Chapter 1570 - No Way Back

MGA: Chapter 1570 - No Way Back

Before they left, Chu Feng personally went to ask the old man and the five young people on the isle whether they would want to go with them.

The response he received from them was that they planned to continue to stay on this isle, and they would not take any more risks.

They would wait until the trials were over, when the sea returned to normal, and then return to the golden beach.

Seeing that they had decided, Chu Feng did not try to urge them to join him and the others. Instead, he directly set off.

The journey ahead was being led by the people from the Three Thousand Monastery. They were all very proficient in world spirit techniques. Furthermore, three among them were even royal-cloak world spiritists. Thus, Chu Feng was able to feel a lot more at ease.

However, good things never last forever. Following the path on the map from the isle, a forked path soon appeared before them.

Not only was this forked path not recorded on the map, there were also passages formed by two storms. In other words, if Chu Feng and the others wanted to continue onward, they could only choose between the two paths, as the rest of the sea was occupied by frightening storms and was simply impossible to travel through.

These two storm passages were also quite interesting. The passage on the left possessed howling winds, torrential rain and flashing lightnings. From a glance, one could tell that it was very dangerous.

However, the passage on the right was the exact opposite. Even though it was also surrounded by violent storms, the storms did not have any attack power. Thus, it could be said that the path was very smooth and easy to travel. From merely a single glance, one could tell that the passage on the right was safer.

“We’re going left. Even though the left seems to be dangerous, it’s actually just a trick. Even though the right passage seems to be simple, I fear that it will only lead to a disaster,” That Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head looked to the two passages and analyzed.

“Monastery Head, I think you’ve been deceived,” Chu Feng said.

“What did you say? How am I deceived?” The Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head asked with a displeased expression. It seemed he deeply disliked Chu Feng questioning his decision.

“The left passage seems to be dangerous, and the right passage seems to be safe. Anyone with any bit of intelligence will know that they should take the seemingly dangerous passage. For example, Monastery Head, you’ve thought of that too. However, I can tell you with certainty that these two passages are there to deceive people like yourself,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you mean by that? Are you implying that I am thinking myself to be clever, only to have myself become the victim of my own ingenuity?” The Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head became even more displeased. A trace of anger could be heard in his tone.

Actually, he had looked down upon Chu Feng from the very start. Thus, how could he allow someone who he looked down upon to criticize him?

“That is not what I meant. I merely wish to tell you that world spiritists should look at this sort of spirit formation with their minds, and not only with their eyes.”

“Only by using one’s eyes to look and one’s mind to analyze will one be able to attain the correct judgement,” Chu Feng said.

“Yoh, are you implying that your world spirit techniques are stronger than mine? That the decision that you’ve come to after analyzing the two passages is to take the one on the right, that seemingly safe road?”

“If you wish to take that path, then go ahead. Just remember, when you die there, don’t blame me for not warning you, brainless moron,” The Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head's words were filled with anger. He actually even began to insult Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng only smiled lightly at the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head’s insult and decided to ignore it. He was disinclined to bother arguing with this sort of person.

“Pay attention to the way you speak. Chu Feng is not someone who you can insult. If it weren’t for him, my lil sis and I might have already died.” Right at this moment, Nangong Baihe was unable to continue watching this.

“Miss Baihe, it is this old man that doesn’t know how to speak. I should not have insulted your friend. Merely, please trust me. We must take the left passage. If we are to take the right passage, we will only be courting death.” The Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head did not dare to be disrespectful toward Nangong Baihe.

Even though Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli were not the daughters of the Nangong Imperial Clan’s clan chief, it remained that their father possessed quite a high standing in the Nangong Imperial Clan. Else, the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head would not have known their names.

“Chu Feng, let’s take the left passage. I also feel that even though the right passage appears to be safe, it should actually be filled with hidden dangers. As for the left passage, it’s the complete opposite,” Nangong Baihe urged Chu Feng.

“When even you can tell that the left passage appears to be dangerous but should be safer, how could the person who set up this formation not have thought of that?”

“Who was it that set up this spirit formation? It is that Weaponry Refinement Immortal. When he set up this spirit formation, did you think that he would have made it so simple that we can see through his spirit formation with a single glance?”

“Nangong Baihe, I can tell you with certainty that the Weaponry Refinement Immortal did this deliberately to have you all feel that the more dangerous path is the safer path. He has done so to deceive you all.”

“In truth, not only does the left passage appear to be dangerous, it is actually very dangerous. Not only does the right passage appear to be safe, it is also actually safe.”

“This is actually a simple-looking yet very difficult multiple choice question. It is there precisely to test our intelligence,” Chu Feng’s gaze and tone became serious. He did not wish for Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli to take the wrong path.

“Little fellow, no matter how powerful the Weaponry Refinement Immortal is, he is still a mortal and not a god. Other than having stronger strength than us, his intelligence is not necessarily much higher than ours. Thus, it’s best that you do not think of him as a legend,” The Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head mocked and ridiculed.

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed lightly and decided to ignore the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head again. He looked to Nangong Baihe and said, “Are you determined that you’re going to follow them?”

“Chu Feng, I think that what the Monastery Head says is not without justification,” Nangong Baihe said.

“Got it, I wish you luck,” As Chu Feng spoke, he turned around resolutely and proceeded to walk into the right passage.

“Big sister, how about we go with big brother Chu Feng?” Nangong Moli grabbed Nangong Baihe’s hand and swung it back and forth nonstop.

“Lil sis, I also do not want Chu Feng to throw his life away. However, I must take responsibility for you. Else, I will have let down our late mother.”

Even though Nangong Baihe also had an expression of hesitation as she looked to Chu Feng’s back that was gradually disappearing from her line of sight, she did not choose to follow him.

“That young man dared to say that I’m thinking myself to be clever, only to have myself become the victim of my own ingenuity? In fact, the one that’s thinking himself to be clever is him. Truly young and inexperienced. His death is his own fault,” The Three Thousand Monastery’s head mocked.

“I’m telling you again. Chu Feng is my friend. He is not someone who you can insult. If I hear you speaking ill of him again, I’ll have you pay the price,” Suddenly, Nangong Baihe pointed at the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head and berated him with an extremely serious tone.

At this moment, chilliness flashed through his eyes.

“This old man is slow-witted, this old man is slow-witted,” At this moment, that Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head was deeply frightened. He did not dare to say anything else. Thus, he walked forward and proceeded to lead the way for Nangong Baihe and the others.

The path that they chose was naturally the left passage, the stormy passage that seemed to be extremely dangerous.

However, after they entered it, they discovered that they were mistaken. Not only did this passage look very dangerous, it was actually extremely dangerous. After entering it, they were immediately met with enormous pressure.

Furthermore, sea monsters would frequently appear from within the storm to attack them.

At the beginning, with the people of the Three Thousand Monastery present, they were able to continue onward. Ordinary sea monsters were unable to do anything to them. However, unwittingly, they walked into a spirit formation. Not only did that spirit formation trap them within it, a rank six Half Martial Emperor-level sea monster even appeared in that spirit formation.

That sea monster was a blue sea dragon. Even though it was also formed by a spirit formation, it possessed soaring killing intent. Trapped in the spirit formation, Nangong Baihe and the others had no way to escape. They were akin to fish on the chopping block. All thirteen of them were waiting for their deaths.

They had been wrong. Their choice had been incorrect. It was not only Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli that realized that they were mistaken, even the people from the Three Thousand Monastery realized that they were mistaken. However, at this time, they had no way back.