Chapter 1690 - Invisible Dew

MGA: Chapter 1690 - Invisible Dew

“Heh…” Seeing this scene, Chu Feng laughed.

“Earlier, when I wanted to help your Luo Family, you instead wanted to kill me. Now, you’re kneeling before me and begging for me to let your Luo Family go.”

“Luo Family’s Family Head, how shall I say this to you? If I must describe you, then I suppose nine words would be sufficient.”

“Bullies… the weak… fears… the strong, muddleheaded… and… incompetent,” Chu Feng pointed at the Luo Family’s Family Head and said those words one at a time.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the Luo Family’s Family Head started to tremble. His expression became extremely depressed. It was as if over ten thousand invisible blades had pierced into his body, covering him with cuts and bruises.

Chu Feng’s nine words had completely described his failings. He was unable to refute it. Those words had deeply penetrated his heart.

It was only after a very long time that the Luo Family’s Family Head managed to get over those words. He said, “Yes, yes, yes, I am indeed muddleheaded and incompetent. I am indeed someone who bullies the weak and fears the strong. Regardless of whether you want to kill or punish me, I will have no complaints. However, please, please do not implicate the other people of our Luo Family.”

“Young Hero, I beg of you,” The Luo Family’s Family Head began to beg and kowtow to Chu Feng nonstop. He was extremely lowly and petty-looking.

It was not that he was an enormously cowardly person. Rather, it was because after he saw Chu Feng’s might, he did not dare to not act this lowly and petty.

In fact, it was not only the Luo Family’s Family Head that was kowtowing and begging Chu Feng right now. It was only natural for people to fear death. Not all families and clans were as unyielding as the Du Clan.

When even the Luo Family’s Family Head was acting this way, one could easily imagine how the people from the Luo Family would act. Thus, at this moment, of ten individuals, at least eight of them were begging Chu Feng to spare their lives.

“Third Miss, please get up. If I had truly wanted to eliminate your Luo Family, your Luo Family would’ve already been gone from this earth to begin with.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he slightly lifted his palm, and a powerful force brought the kneeling Luo Huan back up. However, Chu Feng had only brought Luo Huan up from kneeling.

After he finished saying those words, with a thought from Chu Feng, the world spirit formation that sealed off the entire Luo Family, as well as the world spirit spears, all shattered into countless specks of golden light. Like golden raindrops, they slowly sprinkled down from the sky. Merely, at this time, Chu Feng's world spirit power no longer possessed any destructive power.

“We have not come here to destroy your Luo Family. Instead, we have come to help your Luo Family. Thus, all of you can get back up. I will not kill you all,” Chu Feng said.

The crowd did not dare to believe what they had heard with their ears. One by one, they were stunned. They did not believe this was real.

The Luo Family’s Family Head was the first to react. With an expression of disbelief, he asked, “Young Hero, you… you are really willing to spare our Luo Family and help us instead?”

The reason why the Luo Family’s Family Head asked those words was because he had discovered that Chu Feng was extraordinarily powerful and greatly surpassed his imagination. Thus, he was most definitely not someone ordinary. Likely, he possessed an enormous origin, and thus possessed the strength to save their Luo Family.

However, he was also very worried. After all, he was the one had been heartless and unjust to begin with. He was extremely wrong. Would Chu Feng really be willing to disregard former hatreds and continue to help their Luo Family?

“I said that I would help you, thus, I’ll help you,” As Chu Feng spoke, he suddenly waved his sleeve. Then, a boundless world spirit palace suddenly appeared. Luo Huan, the Luo Family’s Family Head and Luo Huan’s two brothers, as well as the other two elders were covered by the world spirit palace. As for the other people from the Luo Family, they were isolated and left outside of the palace.

As the saying goes, the walls have ears. There were some things that Chu Feng needed to say. However, those were things that he could not say publicly, as there was no guarantee that there were no traitors that worked for the Black Fiend within the Luo Family.

When Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother saw the world spirit palace that had covered them, they revealed expressions of fear, and thought that Chu Feng was planning to kill them.


However, right at this moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a world spirit formation appeared out of nowhere. Then, five rays of light shot out. They respectively landed on the Luo Family’s Family Head and the two elders, as well as Luo Huan’s two brothers.

After being enveloped by the light, the injuries that these five people had sustained began to rapidly heal. Soon, their auras returned to normal. Even the bloodstains on their clothes disappeared.

“Thank you, Young Hero, for the grace of not killing us.”

At this moment, the people from the Luo Family all came to believe that Chu Feng was not planning to kill them. Otherwise, he would not have treated their injuries.

“I am not helping your Luo Family free of charge. I want your Luo Family’s Invisible Dew,” Chu Feng said.

“Invisible Dew?” Hearing those words, not to mention the people from the Luo Family, even Du Wanwu was shocked.

“Feng Xing, why would you need that Invisible Dew? If you are to do that, how are you different from the Black Fiend?” Du Wanwu asked with a puzzled expression.

“Different? Of course I am!”

“The Black Fiend wanted the Invisible Dew without any reason. When the Luo Family refused to hand it over to them, the Black Fiend planned to exterminate them. Thus, the one in the wrong is the Black Fiend.”

“As for the Luo Family and us, it is the Luo Family that was ungrateful and heartless toward us first. They were the ones who wanted to kill us. Thus, I am being extremely benevolent by not killing them. Therefore, what wrong is there in me demanding some Invisible Dew as compensation?”

“You should know that we had originally planned to help the Luo Family free of charge. However, not only was the Luo Family not grateful to us, they instead wanted to kill us. They have truly disappointed me.”

“Thus, if it wasn’t for giving the Luo Family’s Third Miss’ face, I would have definitely not let the Luo Family off.”

“However, even if it is to give the Third Miss face, I still cannot let this matter pass just like this. The Luo Family must compensate me for my mental trauma.”

“Otherwise, if this matter were to spread out in the future, if people are to know that I, Feng Xing, tried to help someone but was instead stabbed in the back, yet I decided to not look after that matter, I will definitely become everyone’s laughingstock.”

“In the future, how would I, Feng Xing, be able to continue to exist in the Holy Land of Martialism? Who should be blamed for this?”

Chu Feng argued strongly and spoke with an unyielding tone.

“This…” Du Wanwu didn’t know how to respond. Indeed, Chu Feng was being extremely benevolent to not eliminate the Luo Family. Even if he wanted Invisible Dew as compensation, it would not be excessive.

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the instructions of his Ancestor, with Du Wanwu’s temperament, he would definitely not spare the Luo Family.

However, since his Ancestor had left instructions, no matter how the Luo Family treated him, he would still help the Luo Family. Du Wanwu was just a stubborn person like that.

“Young Hero, what you said is right. It is I who was too ungrateful. You decided to help us out of kindness, yet I tried to place you all as the culprits before the Black Fiend. I am truly inhumane and devoid of conscience. I will agree to all your demands. As long as you can save our Luo Family, I am willing to hand over all of the Invisible Dew to you.” At this moment, how could the Luo Family’s Family Head possibly dare to refute Chu Feng? He had an expression of compliance to everything that Chu Feng demanded.

“Very well, this matter is decided then. However, I must tell you this. While I will help your Luo Family, I had never said that I would definitely be able to save your Luo Family. You understand what I mean, right?” Chu Feng said.

“I understand, I understand,” The Luo Family’s Family Head nodded repeatedly.

“In that case, why are you still here? Quickly go and bring the Invisible Dew over. Remember, bring all of it,” Chu Feng said.

“Yes, yes, yes. Young Hero, please wait a moment. I will return right away,” The Luo Family’s Family Head did not dare to hesitate. He immediately turned around and left.

Not long afterward, he returned. In his hand was a foot-tall bottle. This bottle was very exquisite. It was transparent in color. Thus, one could see what was contained inside. Inside the bottle was something that looked like water, and the entire bottle was filled with it.

Chu Feng opened the bottle and took a sniff. It was colorless and odorless. He was unable to detect anything. Even when he used his spirit power to sense the water-like substance in the bottle, he was unable to detect anything special regarding it.

It was only when Chu Feng carefully inspected the water-like substance with his Heaven’s Eyes that he discovered that it was a bit strange. Other than that, Chu Feng was unable to discover anything.

However, Chu Feng was certain about one thing, that this Invisible Dew was a treasure, a rare treasure.