Chapter 1686 - Thorny Problem

MGA: Chapter 1686 - Thorny Problem

“Benefactor, we are indeed the Five Poison’s Mountain’s Luo Family.”

“My name is Luo Huan. I am the Third Miss of the Luo Family. May I know benefactor’s name, and which master or sect you might be from?’

“Furthermore, benefactor, how do you know of our Luo Family?”

Luo Huan was very shocked to hear what Du Wanwu asked. However, she still had a very respectful attitude as she asked Du Wanwu those questions.

Luo Huan’s attitude to Du Wanwu was superb and filled with gratefulness. However, this was also natural. After all, Du Wanwu had saved her life.

In this world, was there any grace greater than the grace of someone saving one’s life?

“Since you’re from the Five Poisons Mountain’s Luo Family, there is no need for you to be this courteous toward me. Fifteen thousand years ago, my Ancestor passed by the Five Poisons Mountain. At that time, the Luo Family showed kindness to him.”

“My Ancestor declared that matters concerning the Luo Family would also be matters concerning our Du Clan. Thus, what I have done today is merely my duty,” Du Wanwu said.

Upon hearing what Du Wanwu said, Chu Feng knew that the Luo Family must have shown grace and kindness to the Poison Demon. It was no wonder that someone like Du Wanwu would step forth and help them without the slightest bit of hesitation.

It turned out that he had acted to help them not only because he was helping the weak; more than that, it was because he had seen the flag of the Luo Family that they carried with them.

However, that Luo Huan naturally did not know about this matter. Thus, she asked, “Benefactor, dare I ask, who might your Ancestor be?”

“The person that had shown grace to my Ancestor was not someone from the Luo Family that is well-known. Likely, that person had not mentioned this matter to the Luo Family either. Even if I were to tell you the name of my Ancestor, you all would definitely not know about it.”

“As for me, my name is Du Wanwu,” Du Wanwu said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled. He knew why Du Wanwu did not declare the name of the Poison Demon. After all, they possessed the same name.

“So benefactor’s name is Du Wanwu. That is a very unique name,” Other than feeling that the name was strange, Luo Huan did not have too much of a reaction from hearing Du Wanwu’s name.

This meant that she should not have known about the Poison Demon’s famous name. If she didn’t even know about the Poison Demon, she would naturally not know about what had happened fifteen thousand years ago.

Furthermore, Chu Feng guessed that even if the Luo Family had really shown grace and kindness to the Poison Demon, it would definitely only have been a small kindness. Else, it would not have been possible for it to be presented to the Poison Demon by an unknown individual from the Luo Family.

After all, no matter what, the Luo Family was a family that had been in existence for over fifteen thousand years. Currently, they did not appear to be powerful. Likely, even if the Luo Family were more powerful fifteen thousand years ago compared to now, it would not have been that much more powerful.

Thus, what sort of help could an unknown individual from the Luo Family possibly provide the all-powerful Poison Demon with? Likely, the Poison Demon had decided to repay a favor akin to a droplet of water in the manner of a gushing spring.

“I dare ask, these people, do you know them? Why have they attacked you all?” At this moment, Chu Feng walked out with Goudan’er.

As Du Wanwu had already declared that he was associated with the Luo Family, it would be unsuitable for Chu Feng to continue watching from the side.

“This person is?” When they saw Chu Feng, Luo Huan and the others displayed respectful expressions.

No matter what, Chu Feng was already a rank two Half Martial Emperor, whereas they were only mere Martial Kings. Thus, they were able to naturally sense how powerful Chu Feng was.

“I am Du Wanwu’s friend. My name is Feng Xing. He is…” Chu Feng looked at Guodan’er and started to hesitate slightly. After all, Guodan’er had became very handsome. If he were still to be addressed as Guodan’er, it would truly be too unsuitable of a name. Thus, taking Guodan’er’s outer appearance into consideration, Chu Feng said to him,” forget about it, you can introduce yourself.”

“Hehe, I am called Guodan’er.” At this moment, Guodan’er spoke his name without the slightest hesitation.

“Guodan’er, why would such an adorable child have such a name?’

Sure enough, after hearing Guodan’er’s name, Luo Huan was unable to contain herself. She covered her mouth and started to laugh. However, the gaze with which she looked to Guodan’er with possessed an undisguised sort of fondness.

Her reaction was only normal. Not only had Du Wanwu saved her, Guodan’er’s current appearance was extremely delightful to the eyes.

Seeing Luo Huan’s affectionate gaze, Guodan’er’s eyes narrowed into two crescents, and his mouth lifted into a curve. He revealed a sincere and brilliant smile as he said, “Aunty, I want a hug.”

Luo Huan had wanted to hug Guodan’er to begin with. After all, even though Guodan’er was ten years old, he was still only a child. For women Luo Huan’s age, they loved adorable children the most.

Thus, after hearing what Guodan’er said, Luo Huan was overjoyed. Without the slightest hesitation, she placed Guodan’er in her bosom as she hugged him.

Seeing this scene, the bystanders did not have any special opinions. Even Du Wanwu felt this to be very normal.

However, Chu Feng discovered that the moment when Luo Huan hugged Guodan’er, Guodan’er’s eyes shined with a sinister gaze.

This cannot be blamed on Guodan’er. After all, in their village, there were simply too few good-looking girls. Even though Luo Huan was only a somewhat good-looking middle-aged woman who was very commonly seen in the Holy Land of Martialism, she would be an exceptional beauty akin to a celestial fairy should she be placed in Guodan’er’s village.

With how perverted this Guodan’er brat was, he would naturally be overjoyed to be hugged by such a beautiful woman.

However, Chu Feng had still underestimated how vulgar Guodan’er really was. Without the slightest hesitation, Guodan’er snuggled his little head into Luo Huan’s two soft lumps and shouted, “Aunty Luo Huan’s embrace is truly comfortable.” At this time, black lines rolled down Chu Feng’s forehead.

Not only had Guodan’er used his face, he even used his hands. This was simply too out of control.

Being fondled by Guodan’er, Luo Huan started to turn red. No matter what, Guodan’er’s perverted actions were simply too obvious. All of a sudden, Luo Huan didn’t know what to do.

“Miss Luo, Guodan’er is too heavy. It’s better that I carry him,” During the moment of crisis, Chu Feng stepped forward and grabbed Guodan’er away from Luo Huan’s bosom.

However, Chu Feng did not hug Guodan’er to carry him. Instead, he directly cast him to the ground and said, “You’re already ten. You’re not a child anymore. Do you not know how to walk? Do not ask for hugs just because you see a beauty.”

The intention of Chu Feng’s words was very obvious. He was reminding Luo Huan and the other women from the Luo Family that Guodan’er was not as pure and innocent as he appeared to be, and that they should be on guard against him.

“Hehe, Aunty Luo Huan was too beautiful. I was unable to restrain my emotions,” Guodan’er had an expression of wanting to continue.

Seeing the current Guodan’er, Luo Huan started to have a lingering fear. She finally realized that this innocent-looking child was actually an early-blooming little sex fiend. At this moment, even though Luo Huan was already a middle-aged woman, she started to fear Guodan’er.

“Miss Luo, you have yet to answer the question I asked earlier,” Chu Feng said.

“This is a long story. Benefactors, might it be possible for you to to come to our Luo Family to talk about this?” Luo Huan was inviting Chu Feng and them to be guests at their Luo Family.

“Of course,” As their destination was the Five Poisons Mountain, Chu Feng and the others naturally did not refuse. Not only was the Luo Family located at the foot of the Five Poisons Mountain, it had also existed in that place for over fifteen thousand years. Thus, they should know about the situation of the Five Poisons Mountain extremely well.

If Chu Feng and the others were to be guests at the Luo Family, not only would they have a place to stay, it would also make things a lot more convenient.

Thus, Chu Feng, Du Wanwu and Guodan’er followed Luo Huan and arrived at the Luo Family.

Chu Feng discovered that this Luo Family was very large. At the very least, there were close to ten thousand people. If such a family were to be placed in the Nine Provinces Continent, it would definitely be a huge family.

However, even though there were a lot of people in the Luo Family, there were not many powerful experts. Upon entering the Luo Family, Chu Feng used his spirit power to sweep through the entire Luo Family, and discovered that there were three Half Martial Emperors. Among them, the strongest individual was only a rank two Half Martial Emperor. Furthermore, he was only an ordinary rank two Half Martial Emperor.

Luo Huan was very attentive to Chu Feng and the others. She arranged first-rate guest rooms for Chu Feng’s group, and also arranged for maids to attend to them.

After arriving in the Luo Family, Chu Feng came to know that the black clothed individuals with skulls on their backs were not people to be trifled with.

This had truly became a somewhat thorny problem.