Chapter 1717 - Displaying One’s Ability For The First Time

MGA: Chapter 1717 - Displaying One’s Ability For The First Time

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Golden swords bombarded Chu Feng from above like a rainstorm.

With the descent of each sword, a golden energy ripple extended out in all directions.

The golden energy ripples piled up layer upon layer, forming golden hurricanes that swept through the earth.

“This guy!”

However, even with such a ferocious attack, Nangong Tianfeng’s smile had instead disappeared. Worry began to appear in her beautiful eyes.

Even though her Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit had revealed its absolute might, she was unable to injure Chu Feng in the slightest.

In fact, Chu Feng was standing where he was without moving at all. He was looking at her with a smile on his face the entire time.

The reason why Chu Feng was capable of all this was all because of a golden defensive barrier. It was that golden defensive barrier that had blocked all of Nangong Tianfeng’s attacks.

A defensive barrier that was capable of withstanding the Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit. Without others telling her, Nangong Tianfeng knew how powerful her opponent was.


Sensing that the situation wasn’t good, Nangong Tianfeng immediately retreated. She knew that Chu Feng was going to strike back at her.


However, how could Chu Feng possibly give her the opportunity to escape? At the moment when she was about to escape, with a thought, golden rays shot out from Chu Feng’s defensive barrier.

Not only did Chu Feng’s spirit formation break apart Nangong Tianfeng’s Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit, it had also turned into many golden snakes that shot toward Nangong TIanfeng like a torrential rain.

This attack, it was simply the same as Nangong Tianfeng’s Earthen Taboo: Ten Thousand Snakes Pit.

Chu Feng had reconstructed the Nangong Imperial Clan’s martial skill that they did not teach outsiders through the use of his spirit formation’s ability to transform.

Furthermore, in terms of both speed and power, Chu Feng’s attack surpassed Nangong Tianfeng’s enormously.

“Boom, boom, boom~~~”

In a blink of an eye, Chu Feng’s attack had arrived. Rumbles began to be heard repeatedly. Chu Feng’s world spirit technique had completely landed onto Nangong Tianfeng.

This scene caused the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan to be extremely shocked and frightened. The reason for this was because Chu Feng’s attack was absolutely capable of taking Nangong Tianfeng’s life.

However, they were only scared for a moment. The reason for that was because they soon discovered that even though Chu Feng’s attacks had landed onto Nangong Tianfeng, Nangong Tianfeng was completely uninjured; she was not even missing a single strand of hair.

At this moment, the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan started to smile.

They all felt that it was not that Chu Feng could not kill Nangong Tianfeng. Rather, they felt that he did not dare to kill Nangong Tianfeng. They felt that Chu Feng was afraid of their Nangong Imperial Clan, and did not dare to do anything to Nangong Tianfeng.

In fact, when the energy ripples gradually faded away, and Nangong Tianfeng emerged completely unharmed, it was not only the people of the Nangong Imperial Clan who thought Chu Feng was scared of the Nangong Imperial Clan. In fact, many other spectators felt the same. They all thought that Chu Feng was being lenient out of fear of the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke with a shocked expression. “Yoh, so this Nangong Imperial Clan’s young lady’s beautiful appearance is not natural, but rather artificial,”


Hearing those words, the crowd all turned their gazes to Nangong Tianfeng’s face. At this moment, many people started to sneer. Especially the women present; they began to look at Nangong Tianfeng with expressions of contempt.

Being led by Chu Feng, they had already discovered the change that had occurred to Nangong Tianfeng. While she was not injured, her facial appearance had changed. To speak of it simply, she had become much uglier than before.

It turned out that the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Fourth Princess had used a special method to disguise her true appearance. Her beauty was actually fake. In reality, she was not at all that beautiful.

“You bastard!”

At this moment, Nangong Tianfeng was trembling with anger. She felt as if her heart and lungs were about to explode.

To her, what she cared about the most was her appearance. Otherwise, she would not have used a special method to make herself more beautiful.

However, to change one’s appearance was, after all, something disgraceful. Thus, she was not willing to let others know about it, because others would look down on her, and this would damage her social status should it be known.

However, Chu Feng had deliberately revealed her true appearance before all these people from the Four Clans, the Nine Powers and all the other bystanders. He had let everyone know that her appearance was actually fake. This was simply akin to a public humiliation for her. To her, this was even more painful than being beaten up.

At this moment, she was so enraged that she had lost her ability to reason. She did not care about what cultivation Chu Feng might have. Her body shifted, and she arrived before Chu Feng and began to brandish the sword in her hand to pierce Chu Feng’s throat.


Nangong Tianfeng’s thrust of anger was easily caught by Chu Feng. Using his bare hand, Chu Feng grabbed that sharp sword.

At this moment, the sword was not bulging. It was as if the sword had been completely fused with Chu Feng. No matter how hard Nangong Tianfeng struggled, she was unable to pull her sword back from Chu Feng’s hand.

“Nangong Tianfeng, it turns out that not only are you ugly, you’re also stupid. Did you really think that you were a match for me?” Chu Feng said disdainfully.

“I’ll definitely kill you!” Nangong Tianfeng shouted angrily. Then, she released her sword and threw a palm strike at Chu Feng’s chest.

Chu Feng did not dodge her palm strike. Thus, Nangong Tianfeng’s palm strike landed firmly onto Chu Feng’s body.

Nangong Tianfeng’s palm caused even the surrounding space to shatter. However, Chu Feng was still standing there motionlessly like Mount Tai. Even his clothes were not damaged in the slightest.


After that palm strike, even though Chu Feng was completely unharmed, Nangong Tianfeng stood there motionlessly. The pain that originated from her palm had woken her back up.

She realized once again how enormous the gap between her and the person before her was.

“Scram, else I’ll slaughter you,” At this moment, the gaze that Chu Feng looked to Nangong Tianfeng with suddenly turned cold. It was as if two sharp blades had instantly impaled Nangong Tianfeng’s weak heart.

Faced with Chu Feng’s gaze, Nangong Tianfeng’s little face immediately changed. Her heart started to tremble violently. After taking several steps back in succession, her legs actually grew soft, and she sat on the ground in fear. She had a confused expression on her face. She had already lost her awareness. She was utterly terrified by Chu Feng.

The crowd were all shocked by this scene. They all discovered that this young man called Feng Xing was very powerful.

Without mentioning his martial power, merely his world spirit techniques were already on a superb level of attainment. They all knew that Chu Feng had used a deterring technique, a kind of world spirit technique, to frighten Nangong Tianfeng with a single gaze.

He had first used world spirit techniques to copy Nangong Tianfeng’s attack. Then, using his world spirit techniques, he had terrified Nangong Tianfeng after that. His methods were things that were impossible for ordinary Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists to accomplish.

However, this young man called Feng Xing was able to accomplish it. It was no wonder that even the Three Immortals’ disciples had been defeated by him.

“For this match, the victor is Feng Xing. Nangong Tianfeng is eliminated!” Mooncloud City’s City Master said.


Right after those words left his mouth, Nangong Tianlong rushed onto the stage and lent an arm to support his sister who was stunned with terror.

“If you have the courage, challenge me next,” Before he left the stage, Nangong Tianlong spoke to Chu Feng fiercely through a voice transmission.

Faced with Nangong Tianlong’s threat, Chu Feng merely smiled. He replied, “Rest assured, the next one sitting here in shock here will be you.”


Those words caused Nangong Tianlong’s face to grow blue. However, he did not say anything, and left with Nangong Tianfeng after a cold snort.

Chu Feng also left the stage and stood to the side. The reason for that was because he knew that the upcoming match would be a showdown between other people. He… would be able to enjoy the show.

Mooncloud City’s City Master announced, “Second match, between the Four Clans’ younger generation, the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Nangong Tianlong against the Ximen Imperial Clan’s Ximen Feixue,”

“What?” Hearing those words, the expressions on the crowd from the Nangong Imperial Clan grew even more ugly.

They had truly never expected that their Nangong Imperial Clan’s strongest Nangong Tianlong would have to confront Ximen Feixue in his first match.

If it were anyone else, the Nangong Imperial Clan would not react like this. It was only Ximen Feixue who they were not certain about.

The reason for that was because Ximen Feixue’s strength had indeed reached a very frightening level.

It would not be excessive to say that he was the strongest among the Four Great Imperial Clans’ younger generation.

This was something that not only the people outside of the Four Clans thought to be the case; even the people from the Four Clans thought this to be the case.

At this moment, Ximen Feixue had already reached the stage. He had a calm and cold appearance on his face. Evidently, he did not place this match in his eyes at all.

This was not because he was arrogant. Rather, it was because he was that confident.

It was precisely this sort of confidence that brought forth enormous pressure to the Nangong Imperial Clan.