Chapter 1685 - Proceeding Towards The Five Poisons Mountain

MGA: Chapter 1685 - Proceeding Towards The Five Poisons Mountain

“I don’t,” Chu Feng shook his head after hearing what Du Wanwu said.

“You don’t even know where Mooncloud City is? Are you not someone from the Holy Land of Martialism?” Du Wanwu looked at Chu Feng disdainfully.

“Who said that everyone from the Holy Land of Martialism must know where Mooncloud City is?”

“Furthermore, are you not someone from the Holy Land of Martialism too? Isn’t that Poison Demon’s Valley located in the Holy Land of Martialism?”

“If we are to judge things like that, all of you who lived in that Poison Demon’s Valley are people from the Holy Land of Martialism,” Chu Feng took a fierce glance at Du Wanwu.

Du Wanwu was not someone who was fond of speaking. Thus, how could he possibly win against Chu Feng in an argument? Therefore, he took out a map and handed it to Chu Feng. “Here’s a map, look over it.”

“You should’ve given me that map to begin with,” After Chu Feng received the map, he began to carefully look over it. Then, with a thought, his appearance began to change. Even though he still had the appearance of someone in his early twenties, his appearance was completely different from before.

At this moment, Chu Feng looked to be very ordinary. He had the appearance of someone who wouldn’t attract the attention of others should he stand in a crowd.

“There is one thing that I must inform you two of.”

“There are some grudges between me, the Nangong Imperial Clan and the Beitang Imperial Clan. Thus, I must change my appearance in order for them to not discover me.”

“If the two of you do not wish to be implicated by me, do not address me by my name. Else, if my enemies discover this, you two might be out of luck too,” Chu Feng warned.

“Got it,” Du Wanwu nodded.

“God, I also want to change my appearance. Please help me change my appearance,” Goudan’er said.

“Why change your appearance? You don’t have any enemies, no?” Chu Feng asked.

“I wish to change my appearance to that of a handsome man that is capable of causing countless women to fall for me,” As he spoke those words, Goudan’er’s face grew a bit red.

“Oh you,” At this moment, Chu Feng realized that Goudan’er was reminding him about the thing that he promised him.

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He immediately activated his world spirit techniques. In a blink of an eye, the incomparably ugly Goudan’er turned into a boy so handsome that no faults could be found.

That fair face. Those large eyes. That charming air. He simply did not resemble a boy. Instead, his appearance was more like that of a young girl.

“Check it out. Are you satisfied?” Chu Feng casually formed a mirror and handed it to Goudan’er so that he could check out his current appearance.

“Wow! I’m so handsome that even I could fall for me,” After Goudan’er saw his current appearance, he acted as if he were intoxicated. He was definitely satisfied, and could not be more satisfied. At this time, Goudan’er muttered nonstop: “Heavens, how can I be this handsome? How could others live with how handsome I am?”

Goudan’er acted very narcissistically. It was as if he had thought that he was naturally this handsome and had completely forgotten about how ugly he had been before.

Chu Feng felt a bit helpless. This child was already such a big pervent at such a young age. When he grew up, wouldn’t he become an enormous pervert? How many girls would end up being played by him. What Chu Feng had done for Goudan’er was simply equivalent to helping a tyrant obtain power for future oppression.

However, if he didn’t change Goudan’er’s appearance, Chu Feng feared that Goudan’er’s appearance would frighten others. After all, Goudan’er’s actual appearance was truly too ugly.

Between helping a tyrant obtain power for future oppression and deeply frightening others, Chu Feng had decided to help a tyrant.

“Du Wanwu, your appearance is also very frightening. Should I help you change your appearance too?” Chu Feng asked Du Wanwu with a smile.

Actually, Du Wanwu was not ugly. Merely, his skin was green all over. It was simply a bit too unconventional. Those who didn’t know him might even think that he was a monstrous beast.

“No need,” However, Du Wanwu firmly refused Chu Feng’s kind intentions.

“In that case, we will be setting off. If either of you regret coming here now, I can still send you back.” Chu Feng said as he looked to the surging poison mist down below them.

“I’m not going back. I don’t like the Poison Demon’s Valley. I like this vast world. These legendary blue skies and white clouds are truly beautiful.”

“I also wish to have a look at the legendary night sky filled with stars, as well as the boundless sea. There are also various monstrous beasts and powerful races,” Goudan’er said while smiling happily.

Even though he was a child, he had a very excited reaction right now. It could be seen that this was the world that he had longed for for a long time.

As for Du Wanwu, his determination was inferior to Goudan’er’s. He took a glance at the poison mist below them. In his eyes were traces of yearning. However, he still said to Chu Feng, “Let’s go.”

Du Wanwu was a person with a very strong sense of purpose. He knew very well his purpose in leaving the Poison Demon’s Valley - to retrieve that Gu.

Thus, Chu Feng, Du Wanwu and Goudan’er left the valley and began to proceed toward the direction of the Mooncloud City.

After a long journey, Chu Feng, Du Wanwu and Goudan’er finally arrived at Five Poisons Mountain.

However, at this moment, sounds of fighting could be heard from the direction of the Five Poisons Mountain. There were people fighting.

Upon getting closer, Chu Feng and the others discovered that it was actually two groups of people fighting. One group possessed uniformed clothing and war chariots. On top of each war chariot was a large banner with two characters written on it: ‘Luo Family.’

It would appear that they should be people from the Luo Family.

At this moment, there were roughly five hundred people from the Luo Family. The majority of them possessed cultivations in the Martial King realm. Among them, the person with the strongest cultivation was a yellow-clothed old man.

This old man was at least several hundred years old. He possessed the cultivation of a rank nine Martial King. However, he was only an ordinary rank nine Martial King.

He had only been able to obtain his current accomplishments through perseverance in cultivation. The reason for that was because he did not possess any stunning talent. Else, it would be impossible for him to only have such a cultivation at several hundred years old.

As for the other group of people, it was a bunch of people wearing black clothes. On the back of the black clothed individuals’ clothes was engraved a frightening red skull.

Furthermore, they had covered their faces. Thus, it was impossible to determine their appearances. However, there was one thing that could be certain. That was, they all possessed soaring killing intent. Each and every attack that they used was fatal.

The number of black clothed individuals was much fewer than the people from the Luo Family; there were only a total of thirty six individuals. However, they were all very strong. The majority of them were rank six Martial Kings or above. Among them, three were even rank nine Martial Kings.

At this moment, those three rank nine Martial Kings were surrounding and attacking that old man. At this time, that yellow-clothed old man was already in a disadvantageous position.

As for the rest of the people from the Luo Family, they were even more miserable. Of the more five hundred people who had been there originally, over three hundred had already died. Only a little more than two hundred people were still alive. If the yellow-clothed old man was defeated, they would inevitably be wiped out completely.

“The Luo Clan possesses women and children. We cannot sit and watch without doing anything,” Upon seeing the situation at hand, Chu Feng planned to act. The reason for that was because he had managed to tell that that group of black clothed individuals had ambushed the people from the Luo Family.

There were many powers in the Holy Land of Martialism. Thus, disputes were constant. Something like this was very common. Generally, Chu Feng would not bother with this sort of thing. However, as there were women and children, Chu Feng would definitely get involved.


Right when Chu Feng was planning to attack, Du Wanwu actually acted before him. Each and every attack from Du Wanwu was ruthless. In a blink of an eye, he slaughtered all of those black clothed individuals.

The battle had been reversed in an instant. In fact, those black clothed individuals did not even know how they had died. They had truly died with remaining grievances.

His sudden attack not only stunned the people from the Luo Family, even Chu Feng was shocked by this. He had truly never anticipated that Du Wanwu would be someone who would willingly come to aid people suffering from injustice.

“Thank you, Young Hero, for saving us. Young Hero, may we know of your great name, so that our Luo Family will be able to repay Young Hero’s rescue today in the future.”

At this moment, a middle-aged woman walked out from the Luo Family’s crowd. This woman’s conduct and speed were very natural and unrestrained. She also had quite a good looking appearance. Even though she was relatively old, she still possessed nice curves and ample charm.

When the Luo Family had been fighting the black clothed individuals, all of the people from the Luo Family were doing everything they could to protect this woman. Furthermore, it was also this woman who stepped forward to speak to Du Wanwu. This meant that this woman should be someone with a certain level of status in the Luo Family.

However, Du Wanwu did not answer the woman’s question. Instead, he asked, “If I may ask, are you all the Luo Family from the Five Poisons Mountain?”