Chapter 1689 - Revealing Godly Might

MGA: Chapter 1689 - Revealing Godly Might


At this moment, Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother had reached Chu Feng. Several eagle claws that carried enormous power were landing on Chu Feng’s body nonstop, ruthlessly grabbing onto his flesh. Furthermore, they were all on his joints. It seemed that the eagle claws were trying to shatter Chu Feng’s joints.

However, no matter how hard they tried, the eagle claws were unable to shake Chu Feng at all.

Standing there, Chu Feng was like an unshakable god. There was simply no way for them to harm Chu Feng in the slightest.

In fact, after this series of attacks, Luo Huan’s big brother and second brothers’ hands were drenched with blood. Even their bones had shattered. Before they could harm Chu Feng, they themselves were already injured.


After finding out that their series of attacks had been useless, Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother stood there with stunned expressions as they looked at Chu Feng. At this time, fear emerged in their eyes. Evidently, they had realized that the situation was not good.

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyebrows narrowed and he shouted, “Scram.” Then, a boundlessly powerful oppressive might swept forth, and knocked Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother several meters away.

Chu Feng’s powerful might not only knocked Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother away, it had also caused the buildings, walls, and houses in the range of several miles to shatter.

Seeing this, the Luo Family’s Family Head immediately acted to relieve Chu Feng’s power from Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother. However, even with this being the case, Luo Huan’s big brother and second brother were already bleeding from both their mouths and noses and had their breastbones shattered; the two of them had already become half crippled.

“Rank two Half Martial Emperor?”

Upon sensing Chu Feng’s aura, the Luo Family’s Family Head and the two rank one Half Martial Emperors all had an enormous change in expression. Evidently, none of them had anticipated that Chu Feng would be this powerful.

What Luo Huan had said was actually true. These two youngsters before them were not to be trifled with.

The commotion caused by Chu Feng earlier had also caught the attention of the other people from the Luo Family. One by one, they grasped their weapons and rushed over. However, upon reaching the place where the fighting was going on and seeing the scene before them, none of them were able to remain unfrightened. They had all become lost as to what to do.

The reason for that was because they were all able to sense that Chu Feng was emitting the aura of a rank two Half Martial Emperor. A man this young actually possessed a cultivation on par with their Family Head. Wouldn’t this mean that he was a legendary exceptional genius?

Why would such a person come to their Luo Family? Could it be that their Luo Family had provoked an existence even more frightening than the Black Fiend?

“Since you fear the Black Fiend this much, why didn’t you hand the Invisible Dew over to them sooner? Your indecision has brought about your own destruction. You are unqualified to be the family head,” Chu Feng looked to the Luo Family’s Family Head and mocked him unrestrainedly.

“I do not need a brat like you to tell me how to handle things!”

As the Luo Family’s Family Head spoke, he acted to attack Chu Feng. As a rank two Half Martial Emperor, his attack was not something to be trifled with. Not only did he take out a Royal Armament, he also unleashed a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill right away.

It was not only the Luo Family’s Family Head that attacked, Luo Huan’s two uncles also acted to attack Chu Feng at the same time. The three of them all unleashed their full strength to attack Chu Feng. They were simply not planning to capture Chu Feng and the others alive. Rather, they were planning to kill the three of them.

“Overestimating your capabilities.”

Faced with this combined attack from the three men, Chu Feng snorted coldly. Then, a cold flash shone through his eyes, and his surging aura instantly swept forth.

Not only had the three Half Martial Emperors from the Luo Family used Taboo Martial Skills, they had also used their Royal Armaments. Their attack power was shockingly dreadful.

However, Chu Feng had merely used his aura. Yet, his imposing might surpassed that of the combined attack from the three men. In fact, that was not all. Chu Feng’s might had also absolutely suppressed their combined might.

This was all because the three of them were only ordinary Half Martial Emperors, whereas Chu Feng possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting four levels of cultivation.


Following a loud explosion, thick smoke surged forth, and rocks and sand began to roll and fly. The Luo Family’s Family Head and the two elders were both knocked several meters away. Their bodies were covered with blood, and their auras had become extremely weak.

However, even though Luo Huan was in the heart of the battle, she was completely unharmed. Not even a speck of dust landed on her body.

Seeing this scene, the people from the Luo Family were all stunned like chickens. Their bodies were all shivering.

In fact, many of the people that were prepared to attack earlier involuntarily dropped the weapons that they were holding and fell on their butts in fear.

After all, the three men who had attacked earlier were the strongest people in their Luo Family. However, their opponent had defeated them and left them in such a state without even moving. This was truly too enormously powerful.

Most importantly, at the moment when Chu Feng attacked, they felt an extremely frightening oppression. That oppression surpassed that of their Family Head by over several times.

The young man before them was so frightening that he could cause their hair to stand on end. It was definitely impossible for their Luo Family to be a match for someone like that.

“You… exactly who are you?”

The Luo Family’s Family Head wiped clean the blood on the corner of his mouth. However, his aura was still very unstable and weak. When he spoke those words, he sounded extremely weak.

However, undoubtedly, he now had a whole new level of respect for Chu Feng. At this time, his gaze was filled with fear.

He finally realized how frightening this young man before him was.

“Who I am is not important. All you need to know is that even without the Black Fiend doing anything, I myself will be able to eliminate your entire Luo Family,” As Chu Feng said those words, a flash of ruthlessness shone through his eyes.


After he finished saying those words, Royal level world spirit power began to emit from Chu Feng’s body like golden light. His world spirit power sealed off heaven and earth. In merely a blink of an eye, the entire Luo Family was sealed off by him.

However, that was not all there was to it. After Chu Feng sealed off the entire Luo Family with his world spirit power, more world spirit power began to transform into countless sharp spears. Densely packed, the spears descended from the sky and aimed at the entire Luo Family.

At this moment, all of the people from the Luo Family were deeply frightened. All sorts of wailing and howling sounds were being heard nonstop. They were all able to detect how frighteningly powerful the spears in the sky were. If those spears were to land, there would not be a single survivor left in the Luo Family. This region of land would be left with the devastation of a disaster.

“Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist!!!”

Upon seeing the world spirit power that sealed off heaven and earth, the Luo Family’s Family Head and the two Half Martial Emperor-level elders had extremely dejected expressions and stood there stunned, as if they were petrified.

In the Luo Family, the three of them were most definitely the people with the most knowledge. Thus, they were able to recognize that Chu Feng was a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

Chu Feng was only in his early twenties. In the entire Holy Land of Martialism, there were extremely few Royal-cloak World Spiritists his age. As for Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, there were even fewer.

However, undoubtedly, each and every one of them were world-shaking grand characters who possessed extremely robust and powerful backgrounds.

Not only had such a grand character arrived at their Luo Family, he had also been planning to help them. This would’ve been a great fortune to their Luo Family.

Yet... yet they had been unable to differentiate good from bad, unable to recognize others’ good intentions, and had wanted to use him as a scapegoat for their crimes. They were simply devoid of conscience, worse than dogs and pigs.

At this moment, they finally realized how enormously stupid their decision was. They now knew that their Luo Family was definitely going to cease existing. The reason for that was because a genius like the one before them would always possess power behind them that was much more frightening than that of the Black Fiend.

As for the main cause of this disaster, it would be they themselves. They had offended someone that they should not have. They were the ones who pushed their Luo Family down the path to destruction.

However, they were unable to feel any hatred for Chu Feng. The reason for that was because they knew from the bottoms of their hearts that they were the ones in the wrong. Even if their Luo Family were to be destroyed by Chu Feng, they could only blame it on their own stupidity.

“Benefactor, please don’t! Benefactor, please show leniency!”

Seeing this scene, Luo Huan immediately kneeled before Chu Feng and began to plead for her Luo Family. At this moment, she was also aware of how powerful Chu Feng was.

In fact, Chu Feng was so powerful that he had already greatly surpassed her imagination. With a single thought, he was capable of utterly annihilating their Luo Family.

“Young Hero, all of the wrongs are mine only. If you must kill, then please kill me. Please spare the rest of the people from our Luo Family. They are all innocent,” At the same time, the Luo Family’s Family Head also kneeled and started begging Chu Feng for forgiveness.

He was not hopeful that Chu Feng would spare their Luo Family. However, he still wished to be able to obtain a thread of survival for them.