Chapter 1684 - Mooncloud City

MGA: Chapter 1684 - Mooncloud City [1. The name of the city literally reads worship moon cloud city. The worship part is too hard to integrate and I feel like mooncloud city sounds better.]

“What brother White-brow says is reasonable.”

Nangong Beidou nodded. Actually, in their journey to the Ten Thousand Miles Heavenly Summit, they had not even managed to meet the Snow-haired Immortal face to face. The Snow-haired Immortal had only spoken to them without revealing herself.

Furthermore, the Snow-haired Immortal had a very vile attitude toward them. That attitude was simply the attitude of someone who didn’t place them in her eyes.

Nangong Beidou had managed to become aware at that time that the Snow-haired Immortal was not someone who was easily trifled with. In fact, he had heard about the various deeds that the Snow-haired Immortal had done before. She was an extremely crazy woman. Even though she was known as one of the Ten Immortals, she was a very vicious character.

Even though the Nangong Imperial Clan had existed for a very long time and possessed a very deep background, the Ten Immortals’ fame for fighting prowess was not unfounded. All of them were existences not easily trifled with.

Nangong Beidou also did not wish to start a war with the Snow-haired Immortal. That was the reason why he had asked the White-browed Immortal for his opinion. It was all so that he could find a way out of this difficult situation, find a reason to not start a war against the Snow-haired Immortal.

“Immortal. We are not questioning you. Merely, we really did sense Chu Feng’s aura that time. Exactly why did that happen?” Nangong Tianhu asked timidly. He truly feared that the White-browed Immortal would be angered. However, he deeply wished to know why he had felt Chu Feng’s aura.

“Why? Isn’t it obvious?’

“You and your brother’s Cyan Rainbow Sword and Purple Rainbow Sword have been snatched away by Chu Feng. Thus, fear of Chu Feng has grown in your hearts. The two of you were worried about Chu Feng completely seizing away your Cyan Rainbow Sword and Purple Rainbow Sword the entire time.”

“Thus, when the connections between the Cyan Rainbow Sword and the Purple Rainbow Sword were severed from you two, the two of you had a misperception that it was Chu Feng who severed the connections.”

“However, that was nothing more than a misperception,” White-browed Immortal said.

“Tianhu, Tianshi, as men, you two must not bother with trifling matters. The two of you must quickly walk out from Chu Feng’s shadow. Else, how can you attain greatness in the future?” Nangong Beidou said.

“Yes,” Nangong Tianhu and Nangong Tianshi nodded. They did not dare to contradict what their Imperial Father said.

Afterward, Nangong Beidou began to discuss some matters with the rest of the crowd, and announced that they would be removing the wanted posters for Chu Feng.

After the discussions were over, White-browed Immortal and the rest left. However, Nangong Beidou had his four children stay behind.

After the White-browed Immortal left, Nangong Tianlong asked, “Imperial Father, did Chu Feng really die?”

“He should have. That Chu Feng was truly unfortunate to encounter the Snow-haired Immortal. She is the most vicious and merciless witch among the Ten Immortals,” After saying those words, Nangong Beidou smiled. Evidently, he was very happy to know that Chu Feng had died.

“But, Imperial Father, if what that Snow-haired Immortal said is the truth, doesn’t it mean that Chu Feng’s backer has yet to appear?”

“With Chu Feng dead, that person will inevitably attack our Nangong Imperial Clan. We cannot lower our guard,” Nangong Tianlong said.

“Tianlong, you have indeed grown up. Now, your way of thinking is very thorough.”

“I have already thought about those things. Our Nangong Imperial Clan put out the wanted posters of Chu Feng because we did not fear him.”

“Thus, if the person behind him dares to come to our door, it would be even better. We will be able to eliminate future trouble.”

“However, as the saying goes, it is easy to dodge a spear in the open, but hard to avoid a stab in the dark. What I fear the most is not an open enemy, but instead a shadowy enemy who will attack us with dirty tricks.”

“In order to prevent that, I will spread the word to have everyone know that it was the Snow-haired Immortal who killed Chu Feng.”

“Thus, if there really is someone behind Chu Feng, that person will likely search for the Snow-haired Immortal first.”

“After all, it is the truth that the Snow-haired Immortal killed Chu Feng,” Nangong Beidou said.

“As the sandpiper fights with the clam, the fisherman catches both. Imperial Father is truly wise,” After hearing those words, Nangong Tianlong and the others began to express their admiration.

“Merely, Imperial Father, the aura that we felt was truly not a misperception. We sensed that aura with certainty. If you do not believe me, go and ask third brother,” Nangong Tianhu said.

“Imperial Father, what second brother says is the truth,” Nangong Tianshi also said with a determined expression.

“Tianhu, Tianshi, forget about this matter. Even if what you two sensed was real, that does not necessarily mean that Chu Feng has not died. It might be that the Snow-haired Immortal deliberately released Chu Feng’s aura before severing the connections in order to play with us.”

“This matter is settled. Do not think about it anymore. The four of you have been staying in the clan for some time now. Now that Chu Feng has died, I will allow you all to go out.”

“Days ago, didn’t the Dongfang Imperial Clan invite the younger generation from the other Three Imperial Clans to Mooncloud City to swap pointers with one another and determine the strongest of the younger generation among the Four Imperial Clans?”

“I’ve thought about it. In the end, I feel that it is best to have you all go there. If you all don’t go, I fear that we will be mocked by the other Three Imperial Clans,” Nangong Beidou said.

“Thank you Imperial Father,” Hearing those words, Nangong Tianlong and the others were overjoyed. They had wanted to experience the might of the other Three Imperial Clan’s younger generation for some time now.

Merely, due to the matter concerning Chu Feng, they had had their freedom restricted, and had been unable to go there. Naturally, the four of them would be extremely ecstatic to know that they were allowed to go about their business now.

“Remember, do not disgrace our Nangong Imperial Clan. While I do not demand that you all be the strongest, you must not be the weakest,” Nangong Beidou said.

“We will not dare to disappoint you, Imperial Father,” The four siblings said simultaneously with expressions of confidence and excitement on their faces.


Early next morning, Chu Feng began to set up the secret technique. This secret technique was very simple. It was merely a defensive barrier. This defensive barrier was not an ordinary world spirit defensive barrier. Rather, it utilized Chu Feng’s aura and blood. This caused the defensive barrier to appear exactly like Chu Feng.

In simpler terms, this defensive barrier was a fat Chu Feng. When Goudan’er and Du Wanwu entered this defensive barrier, it would be akin to them entering Chu Feng’s body, fusing with him and sharing the immunity to poisons that his body possessed. Naturally, they would be able to pass through the Poison Mist Formation like this.

However, this was only in theory. Chu Feng was not absolutely certain that he would be able to bring Du Wanwu and Goudan’er out with him. Thus, Chu Feng had already made preparations should any accidents happen. He would immediately bring the two of them back. No matter what, he would not have the two of them lose their lives in vain.

“Are you two ready? This is a do or die matter,” Chu Feng looked to Du Wanwu and Goudan’er, the two people in the defensive barrier with him.

“Let’s go,” Du Wanwu said. Even though Du Wanwu was an uncommunicative person, his eyes revealed a faint excitement. It would appear that he wanted to go have a look at the Holy Land of Martialism too.

“Hehe, I don’t fear death. Even if I am to die, I must still have a look at the Holy Land of Martialism,” Goudan’er had an indifferent expression. He was impatient to leave.

“Very well, we’ll set off then.”


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s footsteps began to move. Like a reverse meteor, he explosively shot toward the sky, toward the surging cloud of poison.

At this moment, regardless of whether they might be the villagers or the people from the Du Clan, they were all extremely nervous. None of them wished for any accidents to occur

Chu Feng, Du Wanwu and Goudan’er soared into the sky with an extremely fast speed. Soon, they had passed through the layers of poison mist and reached the outside of the valley floor.

“It seems like we have succeeded,” Seeing the dark blue sky as well as the clouds in the sky, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he said to Du Wanwu, “Du Wanwu, do you know which direction that Five Poisons Mountain with the Gu is located at?”

“Mooncloud City, do you know of it?”

“The Five Poisons Mountain is located very close to the Mooncloud City. We merely need to proceed toward the direction of Mooncloud City,” Du Wanwu said.