Chapter 1677 - The Fire Immortal’s Request

MGA: Chapter 1677 - The Fire Immortal’s Request

“Great eyesight senior. Not only did you manage to tell that I am not someone from the Du Clan with a single glance, you also discovered the Water Immortal Profound Technique on me,” Chu Feng said.

“I have been in the Du Clan for this long. If I cannot tell whether or not you are someone from the Du Clan, I will have lived in vain.”

“As for the Water Immortal Profound Technique, it possesses the same origin as me. Thus, there is a certain amount of connection between us. Naturally, I am able to discover it.”

“Speaking of it, boy, since you are not someone from the Du Clan, how did you manage to reach this place? Could it be that the Poison Mist Formation set up by Du Wanwu has been broken through by someone?” The Fire Immortal Profound Technique asked.

“The Poison Mist Formation is still active. Like before, it still surrounds this place, protecting it,” Chu Feng replied.

“In that case, how did you manage to reach here?” The Fire Immortal Profound Technique asked.

“That is a long story. To speak of it simply, it could be said that I came here purely by coincidence. It was all an accident,” Chu Feng replied.

“This can be considered to be fate then. You have especially come to find me in order to have me serve you, isn’t that so?” The Fire Immortal Profound Technique asked.

“There is nothing that junior can hide from senior. Indeed, junior wishes to be able to obtain senior’s assistance,” Chu Feng did not conceal the matter and spoke of the truth.

“Boy, I will not hide this from you either. After Du Wanwu, I had thought that there would not be anyone capable of obtaining my loyalty and devotion. I had originally planned to stay here and spend the rest of my life in solitude.”

“However, your appearance has made me very excited. That’s because your talent is enough to make this Immortal vow loyalty and devotion to you.”

“That’s because your talent is much stronger than Du Wanwu’s talent. If there aren’t any mishaps, you have the potential to become an era’s overlord. As for that, it is something that Du Wanwu could not accomplish.”

“However, there is one thing that I must tell you. It is very difficult for us, the Five Elements Secret Skills, to coexist.”

“Back then, when Five Elements Old Ancestor created the five of us, he hid a secret within us. Even we do not know exactly what this secret is. However, one thing is certain. That is, as long as the five of us are gathered in one person’s body, that secret will be known.”

“Precisely because of that, the Five Elements Old Ancestor added another kind of power to the five of us. That is, an oppressive power making us unable to coexist with one another.”

“For ordinary people, not to mention possessing all five of us, even just attempting to have two of us fuse with his or her body would be extremely difficult to sustain.”

“The reason for that is because when we are fused into one body, the oppressive sensation which we will emit is something that is extremely difficult for ordinary souls to bear. In less serious cases, one’s soul might be damaged, and one’s cultivation might become stagnant, unable to increase. In a more serious case, one’s body and soul will explode on the spot, causing one’s death.”

“I am most definitely not trying to scare you by saying these things. Over the course of all these years, something like that has happened many times. Among all of the people who managed to fuse with us, the strongest person was able to successfully fuse with three of us. However, even though he was successful, not long after, his body still exploded.”

“Thus, if you wish to have me serve you, you must be mentally prepared. I am able to serve you, and I also wish to return to the Holy Land of Martialism with you so that I can experience new battles. However, I do not wish for you… to die because of me.”

The Fire Immortal Profound Technique warned Chu Feng in a very serious manner. It could be seen that it was very fond of Chu Feng. Otherwise, it would not have said all these things to him.

In short, it was worried about Chu Feng dying, as it was fond of Chu Feng’s talent.

“Senior, thank you for your warning. However, the path of cultivation is a path where one will start falling back the moment one stops moving forward. Without dangers, it would not be a martial cultivation world.”

“Junior is confident in being able to sustain the oppressive energy created by senior and senior Water Immortal. It is not that junior is arrogant. But, if possible, I wish to be able to have the Gold Immortal, Wood Immortal and Earth Immortal also fuse with me. I wish to become the first person since the Ancient Era to obtain the secret left behind by Five Elements Old Ancestor.”

Chu Feng said those words effortlessly. However, when those words left his mouth, they felt very grand and powerful. What Chu Feng had expressed with those words was not only confidence. In addition to that, there was ambition, a boundless ambition.

“You wish to become the first person since the Ancient Era to obtain the secret? Good, very good,” The Fire Immortal Profound Technique praised Chu Feng. Then, he said, “Boy, you are truly to this Immortal’s liking. What is your name?”

“Junior is called Chu Feng,” Chu Feng clasped his fist. He appeared to be very serious.

Even though Chu Feng possessed exceptional talent, it remained that he was currently weak. To have such a powerful secret skill serve him would be putting it through great inconveniences and making it suffer grievances.

However, this secret skill was willing to put itself through those inconveniences and suffer those grievances in order to serve Chu Feng. Merely this intention was enough to have Chu Feng feel respect and admiration for it.

“Chu Feng, this Immortal is capable of telling that you are definitely not a frog in a pond. Sooner or later, you will be able to move about unhindered in the Holy Land of Martialism. Thus, today, this Immortal is willing to lend you a helping hand and accompany you as you move about unhindered through the world, conquering it.”

As the Fire Immortal Profound Technique said those words, it turned into a strand of light and entered Chu Feng’s forehead.

“Chu Feng, there is another matter that I hope that you can help me with.”

Right at the moment when the Fire Immortal Profound Technique was about to fuse with Chu Feng, it suddenly spoke again.

“Senior, what is it that you need, please say it. As long as junior is capable of helping, I will definitely help you accomplish it,” Chu Feng said.

“Actually, it is not my request. Rather, it is Du Wanwu’s request. Back then, Du Wanwu had not chosen this place without cause.”

“There is a Poisonous Substance being nurtured within this valley. With that Poisonous Substance here, it is capable of helping the Du Clan grow the poison plants that they use to cultivate with.”

“However, that Poisonous Substance is also extremely dangerous. Du Wanwu set up a binding formation on that Poisonous Substance in order to prevent it from bringing harm to the people from the Du Clan.”

“However, Du Wanwu also mentioned that the Poisonous Substance might mature at any moment. At that time, it will take on human form and break through the bindings he had placed on it.”

“Due to the fact that the Poisonous Substance has been trapped in here for so long, and had its poison consumed by the people of the Du Clan, it if manages to mature, it will definitely be filled with killing intent. If that day is to come, the Du Clan will be faced with a catastrophe.”

“Even though that Poisonous Substance maturing is only a possibility, in order to prevent the unexpected, Du Wanwu once requested that I help him protect the Du Clan.”

“I have guarded this place for over ten thousand years. However, that Poisonous Substance has still not shown itself. I presume that the formation Du Wanwu set up might have succeeded in containing it.”

“However, there are always unexpected things that could happen. Right now, I will be following you. Thus, I am not able to feel relieved in leaving this place. I am able to tell that you’re a world spiritist, and possess very decent talent on top of that. In the future, you will definitely be able to become a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.”

“Thus, I hope that you will promise me one thing. In the future, after you become a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, can you return to this place and set up a binding formation around that Poisonous Substance to ensure that it will not harm the Du Clan’s descendants?” This was the Fire Immortal Profound Technique’s request.

“Although senior is a secret skill, senior is truly loyal. Junior promises senior that he will definitely do what you have asked.”

“However, senior, there is also a matter that junior wishes to consult with you on,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it that you wish to know? Speak of it quickly. I have already entered your body, and must fuse with your soul soon. Else, it will be detrimental to both you and I,” The Fire Immortal Profound Technique said.

“Exactly what did the Ancient Era look like? Compared to the Holy Land of Martialism today, which is stronger and which is weaker?” Chu Feng asked.

There were countless rumors regarding the Ancient Era. However, none of them could be verified. Thus, Chu Feng was very curious as to exactly what the Ancient Era was like.

“The Ancient Era? That’s too distant of a time. Furthermore, the Five Elements Old Ancestor was born into the end of the Ancient Era. Thus, he did not manage to see the most flourishing age in the Ancient Era.”

“However, even though it was the end of the Ancient Era, it still surpassed the current Holy Land of Martialism by many times.”

“The world is enormous. Nothing is too bizarre. This region of the world is merely the tip of an iceberg. In the Ancient Era, there were people that went against heaven and entered the Outer World. Has there been anyone in the current era capable of doing that?”

“The path of martial cultivation is forever without limit. Chu Feng… your path is still long. Walk slowly. If possible, I also wish to experience the Outer World. I hope that you will be able to help me obtain that dream.”


After saying those words, the Fire Immortal Profound Technique burst into loud laughter. After its laughter stopped, it spoke no more. Even its aura was gone. This supreme secret skill had fused with Chu Feng.

Earlier, it had been the majestic Fire Immortal Profound Technique that wielded impressive power.

Yet now, it was only one of Chu Feng’s techniques.