Chapter 1679 - Suspicious Individual

MGA: Chapter 1679 - Suspicious Individual

Chapter 1679 - Suspicious Individual

That Poisonous Substance had broken through the spirit formation. However, Chu Feng could tell that it had not left the Poison Demon’s Valley.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was able to discover a vague clue. It was the route through which the Poisonous Substance had fled this place.

It was precisely this route that caused Chu Feng to feel extremely uneasy. That route did not lead to the Du Clan. Instead, it was leading to the villagers’ village.

Furthermore, when that route reached the area beside the village, it suddenly disappeared. No matter how Chu Feng tried to search, he was unable to find any more tracks.

“The Poisonous Substance did not leave. Instead, it reached the vicinity of the village? Did it hide itself outside of the village?” At this moment, Chu Feng was frowning deeply. His gaze was flickering with a great amount of unease.

This was an extremely bad situation. With how dangerous that Poisonous Substance was, if it had hidden itself in the vicinity of the village, the villagers would be met with a great calamity.

Thus, Chu Feng entered deep into the underground of the village and began to search for the location where that Poisonous Substance might have hidden itself. However, after an entire day of searching, Chu Feng was unable to find it.

This caused Chu Feng to feel even more uneasy. If that Poisonous Substance had not hidden itself underneath the village, then there were only two possibilities.

For the first one, it was possible that Poisonous Substance had been seriously injured upon breaking through the spirit formation, and had already died before it managed to reach the village. If that were the case, it would explain why the route would suddenly stop upon reaching the vicinity of the village.

If that were the case, everything would be fine, and there would be no danger to the Poison Demon’s Valley.

However, there was a second possibility too. That would be that that Poisonous Substance was in the village. The reason for that was because Chu Feng did not know how that Poisonous Substance looked. However, he was certain of one thing - if that Poisonous Substance was alive, it would definitely be an extremely powerful existence.

It might be possible for it to disguise itself as something or someone. Like that, it could have hidden itself in the village.

If that was the case, it would not only be the villagers that would be in danger, the Du Clan would also be in danger; the entire Poison Demon’s Valley would be in danger.

The reason for that was because the Fire Immortal Profound Technique had mentioned to Chu Feng that the Poisonous Substance had possessed murderous intentions to begin with. After being sealed away by the Poison Demon for so long, and having so much of its power consumed by his descendants, its murderous intentions had most definitely strengthened. Likely, it possessed overflowing hatred.

If it were to escape the spirit formation, it would definitely bring about slaughter. As of now, it had already escaped. However, it had yet to slaughter anyone. This meant that there were two possibilities.

First, it had died. Second, it had not died, but its strength had decreased enormously, and was no match for the Du Clan. Thus, it had concealed itself to train and regain its strength.

Chu Feng arrived outside of the village and began to use his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect each and every house and villager in the village. However, he did not discover anything peculiar. This caused Chu Feng to feel extremely helpless.

If that Poisonous Substance had really hidden itself in the village, then it hid itself extremely brilliantly for Chu Feng to not be able to discover it at all.

“Could it be?”

Chu Feng started to analyze the situation again. However, after analyzing it, his expression suddenly changed.

He had analyzed that the Poisonous Substance should have broken through the spirit formation roughly ten years ago. In other words, regardless of whether that Poisonous Substance had taken the form of a human or an object to enter the village, it should have done so ten years ago.

However, other than that, Chu Feng had thought of another possibility. Could it be that Poisonous Substance had not disguised itself as someone from the village, but instead disguised itself as a certain infant that was just born to the village?

After all, if it were to disguise itself as someone from the village, it would not know about the past of that individual. Thus, it would not be able to blend into the village.

However, if it were to disguise itself as a newborn, it would be able to start from scratch. Like that, no one would suspect anything.

If that really were the case, then Chu Feng had already thought of a possible suspicious individual - Goudan’er.

Goudan’er just so happened to be ten years old. Furthermore, he was extremely ugly. He was so ugly that he could not be considered to be normal.

However, generally, a person’s appearance would be inherited from one’s parents. Although Goudan’er’s father could not be considered to be a very handsome man, he could still be considered to be normal-looking. At the very least, he was not out-of-control ugly like Goudan’er.

As for Goudan’er’s mother, she was already dead. Thus, Chu Feng had not seen her appearance. However, Chu Feng believed that Goudan’er’s mother shouldn’t have been a hideously ugly individual. Otherwise, how could Goudan’er’s father possibly have married her?

There was one other thing, and that was Goudan’er himself. He longed to leave for the Holy Land of Martialism. In this short period of time, he had mentioned to Chu Feng many times whether or not he could bring him to the Holy Land of Martialism.

This sort of longing for the Holy Land of Martialism was present in all of the villagers. However, this was rarely present in the children around Goudan’er’s age.

Judging from this, Goudan’er really did appear to be unconventional.

The more he thought about it, the more Chu Feng felt Goudan’er to be suspicious. However, Chu Feng really did not hope for his suspicion to be true.

Even though he had not known Goudan’er for long, Chu Feng’s impression of Goudan’er was pretty good. He did not think Goudan’er was a bad person.

Chu Feng really did not hope for Goudan’er to be related to that Poisonous Substance. After all, that Poisonous Substance was extremely dangerous.

Thus, Chu Feng went to find Goudan’er’s father. He wanted to learn about Goudan’er from his father.

It just so happened that Goudan’er’s father was not in the village, and was instead outside of the village at the place where they grew the poison plants. He was currently harvesting poison plants.

“God, you are truly a living Buddha. You have saved us!”

“I truly do not know how to repay you. How about I devote my life to you?”

When Goudan’er’s father saw Chu Feng descending from the sky, he hurriedly ran over. It would appear that his current mood was extremely good, as he actually began to joke around with Chu Feng.

[1. When he said devote my life, it means to marry Chu Feng.]

However, when Chu Feng saw Goudan’er’s father acting in this manner, he was very happy. At the very least, Goudan’er’s behavior resembled his father’s very much. Even though Goudan’er might not have inherited his appearance, he had managed to inherit his personality. In turn, this lessened the possibility of Goudan’er being the Poisonous Substance.

“Goudan’er’s father, didn’t the Du Clan return your freedom to you all? Why are you still taking care of and harvesting these poison plants?” Chu Feng asked.

“Sigh, no matter what, we have already grown these poison plants. Thus, we couldn’t possibly leave them behind to rot here, no? I think it would be better to harvest the mature poison plants and present them to the Du Clan one last time,” Goudan’er’s father said with a smile.

“Never would I have thought you to be such a considerate person,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Even though I might appear to be very carefree, I am actually a very attentive person. If that wasn’t the case, how could Goudan’er’s mother possibly have fallen for me?”

“I’m not boasting at all. Goudan’er’s mother was the most beautiful woman in our village back then. There were countless men who wanted her, countless men who competed against me for her. Unfortunately for them, they were all defeated by me. In the end, I was the one who managed to obtain Goudan’er’s mother. Hehe…” Goudan’er’s father spoke in a very boastful manner.

“Based on what you’ve said, Goudan’er’s mother was a very beautiful woman?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s to be expected. While her beauty could not be said to be on par with celestial fairies, she was still devastatingly beautiful, capable of causing the downfall of a city,” Goudan’er’s father said.

“In that case, how did Goudan’er, that child, grow up to have such an appearance?” Chu Feng sighed.

Goudan’er’s father sighed, “That’s true. That child Goudan’er’s appearance truly does not resemble me, and even less his mother. When he was born, all of the villagers said that Guodan’er was not my child.”

“However, if Goudan’er isn’t my child, then whose child could he be? There are this many people in the village. However, not a single one of them have an appearance that resembled Goudan’er’s. Thus, he’s still my son. He’s still my child,” Mentioning this matter, Goudan’er’s father had a helpless expression.

“I have a question that I do not know whether it is suitable for me to ask or not,” Chu Feng said.

“God, you are our benefactor. Please don’t say something like that. If there is anything you wish to ask, please ask away. It is my honor to be able to speak with you,” Goudan’er’s father said in a very sincere manner.