Chapter 1691 - Benefactor’s Descendant

MGA: Chapter 1691 - Benefactor’s Descendant

Du Wanwu was also observing the Invisible Dew from the side. In the end, he said, “What a good item. This sort of poison is not something that I can refine. Likely, it is something my Ancestor made.”

“You’re saying that this is something that your Ancestor presented to the Luo Family?” Chu Feng asked.

“That is definitely the case. I am able to recognize the poisons created by my Ancestor,” Du Wanwu nodded.

“Young Hero, who is your great Ancestor?” Hearing those words, the Luo Family’s Family Head looked to Du Wanwu with a shocked expression. There was an obvious change in his gaze.

“Even if I spoke his name, you all would not know who he is. However, I am certain that your family’s Inherited Treasure is something that my Ancestor created,” Du Wanwu said.

“Father, the reason why these Young Heroes were willing to help us was because Young Hero Du Wanwu’s Ancestor had some relationship with our Luo Family fifteen thousand years ago,” Luo Huan hurriedly explained.

“Young Hero, I dare ask, is your Ancestor known as the Poison Demon?” The Luo Family’s Family Head asked.

“How did you know?” Du Wanwu was surprised. That was because Luo Huan clearly did not know who the Poison Demon was. However, it seemed that the Luo Family’s Family Head seemed to know about the Poison Demon.

“This…” When he saw Du Wanwu’s reaction, the expression of the Luo Family’s Family Head changed enormously. An indescribable mood filled his heart. Then, with a ‘putt,’ he actually kneeled onto the ground before Du Wanwu and Chu Feng.

With a loud voice, he said, “Our benefactor’s descendant is before me. Yet, I actually wanted to kill our benefactor’s descendant. I have truly sinned and shall be killed ten thousand times, killed ten thousand times!!!”

After saying those words, the Luo Family’s Family Head raised his arms and ‘pa, pa, pa, pa…” began to ruthlessly slap and hit himself.

He beat himself to a bloody face with cuts and bruises all over. Yet, even with that, he still refused to stop, and had the attitude of wanting to beat himself to death.

This scene not only shocked Du Wanwu, but even Luo Huan and the others were shocked. They did not know why the Luo Family’s Family Head was acting in such a manner.

“Father, what are you doing?” Luo Huan walked toward her father and asked worriedly.

“Other than Huan’er, everyone else from our Luo Family, kneel down and apologize to benefactor’s descendant,” The Luo Family’s Family Head spoke with a loud voice.

Hearing those words, even though the other people from the Luo Family were confused as to what was happening, they all kneeled onto the ground.

“Benefactor, I truly have no eyes. I truly deserve to be killed ten thousand times for my crimes. Please, please kill me,” The Luo Family’s Family Head said.

This time around, there was a clear distinction between his attitude from before. Earlier, he had been begging for death because he feared that Chu Feng would extinguish their Luo Family. He was trying to shoulder all of the blame himself.

However, this time around, he was begging for death from the bottom of his heart because he was too ashamed and wanted to use his death to apologize for his fault.

“What exactly is going on? It would not be too late to seek death after you explain what’s going on,” At this moment when everyone was confused, Chu Feng said.

After what Chu Feng said, the Luo Family’s Family Head spoke of his reason for behaving in such a manner. It turned out that fifteen thousand years ago, there had indeed been someone from the Luo Family who had saved the Poison Demon.

At that time, the Poison Demon had been seriously injured. That person from the Luo Family saved the Poison Demon and brought him back to the Luo Family. However, the Poison Demon’s injuries were not something that the people from the Luo Family could cure. In the end, it was the Poison Demon who healed his own injuries.

Even though they had not saved his life, the Poison Demon was still extremely grateful to the Luo Family.

Back then, the Five Poisons Mountain not only had the Luo Family. In addition to them, there was also a great enemy to their Luo Family. In order to fight over the authority to control the Five Poisons Mountain, the two families fought each other both openly and secretly for a very long time.

At the moment when the Poison Demon woke up from healing his injuries, it was right at the crucial moment when the Luo Family was fighting their enemy. Furthermore, it happened that the Luo Family had been no match for them, and were faced with the disaster of extermination.

Feeling grateful to the Luo Family, the Poison Demon exterminated the Luo Family’s great enemy and completely rooted them out. It was only through that, that the Luo Family became the ruler of the Five Poisons Mountain.

Furthermore, the Poison Demon left behind the Invisible Dew to compensate the Luo Family for the grace they had shown him.

However, that was something that only the person that saved the Poison Demon and the then Luo Family’s Family Head knew about.

When the Poison Demon left, he had instructed the Luo Family not to mention this matter to anyone else, and pretend that he had never appeared.

Even though the Poison Demon had helped the Luo Family out of gratefulness, he had still helped the Luo Family enormously. To the Luo Family, the Poison Demon was their great benefactor.

The Luo Family’s Family Head at that time felt that he could not let his descendants forget about the enormous grace and kindness shown by the Poison Demon, that he must continue to inform them about this matter. However, he was also unwilling to go against the Poison Demon’s wish. Thus, he had only told this to the next Luo Family’s Family Head and instructed that this matter, while it could not be mentioned to anyone else, must be known by each successive Family Head; that they could not forget about the grace shown by the Poison Demon.

Thus, only the Luo Family’s successive Family Heads knew about the matter regarding the Poison Demon. Other than their successive Family Heads, none of the other people from the Luo Family knew about it.

Today, after the Luo Family’s Family Head heard what Du Wanwu said, he had realized everything. It turned out that this green-skinned young man before him was the Poison Demon’s descendant, their Luo Family’s benefactor’s descendant.

After knowing about this, he was overcome with extreme pain. He felt that he had let down his ancestors and their benefactor, and that he should die to pay for his crimes. That was the reason why he had such an intense reaction.

“Luo Family Head, you could be considered to be someone with difficulties. Your conduct and deeds were all done for the sake of the Luo Family. Thus, I will disregard the things that happened today.”

After knowing about those things, Du Wanwu completely forgave the Luo Family’s Family Head because he had felt the sincerity of the Luo Family’s Family Head.

As for Chu Feng, if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew that Du Wanwu would insist on helping the Luo Family regardless of what they did, he would not have stayed to help these sorts of people.

However, since things had already progressed like this, Chu Feng had no other choice but to help the Luo Family. After all, he knew that Du Wanwu would still help them.

After this, the attitude the Luo Family’s Family Head had toward Chu Feng and the others became exceptionally good. He began to provide warm hospitality to them. It was as if he wanted to bring out all of the best things that their Luo Family possessed to present to Chu Feng’s group.

Chu Feng knew that this was not only because the Luo Family’s Family Head feared them. More than that, it was mainly because the Luo Family’s Family Head was expressing his gratefulness to Du Wanwu for being the descendant of the Poison Demon.

After these things, Chu Feng’s impression of the Luo Family took a turn for the better. Regardless of how heartless and unjust they were before, they still possessed a deeply grateful side to them.

When everyone from the Luo Family came to know that Chu Feng’s group would not only not eliminate their Luo Family, but instead help them with the Black Fiend, they were all overjoyed.

They had experienced Chu Feng’s strength themselves. Thus, they felt that if Chu Feng were to help them, they would be able to escape this calamity.

However, only Chu Feng knew that the Black Fiend would not be that easy to handle. After all, their leaders were people who dared to proclaim themselves as being able to become the Holy Land of Martialism’s sixth and seventh Evildoers. Even if they were not Martial Emperors, they should be at least peak Half Martial Emperors. Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were still no match for peak Half Martial Emperors.

Thus, everything was still going to be handled the way they had originally planned.

At this moment, Chu Feng and Du Wanwu were working together to make counterfeit Invisible Dew. Actually, to Chu Feng and Du Wanwu, this was not hard at all. In merely half a day, the two of them had succeeded.

After they had finished making the counterfeit Invisible Dew, Chu Feng said to Du Wanwu, “Du Wanwu, I’ll state this beforehand. I will not throw away Goudan’er’s and my life for the sake of this Luo Family.”

“After the people from the Black Fiend come, if we can handle them, then we shall handle them. However, if we cannot, I will not defend this place to the death.”

“This matter is unrelated to you two to begin with. Even if you two do not help, it will still be understandable,” Du Wanwu said.

“You are quite reasonable. Very well, let’s go. We have proper business to take care of. Do not forget about why we have come here to begin with,” Chu Feng got up and said. He was planning to go to the Five Poisons Mountain to retrieve the Gu the Poison Demon left in the Five Poisons Mountain back then.