Chapter 1695 - Imminent Peril

MGA: Chapter 1695 - Imminent Peril

Seeing everything that was happening in the surrounding area, Du Wanwu asked, “Chu Feng, exactly what is happening?” with a panic-stricken and confused expression.

Everything was happening too quickly. He was simply unable to react in time. He had not known that he would be forcing them into such dangers upon retrieving the Inherited Gu.

“Fool. In any case, you are a descendant of the Poison Demon, and could also tell how dangerous that Gu was. Do you not know what it means to be extra careful? How could you try to retrieve the Gu that straightforwardly?” Chu Feng said in a somewhat complaining manner.

“I…” Du Wanwu didn’t know how to respond to Chu Feng. He knew that he had been too careless.

“Sigh, forget about it. This cannot be blamed on you. Not to mention you, likely even your Ancestor did not anticipate that this place would become like this after fifteen thousand years,” Chu Feng sighed helplessly.

Then, he continued, “There were eighty-one Evil Spirits underneath that Gu. They were providing nourishment for it the entire time. I think that all of those Evil Spirits must have been at the Martial Emperor level before. Furthermore, they were all remarkable Martial Emperors.”

“Your Clan’s Ancestor must’ve thought that after the Gu matured, these Evil Spirits would have been completely absorbed by it. However, the stronger the Gu is, the more dangerous it is. After taking a total of fifteen thousand years to mature, this Gu had already escaped your Ancestor’s control.”

“Right now, this Inherited Gu has already matured. However, these eighty-one Evil Spirits did not perish. Instead, they were only lying dormant. Earlier, when you moved the Gu, you woke them all up.”

“Evil Spirits are ruthless beings to begin with. After becoming nourishment for the Gu for fifteen thousand years, these Evil Spirits were already filled with overflowing killing desire. When they saw the two of us, how could they possibly let us escape?” Chu Feng smiled bitterly. He truly never expected for Du Wanwu, the person who was always calm, to retrieve the Inherited Gu this urgently today. He had only spoken those words a moment too late and this disaster was the result.

“It’s all my fault. I was too impatient. What do we do now?” Du Wanwu had an expression of remorse.

“We have already been completely surrounded. My Evil Suppression Talismans will not be able to hold them for long. Even though I am not someone who is fond of resigning myself to fate, there is nothing we can do now.”

“All we can hope is that that old man will be willing to act and save us,” Chu Feng continued to smile bitterly. This sort of feeling of waiting for death was truly unpleasant.

However, at this moment, he could only put all of his hope onto that mysterious old man. The reason for that was because he and Du Wanwu really did not possess the capability to escape this place.

“Snap, snap~~~”

The attacks from the Evil Spirits grew fiercer and fiercer. The suppression the Evil Suppression Talismans had on them grew weaker and weaker. Before their ferocious attacks, the defensive barrier Chu Feng had set up with Evil Suppression Talismans had already begun to shatter. If this were to continue, they would not be able to withstand it anymore, and could only die in this place.

“Could it be that, that senior is really going to let us die here?” At this moment, Chu Feng started to mutter in his heart. He feared that the mysterious expert had not followed them, and did not know about what was happening in this place.

Or perhaps he was not planning to help them. Otherwise, if he was going to help them, he should have already acted. There should have been no need for him to wait so long. After all, this was a moment of imminent peril. If he still did not act, Chu Feng and Du Wanwu really would die here.


“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was worrying, a series of explosions suddenly sounded from outside. At the same time, those Evil Spirits unleashed heart-tearing and lung-splitting screams and roars of anger.

Some of the Evil Spirits that were attacking Chu Feng’s defensive barrier turned around and flew toward the direction where the explosions had sounded from.

Seeing this scene, both Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were overjoyed. They both felt that mysterious expert had returned to save them.

“This is?!”

However, upon closer inspection, the two of them were shocked. Indeed, there was a very strong source of power fighting against those Evil Spirits right now.

However, it was not the mysterious old man. Instead, it was an extremely ferocious power. It seemed to have been formed by trees and emitted dark green gases. To speak of it easily, the thing fighting against the evil spirits was an unusual yet extremely powerful plant, a plant monster.

It possessed the cultivation of a peak Half Martial Emperor, and a battle power capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. Regardless of how powerful the eighty-one Evil Spirits were, they were still no match for that plant monster.

As the tree vines were flung forward, violent wind swept forth. With each swing, an Evil Spirit would be struck. Upon being struck, the Evil Spirits would disintegrate and be destroyed on the spot.

In merely a blink of an eye, all eighty-one Evil Spirits were killed.

“What is that thing?” At this moment, Du Wanwu was both shocked and in fear. His reaction was only normal. After all, he was not certain whether the monster before them was a friend or a foe. However, he was certain of one thing: the monster before them was even more ferocious than the eighty-one Evil Spirits.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Right at this moment, the enormous plant monster that had eliminated the eighty-one Evil Spirits in an instant turned around and began to walk toward the exit of the cave. It was not planning to attack Chu Feng and Du Wanwu, and was actually planning to leave.

Du Wanwu was even more shocked by this scene. He did not understand the origin of this monster and what its intention was.

“Goudan’er!!!” Right at this moment, Chu Feng shouted that name in a rather calm manner.

“What?” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Du Wanwu was instantly stunned. He did not understand why Chu Feng would call out Goudan’er’s name.

However, after Chu Feng called out Goudan’er’s name, that monster that was leaving suddenly stopped.

“You don’t have to go. I know it’s you. You can show yourself,” Chu Feng continued. His gaze was still fixed on that monster.

“Chu Feng, what did you say?” Du Wanwu was even more puzzled.

“How did you notice?” Right at this moment, that monster uttered a hoarse and frightening voice.

Even though this voice was very frightening, it did not contain any malice. Furthermore, after that voice sounded, that monster’s body started to shrink. Soon the tree vines disappeared, and the monster took the form of a human.

Not only did it take the form of a human, it was also a child. It was none other than Goudan’er.

Merely, at this moment, Goudan’er no longer possessed the handsome appearance that Chu Feng had given him. Instead, he had returned to his previous ugly appearance.

“Actually, I had already guessed it in the Poison Demon’s Valley. Merely, I was not certain.”

“However, when you helped us, I was certain that it was you,” Chu Feng walked over to Goudan’er and used world spirit techniques to restore Goudan’er’s appearance back to that handsome appearance.

He knew that while Goudan’er was able to take the form of a human, he was unable to alter his appearance. Otherwise, Goudan’er who longed to become handsome would not have allowed himself to be that ugly.

Originally, Chu Feng had already helped him obtain a handsome appearance. However, Goudan’er revealing his true form had abolished the handsome appearance Chu Feng gave him. Even if he managed to regain the appearance of a human, he would still only be able to obtain that ugly appearance. That was why Chu Feng took the initiative to help Goudan’er change his appearance back to that handsome appearance.

“Impossible. Even if you suspected me before, the aura that I emitted after taking my true form is completely different from the one I am now. How were you so certain that it was me?” Goudan’er had a shocked expression on his face.

“I had suspected it was you not because of your aura. Rather, it’s because I had suspected that you were a poisonous substance to begin with.”

“As for your true form, it is precisely that of a poisonous substance. In this place, poisonous substances are very commonly seen. However, there is only one poisonous substance that would be willing to act to save us. That is why I was certain that it must be you who saved us,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“God, you are truly amazing. I am unable to hide anything from you,” Goudan’er said with a beaming smile.

“Chu Feng, what exactly is going on?”

Du Wanwu who had been hearing the conversation between the two of them, was finally unable to contain himself and asked, “Goudan’er, how come you are a poisonous substance?” At this moment, he was filled with confusion.