Chapter 1696 - A Familiar Voice

MGA: Chapter 1696 - A Familiar Voice

After being questioned by Du Wanwu, Chu Feng began to explain to him about Goudan’er.

It turned out that Du Wanwu also knew about Goudan’er’s existence. Merely, he did not know where Goudan’er was hidden and, more than that, did not expect that Goudan’er had already taken human form and had left the Poison Demon’s Valley together with him.

What he did not expect the most was that not only had Goudan’er not tried to harm him, he had even acted to save Chu Feng and his life.

Afterward, Chu Feng asked Goudan’er what had happened back then.

What had happened was, more or less, as Chu Feng had anticipated. Goudan’er was a poisonous substance that had matured. He was very strong, and possessed the cultivation of a Martial Emperor.

However, by breaking through the spirit formation set up by the Poison Demon, he had suffered great injuries to his vitality. This caused his strength to decrease enormously. In order to survive, Goudan’er had entered his mother’s body, replacing the fetus in her stomach and being born with the appearance of a human.

However, Goudan’er was too poisonous. Even though he had taken the form of a human, he was incomparably ugly. This was something that he was unable to alter.

Not only that, due to the fact that he was too poisonous, he caused his mother’s death after giving birth to him.

Whether he was willing or not, his mother had indeed died by his poison.

Although, strictly speaking, she was not Goudan’er’s mother, because of this, Goudan’er had a change of heart. Originally, Goudan’er had been filled with hatred, and wholeheartedly wanted to retaliate against the Du Clan. However, due to his mother’s death, he felt enormous guilt, and his hatred had begun to gradually decrease.

Especially after Goudan’er had interacted with his father day and night for the past ten years. The hatred that Goudan’er had was practically all gone. Not only did he no longer have the intention to retaliate against the Du Clan, he had even become a very grateful and kind-hearted person. This was also the reason why he would help Chu Feng and Du Wanwu.

Furthermore, perhaps due to being born again, Chu Feng discovered that even though Goudan’er was a monster that had lived for over ten thousand years, he still had the temperament of a child.

“Goudan’er, I must thank you,” Suddenly, Du Wanwu bowed to Goudan’er. He was truly feeling that his Du Clan owed Goudan’er enormously.

“Tsk, you don’t have to thank me. I acted in order to save God, not to save you.”

Goudan’er cast a side-eye glance at Du Wanwu. It could be seen that even if he did not plan to retaliate against the Du Clan, he still felt a deep amount of grievance against the Du Clan. After all, the Du Clan had used him for many years and trapped him for so long.

“Still, I must thank you. I must thank you for your grace of not killing me,” Du Wanwu bowed once again.

“That’s true. If I wished to kill you now, it would be as easy as stamping an ant to death,” Goudan’er said rather proudly.

“Oh you two, it’s enough.”

“It’s time for us to return. If the people from the Black Fiend are to come, with the strength of the Luo Family, they will not be able to stop them,” Chu Feng said while smiling.

“Rest assured. With me here, the people from the Black Fiend can forget about bullying the Luo Family,” Goudan’er said as he waved his little fist.

Even though he looked very ridiculous, Chu Feng and Du Wanwu had seen for themselves how fierce Goudan’er really was. Thus, they did not doubt his strength in the slightest.

Seeing Goudan’er acting in this sort of manner, Chu Feng felt a lot more relieved. Generally, poisonous substances all possessed very violent natures. Yet, Goudan’er was kind-hearted. This meant that he would not only not harm people, he would instead help them. That was a good thing.

“In that case, let’s return,” As Chu Feng spoke those words, he began to leave toward the exit.

“Chu Feng, hold on,” However, right at this moment, Du Wanwu suddenly spoke to stop him.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, eat this. It will be able to remove the Gu Poison in your dantian,” As Du Wanwu spoke, he handed a medicinal pellet to Chu Feng.

“So the antidote is actually with you,” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he said, “You’re giving it to me right now? Do you not fear that I will break my promise and not bring you back to the Poison Demon’s Valley?”

“Truth be told, I had never planned to return to the Poison Demon’s Valley upon exiting. Go ahead, take the antidote. I will feel more relieved should you take it,” Du Wanwu said.

“There really is no need for that. It is not that I do not want to take it; rather, there is already no longer any Gu Poison in my body. Thus, there really is no reason for me to take that antidote,” Chu Feng said.

“No longer any Gu Poison? What do you mean by that? Could it be that Lady Xiangyu did not really poison you with the Gu Poison?” Du Wanwu asked in shock.

“She indeed poisoned me. Merely, I have already removed the poison,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. Then, he turned around and began to walk away. Goudan’er followed closely behind Chu Feng and began to walk toward the exit too.

As Du Wanwu saw Chu Feng’s back view that was gradually growing more and more distant, he then looked to the antidote in his hand, he suddenly realized what Chu Feng meant by those words. Then, he laughed bitterly and put the antidote in his hand away. Then, he ran after Chu Feng and Goudan’er.

After returning to the Luo Family, Chu Feng handed the counterfeit Invisible Dew that he and Du Wanwu had created to the Luo Family’s Family Head. Furthermore, he instructed that if the people from the Black Fiend were to come, they should hand this counterfeit Invisible Dew to them.

Furthermore, Chu Feng removed all of the spirit formations that he had placed around the Luo Family. He did not wish to have the people from the Black Fiend know that they were protecting the Luo Family. He wanted the Black Fiend to underestimate the Luo Family.

Speaking of this matter, it was quite a coincidence. On the same night, the Black Fiend army arrived. They completely sealed off the Luo Family from all sides.

In an instant, the Luo Family became extremely afraid. Even though they knew that Chu Feng and the others were protecting them from the shadows, they were still extremely afraid.

This could not cannot be blamed on them. This time around, the Black Fiend had actually come with all their strength. Not to mention those shrimp soldiers and crab generals, their two leaders, the Black and White Skulls, were capable of scaring the entire Luo Family.

The Black and White Skulls were two peak Half Martial Emperor-level experts. They possessed battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. The two of them had the potential to become Martial Emperors. Thus, it was no wonder that they dared to act so arrogant, and declare that they would become the Holy Land of Martialism’s sixth and seventh Evildoers, become people equally famous as the Five Great Evildoers.

At this moment, neither Chu Feng nor Du Wanwu revealed themselves. The reason for that was because the two of them knew from the moment when the Black and White Skulls had showed up that it would be useless, even if they were to reveal themselves. Right now, the only person capable of saving the Luo Family was Goudan’er.

However, Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were observing the movements of the Black Fiend from the shadows. If they were to truly battle, what the Luo Family must handle would not only be limited to the Black and White Skulls. Instead, it would be the entire Black Fiend. At that time, both Chu Feng and Du Wanwu would have to reveal themselves and act to protect the Luo Family.

“Luo Family, the final time limit that I have given you all has arrived. Right now, you all have two options. You either hand over the Invisible Dew, or face the extermination of your family. You all decide which option to take,” said the Black Skull.

The Black Skull wore a cloak that covered his appearance. However, he was emitting a very dense killing intent, and his tone was ice-cold.

However, he did not mention the matter of his people being killed. Instead, he directly offered two options for the Luo Family. His manner of conduct was extremely direct and efficient. All he wanted was the result.

“I am willing to hand over the Invisible Dew. Milords, please give our Luo Family a path to survive.”

The Luo Family’s Family Head acted according to Chu Feng’s instructions, and handed the Invisible Dew over to the Black Fiend. However, he did not personally hand the Invisible Dew to the Black and White Skulls. Instead, he sent the Invisible Dew to the Black and White Skulls through the air.

The Black and White Skulls were not surprised by the Luo Family Family Head’s decision to hand over the Invisible Dew. It was as if this was something that they had anticipated.

After receiving the Invisible Dew, the two of them carefully inspected it. However, the two of them did not immediately put the Invisible Dew away. Instead, they handed it to a person behind them.

That person was also wearing a cloak. Thus, his appearance could not be seen, and his aura could not be detected. Different from the Black and White Skulls, this person’s cloak was very special. It did not have the symbol of the Black Fiend.

This meant that this person was likely someone not from the Black Fiend. Most importantly, the leaders of the Black Fiend, the Black and White Skulls, were extremely respectful toward this person. This made it even more certain that this individual was not someone from the Black Fiend.

That person carefully sniffed the Invisible Dew and then said, “It’s real,” before putting the Invisible Dew away.

“This voice, could it be him?” After hearing this voice, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. Following that, he revealed a very shocked expression.