Chapter 1697 - Beitang Zimo?

MGA: Chapter 1697 - Beitang Zimo?

Upon hearing that voice, Chu Feng thought of a person. This person should not have any relationship with the Black Fiend. Yet, at this moment, he was among the Black Fiend’s army. This was the reason why Chu Feng was so surprised.

As for this person, he was the Beitang Imperial Clan’s fourth prince, Beitang Zimo.

Even though he had concealed his appearance and aura, Chu Feng would not mistake his voice. Chu Feng was certain that this was Beitang Zimo’s voice.

However, as the grand Fourth Prince of the Beitang Imperial Clan, why would he wallow in the mire with a power like the Black Fiend?

Why would the Black Fiend not keep the Invisible Dew for themselves after obtaining it, and instead hand it to Beitang Zimo? Could it be that there was some sort of shady business between them that could not come to light?

At this moment, many questions were lingering in Chu Feng’s mind. Earlier, Chu Feng had thought that the Black Fiend wanted the Invisible Dew in order to harm people. After all, they were evil people that committed all sorts of crimes to begin with.

However, Chu Feng now discovered that this matter was much more complicated than he had anticipated. After all, Beitang Zimo was a famous individual. It would be fine if he were to become enemies with the Black Fiend. However, no matter what, he should not wallow in the mire with the Black Fiend.

“Not bad. To be willing to hand over the Invisible Dew, it seems that you have some understanding. However, several days ago, I dispatched people to your Luo Family, but then lost all contact with them. Likely, they were killed by your Luo Family, right?”

“As you all have handed over the Invisible Dew, I should have let you all off with this. However, since you’ve killed my people, I cannot not avenge them. Men! Eliminate the Luo Family!” White Skull shouted with a cold voice.


Right after the White Skull’s voice sounded, people shouting ‘kill!’ could be heard from all around, and overflowing killing intent swept forth, covering the entire Luo Family.

At this moment, the people from the Luo Family were all extremely nervous. The reason for that was because the people from the Black Fiend were not pretentious individuals. After their shouts, many of them revealed their weapons and unleashed martial skills to fatally attack the people from the Luo Family.

Boundless oppressive might swept forth. For many of the people in the Luo Family, before they were attacked, their complexions had already turned deathly pale. It was as if they had already been seriously injured.

“With Granddaddy Goudan’er here, I shall see who dares to eliminate the Luo Family!”

Right at the moment when the Luo Family felt that they were doomed, Goudan’er, who was standing beside Luo Huan, suddenly shouted coldly. Then, he jumped forward and stood in the air.

Goudan’er was a child. Thus, his build was very petite and small. However, when he soared into the air, his body suddenly changed. His clothes ripped apart. It was as if his body were exploding.

However, he had most definitely not exploded. Instead, from a small child, he had turned into a ferocious monster.

He had become several hundred meters tall. As he stood in midair, he appeared like a vast black cloud. His limbs that were formed with treevine-like substances covered the entire sky and twitched left and right.

With each twitch of his limb, a boundless might would turn into a sharp blade and split apart heaven and earth, killing everything in its path.

Not only had Goudan’er instantly blocked all of the attacks from the Black Fiend, he had also slaughtered all of the people who had unleashed attacks at the Luo Family. He was so powerful that he could simply be said to be a celestial being.

“Heavens! What sort of monster is that?!”

As they looked to Goudan’er who was slaughtering everything in midair, not to mention the people from the Black Fiend, even the people from the Luo Family were deeply frightened.

After all, Goudan’er was a poisonous substance. Not only was his form that of an enormous monster, his frightening aura was capable of causing one to feel their blood run cold. He was much more frightening than monstrous beasts.

Furthermore, Goudan’er was extremely ruthless. Those struck by him all ended up dying horribly without a corpse remaining.

“So there’s actually a peak Half Martial Emperor behind you all. No wonder you all dared to kill my people.”

“However, even if you possessed the backing of a monster, your Luo Family will still be eliminated.”

At this moment, the Black and White Skulls were the first to react. After they saw through Goudan’er’s strength, the two of them would naturally not stand there and allow Goudan’er to kill their subordinates willingly. The two of them acted together and surrounded Goudan’er.

Both the Black and White Skulls took out Incomplete Imperial Armaments. Even though they were copies, they were extremely powerful. Furthermore, the two of them should have cultivated in a Forbidden Mysterious Technique. With the two of them working together, their strength increased. Sure enough, the Black and White Skulls were very powerful.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong they might be, they were unable to defeat Goudan’er. All they were capable of doing was fighting Goudan’er to a standstill.

After a bout of battle, Goudan’er suddenly unleashed counterattacks. Several vines swept forth toward the Black and White Skulls from all directions like dragons.

Goudan’er’s attacks were simply invulnerable. The Black and White Skulls were like turtles trapped in a jar. The two of them were trapped within the vines.

In a blink of an eye, the two of them went from having and holding the upper hand to being suppressed. Other than defending, there was nothing they could do.

As they saw Goudan’er locked in battle against the Black and White Skulls, many of the people from the Luo Family managed to react. They felt that Goudan’er had not come to harm their Luo Family. Instead, he had come to help them. Otherwise, he would not have killed the people from the Black Fiend.

All of a sudden, practically everyone from the Luo Family hoped that the monster in the sky would be able to defeat the Black and White Skulls. Like that, their Luo Family would be saved.

In fact, Goudan’er lived up to their expectations. After being frantically suppressed by Goudan’er, the Black and White Skulls were unable to continue enduring anymore. They were on the verge of being defeated by Goudan’er.

“Milords, are the two of you really not going to save us?” However, right at the moment when they were about to be defeated, the Black Skull suddenly shouted.

“Black and White Skulls, you two only possess this bit of strength, yet you still wanted to join our ranks?”

In the moment after the Black Skull’s words left his mouth, a laugh filled with mockery suddenly sounded in the sky.

After that laughter was heard, a golden ray of light suddenly shot forth out of nowhere and struck Goudan’er.

The speed of that golden ray of light was simply too fast. Goudan’er was simply unable to dodge in time. “Boom!” Not only had that golden ray of light struck Goudan’er’s body, it also exploded upon impact, shattering Goudan’er into pieces.

“Goudan’er!” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed. The reason for that was because that attack earlier had most definitely been fatal.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, after Goudan’er’s scattered body pieces landed on the ground, a piece of his destroyed body rushed to the location where Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were hiding with an extremely fast speed akin to a thunderbolt.

After that piece of destroyed body reached Chu Feng and Du Wanwu, it quickly changed into Goudan’er’s appearance. Even though his aura was extremely weak, it was indeed Goudan’er.

“Goudan’er, you’re actually alright?” Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were overjoyed to see that Goudan’er was alright. Originally, the two of them had both thought that Goudan’er had died.

“God, it’s bad! There’s a Martial Emperor. We must escape immediately. I am unable to defeat a Martial Emperor,” Goudan’er said with a pained expression. Even though he had managed to stay alive, he was seriously injured and unable to continue fighting.

“I know. It’s not only a Martial Emperor, there are two Martial Emperors,” As Chu Feng spoke, he turned his gaze to the outside again, to the sky where the golden ray of light had been shot out from from.

Right at this moment, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might came crushing down from the sky and covered the entire Luo Family. It was an Emperor’s might, the might of a Martial Emperor.

Before the Emperor’s might, everyone from the Luo Family lost their ability to continue standing, their ability to resist. Many of the buildings exploded on the spot and turned into dust.

Merely an Emperor’s might was capable of making the entire Luo Family lose all hope and enter despair.

After the Emperor’s might descended, two figures descended from the sky and appeared in midair.

“It’s them?”

To Chu Feng’s surprise, these two people were also two familiar people.