Chapter 1678 - Finding The Poisonous Substance

MGA: Chapter 1678 - Finding The Poisonous Substance

The Fire Immortal Profound Technique had fused with Chu Feng. Chu Feng’s complexion remained the same and his aura was not chaotic either. He had not received the oppressive power that the Fire Immortal Profound Technique had mentioned to him.

Chu Feng felt that the Fire Immortal Profound Technique didn’t seem to be lying to him. After all, that swindler monk had also mentioned the same thing as the Fire Immortal Profound Technique. Likely, it was true that all the Five Elements Secret Skills could not be possessed by one body.

However, Chu Feng did not feel any oppression. There could only be one explanation for that - Chu Feng’s soul was exceptionally powerful. Merely the Fire Immortal Profound Technique and the Water Immortal Profound Technique would not be able to create any pressure for him.

At this moment, Chu Feng was overjoyed. He had never expected to be able to obtain the Fire Immortal Profound Technique this easily. Furthermore, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique actually did not cause any pressure on his soul.

Thus, Chu Feng was determined to do one thing - he had to find a way to obtain the three remaining secret skills of the Five Elements Secret Skills: the Gold Immortal Profound Technique, the Wood Immortal Profound Technique, and the Earth Immortal Profound Technique.

Chu Feng wanted to know the secret left behind by the Five Elements Old Ancestor very much.

“Eggy, I’ve obtained the Fire Immortal Profound Technique. I wonder... when will you wake up?”

After successfully obtaining the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, Chu Feng began to feel a sense of loss. If it was before, Eggy would be enjoying the joy of this moment together with him. However, this time around, she was not.

Eggy had slept for a while now. Chu Feng did not know when she would wake up. However, one thing was certain. Before Eggy woke up, Chu Feng’s heart would be shrouded with worries.

Afterward, Chu Feng walked through the Inheritance Hall and returned. Due to the fact that Chu Feng had obtained the Fire Immortal Profound Technique too quickly, Du Xiangyu and Du Wanwu both thought that Chu Feng had failed when he returned.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it would appear that even you are unable to subdue the Fire Immortal Profound Technique.”

“However, you do not have to feel depressed. After all, over the course of all these years, there has never been anyone capable of subduing the Fire Immortal Profound Technique. Likely, there is already no one in this world capable of having it serve them.”

Even though Du Xiangyu was trying to comfort Chu Feng, she was beaming with happiness as she spoke those words. It could be seen that she was made very happy by Chu Feng’s failure to subdue the Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

Chu Feng was naturally capable of telling what Du Xiangyu was thinking. He knew that the people from the Du Clan actually did not wish for him to be able to bring the Fire Immortal Profound Technique away.

Since Du Xiangyu and Du Wanwu had thought that Chu Feng had returned in failure, there was simply no reason for him to tell them that he had successfully obtained the Fire Immortal Profound Technique.

Thus, Chu Feng did not tell them whether he had obtained the Fire Immortal Profound Technique or not. Instead, he only slightly smiled. The meaning behind his smile was something that only he knew.

Du Xiangyu and Du Wanwu had evidently misunderstood Chu Feng’s smile. They both felt that he was silently verifying that he had failed.

At this moment, even though Du Xiangyu was deliberately concealing her happiness, the joy in her gaze had become even more intense.

No matter what, humans were still humans. Even an old monster that had lived for close to ten thousand years and possessed heaven-defying strength could not break free from the seven emotional states and six desires, the fundamentals of humans.

Of course, it was only because one possessed those emotions that one could be considered to be human.

Afterward, Chu Feng and the others returned to the guest room that they were previously in.

“Senior, may I know what the method to bring Du Wanwu out of here with me that you spoke of is?” As Chu Feng had obtained the Fire Immortal Profound Technique, he was itching to get out of this place and return to the Holy Land of Martialism.

“That method is very simple. It’s a secret technique that is passed down in our Du Clan. Through that secret technique, you will be able to bring at least two people out with you.”

“However, this secret technique requires some materials to activate. Furthermore, those materials are very important. I must make some preparations,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Roughly how long must you prepare?” Chu Feng asked.

“A day will be sufficient,” Du Xiangyu said.

“If that’s the case, may I return to the village first? I wish to inform them of the news of your Du Clan’s intention in returning their freedom to them,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s of course not an issue,” Du Xiangyu said while smiling.

“I’m afraid that they will not believe me if I go by myself. Let’s have Du Wanwu come along with me,” Chu Feng said.

“I’m not going,” Du Wanwu refused flatly.

“Look, with how insincere he is, how could I possibly put my faith in you all? If you all decide to go back on your promise after I leave this place, what do I do then?” Chu Feng asked with a skeptical expression.

“Wanwu, go with him. What Chu Feng says is reasonable. If he goes by himself, there will be no one to verify his claims. Likely, those villagers will not believe him. Bring some more people with you, bring Xiuyuan and the others along with you. This way, those villagers will believe you all.”

“Since we have agreed with little friend Chu Feng’s requests, we must keep our promise. For something like this, we should show sincerity. As the chief of the Du Clan, you should go,” Du Xiangyu said.

“Okay,” Seeing that Du Xiangyu had suggested that he go, Du Wanwu found it unbefitting to refuse her. Even though he was the chief of the Du Clan, ever since Du Xiangyu had appeared, the person truly in charge of the Du Clan had become Du Xiangyu. Furthermore, as Du Wanwu was someone that deeply respected his elders, he immediately obeyed what Du Xiangyu said.

Before they left, Du Xiangyu added, “Remember, act with a good attitude,”

Afterward, Chu Feng brought Du Wanwu and the others and arrived at the village.

In the beginning, the villagers were so frightened by the appearance of the Du Clan’s army that they started to roll and crawl to escape. They all thought that Chu Feng’s discussion with them had ended in failure, and that the Du Clan had come to create troubles for them.

However, when Chu Feng stood out from the Du Clan unscathed and declared what the situation was, and Du Wanwu personally authenticated his words, the villagers were so emotionally moved that they started to cry with snot and tears.

“God! God! God!!!”

All of a sudden, the word ‘god’ began to resonate through the horizon. The villagers were shouting that word nonstop. Even Goudan’er and the other children were also shouting that word.

Chu Feng had truly become a god in their hearts, a god who had saved them, a god who had altered their destiny.

When someone was being worshipped and thanked by others to such a degree, one might feel a sensation of false glory. Actually, to be precise, this could not be considered to be a false glory. Instead, it should be pride in one’s achievements. As for Chu Feng, he too felt this sensation.

However, more than that, he felt joy for the villagers from the bottom of his heart. He felt that what he had done was correct and worthy.

As some people say, the greater one’s powers, the greater one’s responsibilities.

For the strong, they should root out the strong and support the weak, they should help the weak fight against injustice.

Chu Feng felt that to be very true. He had done those things in the past and would continue to do those things in the future.

After the people from the Du Clan left, Chu Feng was brought to the village. The villagers, while crying with tears and snot, gathered around and tightly surrounded Chu Feng.

Especially the children, they were tightly hugging Chu Feng, diving into his bosom. Among them, the person who was the most enthusiastic was Goudan’er. Not only was he hugging Chu Feng, he was using his large face to rub against Chu Feng’s body nonstop, leaving snot all over his clothes.

After a series of cheers of excitement, Chu Feng finally broke free from the crowd. Chu Feng did not continue to stay in the village. Instead, he began to wander the Poison Demon’s Valley.

He was not taking a stroll. Instead, he was observing the Poison Demon’s Valley with his Heaven’s Eyes.

The Fire Immortal Profound Technique had mentioned to Chu Feng that there was a Poisonous Substance in the Poison Demon’s Valley. That Poisonous Substance was extremely exceptional. Even though the Poison Demon had sealed it with world spirit techniques, over the course of all these years, his spirit formation had grown weaker, whereas the Poisonous Substance had become stronger. Thus, it was very possible for that Poisonous Substance to break through the spirit formation and come out.

Thus, Chu Feng wanted to detect where exactly that Poisonous Substance was located. Even though a Poisonous Substance was different from a Natural Oddity, Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes were capable of detecting the change in fengshui. Logically, unless that Poisonous Substance was hidden extremely well, Chu Feng should be able to find it.

“Found it,” After precisely observing the Poison Demon’s Valley, Chu Feng finally found the location of that Poisonous Substance. Thus, Chu Feng entered underground. He wanted to observe that Poisonous Substance at a closer distance.

“Oh no!” However, after Chu Feng entered into the underground, his expression took a huge change.

It was not that Chu Feng had found the wrong location. On the contrary, it was precisely the location of the Poisonous Substance that he had found.

There was a spirit formation around this place. That spirit formation was extremely powerful. It was not an ordinary sealing formation. Rather, it was a type of binding formation capable of using the power of the Poisonous Substance.

However, at this moment, that spirit formation already no longer contained any power. Furthermore, that Poisonous Substance was also gone.

The spirit formation had been broken through, and the Poisonous Substance had escaped.