Chapter 1571 - Rescue At The Risk Of One’s Life

MGA: Chapter 1571 - Rescue At The Risk Of One’s Life

“Block it, go and block it immediately. Even if you all have to die, you must still fight for time for me. This is our mission! We must protect the two young misses. Even if we are to die, we must help them gain time to escape.”

At this moment, the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head and the two other royal-cloak world spiritists began to put forth all of their efforts into breaking the spirit formation. At the same time, he loudly shouted to his subordinates to have them use their lives to buy time for them.

However, other than the three of them, the remaining people from the Three Thousand Monastery were simply too weak. How could they possibly be a match for that sea monster? Regardless of whether that sea monster might be formed by a spirit formation or not, it remained that it was a rank six Half Martial Emperor.

Seeing that his subordinates were about to all die in an instant, the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head grabbed onto one of the two royal-cloak world spiritist’s beside him and threw him towards that sea monster. Then, he shouted, “Stop it!”

“You, join him!” Afterward, the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head looked to the other royal-cloak world spiritist.

“Mon, Monastery Head, even if I am to go there, I wouldn’t be a match for that sea monster. Rather than dying in vain, it’s better that I help you open this spirit formation quicker,” That other royal-cloak world spiritist started to panic. That was because everyone who had gone to stop the sea monster before had died. Furthermore, they had died very miserably. He did not wish to die, and definitely did not wish to die that miserably.

“The hell do you know?! This is an order! Protecting the two young misses is our mission! It is even more important than our lives!” As the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head spoke, he grabbed that royal-cloak world spiritist and threw him towards that sea monster like he had done with the other royal-cloak world spiritist.

Landing beside that sea monster, they no longer had the chance to escape. Other than giving their all to fight it, they had no other option.

“Quickly! They are about to be unable to persist! If you don’t act faster, they will really all end up dying!” Nangong Baihe grabbed onto Nangong Moli as she stood beside the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head, urging him nonstop.

At this moment, she was filled with regret. She was regretting how she did not listen to Chu Feng, and instead decided to come here with the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head.

In the end, they entered a trap with no way out, and had to look on helplessly as the people from the Three Thousand Monastery lost their lives because of them. As she watched them die, her heart became filled with guilt.

“What are you shouting about?!” At this moment, an ominous glint appeared in the eyes of that Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head. He grabbed onto Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli.

At the moment he grabbed them, a spirit formation that contained martial power covered their bodies, entered their bodies and sealed off their dantians. They became unable to move at all. It was as if they had been tied up.

“What are you planning to do? You dare to use a spirit formation to bind us?!” At this moment, Nangong Baihe was enraged.

“Damned girl, did you really think that I, your daddy, am really doing all this to protect you all? Your lives are not as valuable as mine.”

“Get over there. Use your lives to stall for some time for your daddy. If your daddy can escape, then your deaths will not have been in vain,” The Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head sneered.

“You bastard! You dare treat us like this!? I will definitely not let you get away!” Nangong Baihe roared in anger. She tried with her all to struggle free. Unfortunately, the spirit formation was too powerful. With her strength, it was simply impossible for her to struggle free.

“You’re the one with the loud mouth, you go and drop dead first!” As the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head spoke, he threw Nangong Baihe toward the sea monster.

When Nangong Baihe landed, she discovered that she was quite some distance away from that sea monster, and not within range of its attacks. However, she was unable to even move, much less escape.

She could only watch helplessly as the people from the Three Thousand Monastery died to that sea monster’s sharp fangs. At this time, that sea monster’s eyes were emitting an ominous glint. With soaring killing intent, it began to slowly move toward Nangong Baihe.

Tears began to roll down Nangong Baihe’s cheeks. She was un-reconciled. It was not only because she knew that she was going to die here, it was also because she knew that her lil’ sis would also end up dying here.

“Lil’ sis, I’m sorry, I didn’t manage to protect you.”

“Mother, I’m sorry, I did not manage to accomplish the task I promised you,” Nangong Baihe closed her eyes tightly. She made the preparations to accept death.



Right at this moment, a loud sound was suddenly heard. Then, that sea monster actually uttered a roar of anger.

Following that, loud explosions could be heard in succession. Energy ripples began to wreak havoc. These energy ripples blew Nangong Baihe back repeatedly.

This sort of change came as an enormous shock to Nangong Baihe. She hurriedly opened her closed eyes. Only then did she discover that the sea monster was actually fighting with someone. Furthermore, the person that it was fighting was not the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head. Instead, it was Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng was wearing his Thunder Armor. On his back were his Thunder Wings. In his hand was his Incomplete Imperial Armament. He was using his Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash and unleashing continuous attacks toward that sea monster.

Fourth slash. Fifth slash. Sixth slash. Before Chu Feng’s nonstop slashes, even though that sea monster was very ferocious, it had still been knocked back repeatedly without even the ability to fight back.

“Young Hero, you’re truly ferocious. This old man has misjudged you. Stop it, help me stall for time. I’ll take my leave now.”

At this moment, the Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head was stunned by Chu Feng’s ability. He did not expect that this young man was this powerful. However, he also knew that, regardless of whether Chu Feng won or the sea monster won, he would definitely not be able to escape his death.

Thus, seeing that Chu Feng was still fighting with the sea monster, he hurriedly escaped from that…exit created by Chu Feng.

Even though she knew that the despicable Three Thousand Monastery’s monastery head had escaped, Nangong Baihe did not have the intention to pay attention to him. That was because, at this moment, her eyes were firmly fixed on Chu Feng.

As she saw Chu Feng, who was fighting bravely to protect her lil’ sis and herself, Nangong Baihe felt extremely complicated.

She had not believed in Chu Feng. That was why she had ended up walking into this path that lead to disaster.

Yet, at this time, not only had Chu Feng disregarded her actions, he had even charged into this road that he knew would only lead to disaster to save them.

Nangong Baihe was truly touched. If she wasn’t seeing it with her own eyes, she would truly not believe that there would be people other than her family members in this world who would do this sort of thing for her.

“Firmament Ninth Slash!!!”

Chu Feng finally unleashed his Firmament Slash’s ninth slash. When the ninth slash appeared, the sky instantly darkened. Crimson light surged forth. It was as if the entire world and everything within it had disappeared, leaving behind only that crimson slash.


An extremely loud explosion. The Firmament Ninth Slash landed on that sea monster’s body. However, that sea monster was truly too powerful. Even though it was struck by the ninth slash, even though it was seriously injured, it did not die.

After all, a rank six Half Martial Emperor was a rank six Half Martial Emperor. Even though it was formed by a spirit formation, its strength was still not something to be looked down upon.

Even though Chu Feng had increased his cultivation to that of a rank one Half Martial Emperor through the power of his lightnings, there was actually still an enormous gap between him and the sea monster.

If he had not increased his battle power through the use of his Incomplete Imperial Armament, if it wasn’t for the Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash’s heaven-defying attack power, if it wasn’t for the fact that the sea monster was slow-witted and didn’t know how to dodge his attacks, it was impossible for him to be able to fight with this sea monster for so long.

Right now, he had finished using his Earthen Taboo: Firmament Slash. Even though he had seriously injured the sea monster, the sea monster still possessed absolute fighting strength.

Most importantly, Chu Feng’s attack had enraged the sea monster. Right now, the sea monster was even more furious. Its killing intent had become even more frightening.

At this moment, the danger was even greater than before.