngest among them, the Fourth Princess, was over seven hundred years old.

Due to the fact that this was a competition between the Four Clans’ younger generation, the four of them were all unqualified to participate. This was also the main reason why only Ximen Feixue was participating for the Ximen Imperial Clan.

“I met him before. He’s that guy from yesterday,” Ximen Feixue said.

“It’s actually him?” Upon hearing those words, Ximen Feixue’s older brothers and sisters revealed gazes of anger when they looked to Chu Feng again.

The four of them had all heard about what Chu Feng had done. He had actually dared to publicly contradict the Ximen Imperial Clan. That was something that they could not tolerate.

“You all don’t have to do anything. That guy, I must personally take care of him,” Ximen Feixue said with a low voice. As he spoke, he revealed a great deal of confidence.

It was as if Chu Feng were an ant in his hand that he could squeeze to death at any moment.

At the moment when the crowd was filled with shock and discussing Chu Feng and guessing who he might be, Chu Feng was also observing the crowd.

It must be said that there were quite a lot of people present. Other than the people from the Nine Powers who he was familiar with, there were also people from the Nangong Imperial Clan.

It could be said that this vast area was already packed with people. Likely, all those who should have come had already arrived.

What Chu Feng was interested in was not how many people had come. Rather, it was the strength of the people who were present. Especially the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans; Chu Feng was interested in knowing the exact strength of the individuals they were sending forth.

Unfortunately, the true experts present were all Martial Emperors, and the majority of them had concealed their auras. When Martial Emperors concealed their auras, Chu Feng was truly unable to see through them.

Even though Chu Feng was unable to determine their strength, he was certain that, in addition to the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Clan Chief Nangong Beidou being present, the Clan Chiefs of the other three Imperial Clans must be present too.

Even though they had concealed their auras, the imposing airs that they naturally emitted, that sort of sense of superiority, was something that they could not conceal.


Right at this moment, four sharp gazes suddenly landed on Chu Feng. Those were the gazes from the Four Imperial Clans’ Clan Chiefs. They were planning to suppress Chu Feng by displaying their strength.

The four Imperial Clan Chiefs were all not ordinary Martial Emperors. Likely, the other three Imperial Clan Chiefs possessed cultivations on par with Nangong Beidou’s. In other words, the four of them should all be at least rank three Martial Emperors.

At the Martial Emperor realm, the gap in a single level of cultivation was akin to the gap between heaven and earth. Rank three Martial Emperor was an extremely powerful level of cultivation.

Rank three Martial Emperors were existences so frighteningly powerful that they could rank among the top existences in the Holy Land of Martialism.

Being gazed at by four rank three Martial Emperors, Chu Feng felt that breathing had become difficult. At this moment, he started to panic slightly.

Even though they had not tried to suppress him physically, their mental oppressive might was quite strong.

Right at this moment, a voice transmission suddenly sounded in Chu Feng’s ears. “Don’t overthink it. Do what you must do. Regardless of success or failure, I will definitely get you out.”

After hearing that voice transmission, Chu Feng’s heart immediately felt a lot more at ease. The reason for that was because this was Baili Xuankong’s voice.

Chu Feng did not know where Baili Xuankong currently was. However, he knew that Baili Xuankong was within the crowd.

“That brat.”

Upon seeing how Chu Feng was able to regain his composure this quickly even after being stared down by this many sharp gazes, Nangong Beidou and the other three Imperial Clan Chiefs were all startled.

They began to vaguely realize that this unknown brat seemed to be rather extraordinary.

After Chu Feng regained his composure, he cast his gaze toward the spectator stand, in the direction where the Avaricious Immortal and the others sat.

Even though it was Chu Feng’s first time seeing the Avaricious Immortal and the World Spiritist Immortal, he was able to immediately tell the two of them apart.

Upon seeing the expression of the Avaricious Immortal, who looked like he had just eaten feces, Chu Feng knew that the Avaricious Immortal must bitterly hate him.

Chu Feng was thinking that if he were to know that his personal disciple, whom he took such pride in, had been beaten up by Chu Feng, then he likely would not only hate Chu Feng, but rather want to kill Chu Feng himself.

“It would seem that another grand character has not shown up.”

Chu Feng muttered in his heart. The reason for that was because there were four seats at the location where the Three Immortals were sitting, but the leading seat of the four was actually empty.

Not mentioning the ranking of the four Immortals, just by the fact that only that person was not present when all of the other grand characters from all over were present meant that that person’s standing was extremely grand, and that he possessed a great amount of courage. Otherwise, that person would definitely not dare to do such a thing.

Thus, Chu Feng felt that the Compass Immortal, who had yet to show up, was most definitely a very powerful character.