Chapter 1714 - Chu Feng Appearing On The Stage

MGA: Chapter 1714 - Chu Feng Appearing On The Stage

After Chu Feng taught the Avaricious Immortal and the White-browed Immortal’s personal disciples a lesson and saved the World Spiritist Immortal’s personal disciple, there were no more battles at this place. The reason for that was because no one dared to challenge Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he sat down in a cross-legged position and closed his eyes to rest.

During this period of time, countless people sent voice transmissions to Chu Feng in the hopes of being able to befriend him.

However, Chu Feng completely ignored them. Yet, those people did not give up, and they instead started to think of all kinds of methods to befriend Chu Feng. They were insisting on befriending Chu Feng even if they had to present treasures and the like to him.

It was only when the defensive formation around the gate disappeared that the crowd grew quiet. The reason for that was because they knew that it was time that this competition ended.

At this moment, Chu Feng, who had closed his eyes for a long time, finally opened them again. His eyes were bright and full of expressions and boundless anticipation.

Chu Feng stood up, obtained the key and opened the gate. He was neither rushing nor lagging, and was emitting airs of confidence and ease.

However, when the world spirit gate opened, Chu Feng was unable to directly walk out. The reason for that was because a series of words appeared before him.

These words provided Chu Feng with information. It was information regarding the Four Clans’ younger generation’s competition, as well as the grand characters present.

Firstly, the list of the Four Clans’ younger generations who were going to become Chu Feng’s opponents appeared.

There were a total of six people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan. Among them, the one who Chu Feng was most interested in was Dongfang Zexuan.

Dongfang Zexuan was the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince who had challenged the World Spiritist Alliance’s world spirit techniques only to be defeated by a disguised Chu Feng.

At that time, he appeared before Chu Feng with an extremely arrogant attitude. Truth be told, although, at that time, Chu Feng defeated Dongfang Zexuan in terms of world spirit techniques, he would have been no match for Dongfang Zexuan in terms of martial power.

However, times had changed. If he were to run into Dongfeng Zexuan again, it would not be certain who among them would be stronger and who would be weaker.

As for the Beitang Imperial Clan, Chu Feng did not care about them at all. The reason for that was because Beitang Zimo, the person that Chu Feng had had conflicts with, had already been eliminated by Chu Feng. Even though Beitang Zimo was on the list of participants from the Beitang Imperial Clan, he naturally, would not be able to participate.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, the Nangong Imperial Clan had also sent forth five individuals. Other than the Nangong Imperial Clan Clan Chief’s children, Chu Feng’s friend, Nangong Ya, was actually also on the list.

Logically, due to Nangong Ya’s relationship with Chu Feng, he should have been placed under house arrest. Chu Feng was very happy to be able to see Nangong Ya’s name in such a public setting. After all, this meant that Nangong Ya was someone of importance to the Nangong Imperial Clan. Otherwise, they would not have sent him out.

A thing worthy of mentioning was that the Ximen Imperial Clan, when compared to the other three Imperial Clans, had only dispatched a single individual to participate in this sparing of the Four Clans’ younger generation. As for this person, it was the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Fifth Prince, Ximen Feixue.

Chu Feng had already met Ximen Feixue. Indeed, he was very powerful. That man was comparable with the Weaponry Refinement Immortal’s personal disciple, Baili Xinghe, in all aspects. He was a top tier expert.

Chu Feng felt that, if there were no accidents, Ximen Feixue would become his great adversary.

Other than the Four Clans’ younger generation, the information also listed the great characters present.

There were simply too many grand characters present. Other than the Four Clans’ Clan Chiefs, the other people who brought Chu Feng the most focus were four of the Ten Immortals.

They were the Compass Immortal, the Avaricious Immortal, the World Spiritist Immortal and the White-browed Immortal.

They were the four Immortals that the Four Clans had managed to invite for their younger generation’s sparring.

“Sure enough, it is as Ancestor said. This time around, many grand characters have come from the Four Clans.”

Logically, with this many extremely powerful experts present, Chu Feng, who was planning to wreck the party, should have been feeling scared.

However, Chu Feng was not only not afraid, the gaze of anticipation in his eyes grew even denser, and the smile on his face even wider.

He felt that the more grand characters there were, the more he would be able to embarrass the Nangong Imperial Clan.


Finally, the information that stopped Chu Feng disappeared. At this time, Chu Feng directly walked into the gate with large strides. He walked onto the stage to compete with the Four Clans’ younger generation.


Outside, surrounding the stage, there were already countless gazes fixed onto the location where Chu Feng was about to walk out from.

The owners of those gazes came from all over. There were those from the Nine Powers, those from other powers, and even those from extraordinary experts.

Among them, there were two extremely confident gazes. Those gazes were from two old men.

Of these two old men, one possessed a face with all smiles, whereas the other had a very cold expression. They were the Avaricious Immortal and the World Spiritist Alliance’s ruler, the World Spiritist Immortal, respectively.

There seemed to be some conflict between the two of them, as the two of them did not say a single word to one another. However, beside them sat another individual. As for that person, it was the White-browed Immortal.

Seeing that the world spirit gate had opened, the White-browed Immortal said, “Two sirs, I truly wonder which of your beloved disciples will be able to walk out from there,”

“Brother White-brow, why are you this lacking in confidence? How could you imply that only our disciples will be able to walk out from there, and your disciple would not?” The Avaricious Immortal asked with a beaming smile.

“Sigh, I know very well the level of achievement my disciple has obtained. How could he possibly compare to the disciples of the two of you?” White-browed Immortal shook his head while smiling a self-mocking smile.

“Never would I have expected that you actually know your standing too,” the Avaricious Immortal said with a smile.

Hearing those words, the White-browed Immortal’s expression immediately sunk. Even though he knew that his disciple would not be a match for theirs, he was unable to tolerate someone else saying it.

However, the Avaricious Immortal completely ignored what the White-browed Immortal was feeling. Instead, he deliberately cast his gaze toward the World Spiritist Immortal beside him.

Then, he said, “Even though my disciple is also not some sort of heaven-defying genius, it would not be a problem for him to obtain the victor spot in the Nine Powers’ competition.”

The World Spiritist Immortal did not say anything to those words. Instead, his eyes were fixed onto the world spirit gate’s exit the entire time. Nervousness and anticipation filled his eyes. He truly hoped that his disciple Mu Juechen would be the one to come out from there.

If that were to happen, he would be able to give the Avaricious Immortal a slap to the face and shut him up.

Right at this moment, the world spirit gate finally began to tremble. Immediately afterward, a figure appeared from within it.

At this moment, men, women, young and old, regardless of their status, were all startled. Then, everyone began to reveal expressions of shock.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had stepped onto the stage.

“Who is that?” At this moment, this was the first thing that came to everyone’s mind.

However, this could not be blamed on them. After all, the person who had appeared was not a disciple of the Nine Powers, nor was he a disciple of the three Immortals. Instead, the person that had come out was an ordinarily dressed and ordinary-looking young man.

If Chu Feng had revealed his true appearance, he would have definitely shocked everyone. However, at this moment, Chu Feng was still in disguise. Naturally, no one would recognize him. Inevitably, this caused the crowd to all be shocked.

“This…” However, in terms of being shocked, the ones who were the most shocked right now were none other than the Avaricious Immortal and the World Spiritist Immortal.

This was especially true for the Avaricious Immortal. Earlier, he had been all smiles. However, at this moment, he was unable to smile at all. Instead, he had the appearance of someone that had just eaten feces.

“Brother Avaricious, it would seem that you’ve guessed wrong. Not only was my disciple incompetent, it seems that your disciple was also incompetent.”

At this moment, compared to the other two, the White-browed Immortal was extremely happy.

“White-brow, what is the meaning behind those words? Are you trying to make cutting remarks at me?” Hearing those words, the Avaricious Immortal’s gaze instantly turned cold. He stared fiercely at the White-browed Immortal.