Chapter 1569 - Reinforcements

MGA: Chapter 1569 - Reinforcements

“The two people that they spoke of, you know them?” Nangong Baihe was very smart. She understood what Chu Feng meant.

Chu Feng smiled lightly, and did not answer her question. However, his smile told Nangong Baihe the answer.

“In that case, they really do deserve to die,” Nangong Baihe smiled. She understood that Chu Feng’s inability to tolerate the Qunguang Brothers meant that the two people that the Qunguang Brothers mentioned should be of considerable importance to Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Oh, that’s right. I have a question that I wish to ask you. I wonder if you might be able to answer me,”

“What is the question? Go ahead and ask. If it’s something that I can tell you, I will definitely answer you,” Nangong Baihe said.

“What sort of person is senior Nangong Longjian?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng did not know Nangong Longjian. The reason he asked about Nangong Longjian was because of Bai Ruochen.

Based on what he knew, Bai Ruochen’s father was Nangong Longjian. However, Bai Ruochen and her mother were like a mystery. Right now, he had managed to coincidentally come across people from the Nangong Imperial Clan. Thus, Chu Feng wished to know what sort of person Nangong Longjian was.

“You’re asking about Lord Longjian? Actually, I am also not very familiar with Lord Longjian. I have never met him in my entire life. All I know about are Lord Longjian’s various achievements.”

“Lord Longjian is very powerful. Even though I have not met him before, Lord Longjian is the strongest expert among all of Nangong Imperial Clan’s living experts. Likely, even our Lord Clan Chief would not be a match for Lord Longjian,” Nangong Baihe said.

“That’s right, that’s right. Lord Longjian is my idol,” When mentioning Nangong Longjian, Nangong Moli also had an excited expression.

“Senior Nangong Longjian is really that powerful?” Chu Feng had heard that Nangong Longjian was very powerful. However, he had never expected Nangong Baihe to say that Nangong Longjian was even stronger than their Nangong Imperial Clan’s clan chief.

One must know that the Nangong Imperial Clan’s clan chief was an existence stronger than all of the Nine Power’s Assembly Masters. His power was not limited to only strength, it was also in status. It was something that was publicly accepted in the entire Holy Land of Martialism.

“That’s right. He’s extremely powerful. Lord Longjian is someone who has subdued an Imperial Armament. It is a real Imperial Armament, not an Incomplete ones or a copy. It is the incomparably mighty Imperial Armament,” Nangong Baihe said with a serious expression.

“Imperial Armament, was it?” When mentioning the Imperial Armament, Chu Feng started to recall the remnant left behind by Qing Xuantian in the Nine Provinces Continent. That was because there was an Imperial Armament in that place. Chu Feng had experienced that Imperial Armament, and knew how frightening it was.

Upon thinking about how Nangong Longjian was able to subdue such a powerful item, Chu Feng determined that he would appear to really be very powerful.

“Might senior Nangong Longjian possess a daughter?” Chu Feng asked.

Bai Ruochen was Nangong Longjian’s daughter. However, her name was not Nangong Ruochen. Instead, she used her mother’s surname. Chu Feng knew that there was definitely a secret to this. Thus, he wished to understand what was going on.

“Daughter? Of course not. Lord Longjian has wholeheartedly focused on martial cultivation, and has traveled to the various dangerous places in the Holy Land of Martialism. He would temper himself with dangers in order to reach a breakthrough to a higher level of cultivation.”

“He has not even had a wife. Thus, how could he have a daughter?” Nangong Baihe flat-out denied the possibility of Nangong Longjian having a daughter. Then, her little lips lifted upward, her eyes narrowed, and a mischievous smile appeared on her face. She asked, “Hey hey hey, you couldn’t possibly have some sort of idea, right? You must have thought that if Lord Longjian possessed a daughter, you’d go and tangle with her, isn’t that right?”

“I merely asked out of curiosity,” Chu Feng smiled lightly. However, in his heart, he came to a certain conclusion that the relationship between Bai Ruochen and Nangong Longjian was, as expected, extraordinary. However, Chu Feng firmly believed that Bai Ruochen was Nangong Longjian’s daughter.

Merely, he did not understand why this matter was being hidden from the public. Was she unable to attain acknowledgement, or could she have concealed her identity on purpose? Likely, even Bai Ruochen herself did not know why, and only Bai Ruochen’s mother and Nangong Longjian would know why.

“Someone’s coming,” Suddenly, Chu Feng turned his gaze to the outside of the palace hall. The inside of the isle did not have any sort of obstruction. Thus, Chu Feng’s perception was capable of covering the entire isle. Thus, when people appeared on the isle, he was able to notice it immediately.

Sure enough, soon, a group of people entered the palace hall. There were a total of eleven people. They were all wearing gray gowns. On their waists were the same sort of title plates. It was evident that these people were all from the same power.

Furthermore, all of them possessed quite decent cultivations. The weakest among them were rank two Half Martial Emperors, and the strongest was a rank five Half Martial Emperor.

However, even though they possessed high levels of cultivation, their battle power was not high at all; they all possessed ordinary battle power. This meant that they did not manage to obtain their current cultivation with absolute talent and a short period of time. Instead, they relied on the accumulation of time, their own effort, decent talent and certain chance opportunities to obtain their current levels of cultivation.

Thus, these eleven people, regardless of what sort of age they appeared to be, their actual ages were at least five hundred years old.

“Miss Baihe, Miss Moli, we’ve finally found you. Why is it only the two of you?” When the leader of the group saw Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli, he had an expression of joy. He immediately walked over and half kneeled to greet them.

“Why have you all only arrived now? I had thought that you all wouldn’t be coming,” Nangong Baihe snorted coldly. It was clear that they knew each other.

“Miss Baihe, we encountered some troubles on the road. That’s why we ended up being late. I am truly sorry about that.”

“Are there only the two of you here? It would seem that you all have been separated by that storm too. For the sake of protecting young misses and young masters, our Three Thousand Monastery had dispatched a total of nine hundred and eighty-one people. However, including myself, we only managed to find eleven people,” The old man leading the group explained.

After hearing their following conversation, Chu Feng came to an understanding that this group of people were from a power by the name of the Three Thousand Monastery. This Three Thousand Monastery was made up of three thousand Half Martial Emperor-level experts. It was a subsidiary power under the Nangong Imperial Clan.

This time around, they had dispatched nine hundred and eighty-one people to journey to the Immortal Island to protect the people from the Nangong Imperial Clan.

However, due to the fact that they had encountered some troubles on the road here, they had arrived late. To be able to come across one another here could be said to be a coincidence.

“I truly would never have expected that little friend Chu Feng was a hidden expert. Fortunately, you were there to protect the two young misses. I am truly grateful.”

“However, since we’ve managed to arrive, you can hand the rest of the journey to us. There is no need for you to exhaust any more strength or effort. We will definitely make sure to help you and the two young misses reach the Immortal Island,” After the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head came to know about what happened with Chu Feng and Nangong Baihe, he began to express his thanks nonstop.

However, even though he was expressing his thanks, Chu Feng was able to tell that he was very skeptical of Chu Feng’s strength, and even looked down on him.

He didn’t seem to believe what Nangong Baihe had said. Perhaps, to him, Chu Feng was nothing more than a swindler who had used some special method to deceive Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli’s trust.

“In that case, I will have to trouble seniors. If we can, what do you all think about continuing with the journey right away?” Chu Feng did not care about what they thought of him. When he knew that Su Rou and Zi Ling had arrived in this place, he became impatient to chase after them.

“This… the path here was a bit difficult. I think it would be better to rest for a bit. Furthermore, we still have to carefully study this map, no?” The elders of the Three Thousand Monastery were reluctant to do so. They had managed to travel past the storm with great difficulty, and had now arrived in such a beautiful place with birdsong, fragrant flowers, food and drink. Naturally, they would wish to rest and reorganize here before proceeding onward.

“It’s just a lousy map, what’s there to study about? Listen to Chu Feng, let’s leave now,” However, Nangong Baihe spoke out against it. Her attitude was very decisive.

“Okay then, let’s do as Miss Baihe says,” With Nangong Baihe speaking for it, they did not dare to refuse. Thus, they had no choice but to take the lead onward.

However, Chu Feng noticed that when the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head turned around, the glance that he looked to Chu Feng with contained a trace of displeasure.

As for Chu Feng, he decided to ignore it. Even though that monastery head was a rank five Half Martial Emperor, he was only an ordinary rank five Half Martial Emperor. If Chu Feng were to go all out, the monastery head would not necessarily be a match for him. Thus, Chu Feng did not fear them playing any tricks on him.