Chapter 1662 - Poison Demon’s Valley

MGA: Chapter 1662 - Poison Demon’s Valley

“Little child, where is this?” Chu Feng asked.

“This is the Poison Demon’s Valley,” The little boy answered.

“Poison Demon’s Valley?” Chu Feng was startled to hear those words. He hurriedly asked, “Is the Poison Demon you spoke of Du Wanwu?”

“That’s right. How did you know?” The little boy looked to Chu Feng with the same shocked expression that Chu Feng had.

In shock, Chu Feng asked, “Is this really the place where the Poison Demon, Du Wanwu, has secluded himself for the last fifteen thousand years?”

“Wow! You actually knew all that! It would seem that we are quite famous in the Holy Land of Martialism,” Seeing Chu Feng’s shocked appearance, the little boy immediately revealed a proud smile.

“Is the Poison Demon Du Wanwu still alive?” After verifying what this place was, Chu Feng was truly shocked. Firstly, he didn’t expect that what the monk had said was real. Not only was Du Wanwu a real person, he had also hidden himself away.

Most surprisingly, Chu Feng had actually accidentally arrived at the place where the Poison Demon Du Wanwu had hidden himself.

“Are you stupid? It’s something from fifteen thousand years ago. How could he possibly still be alive? He’s long dead,” The little boy looked at Chu Feng with a gaze of contempt.

“In that case, how are you related to him?” Chu Feng asked. However, when he saw the poverty-stricken situation that these people were living in, Chu Feng immediately managed to react and said, “I got it, you all are the descendants of the people from Du Wanwu’s village.”

“You actually even knew about that. It would seem that we are extremely famous,” The little boy looked to Chu Feng with an expression of amazement. At the same time, the proud expression on his face grew even stronger.

Chu Feng felt that this boy had truly tough skin. He knew that this was all a coincidence, and that not many people in the Holy Land of Martialism actually knew about them. Thus, what the hell was he acting so prideful about?

“Cough, cough, cough...

“Goudan’er, stop fucking chatting. If you don’t pay attention to me, your dad’s going to die. Quickly, bring the medicine over.”

[1. Goudan → Dog Balls. That kid’s name is dog balls… Xima: Finally Bee, a name that's funny and not standard!]

Suddenly, a series of violent coughs sounded. It was only then that Chu Feng discovered that there was another bed in the corner, and that a middle-aged man was lying on the bed. That middle-aged man’s entire body was purple in color. He was coughing violently and vomiting blood.

Not only was the blood that he vomited black in color, it was also bubbling nonstop. Furthermore, there were even insect-like things wriggling in the blood. It was truly disgusting.

“Coming, coming,” After hearing those words, the little boy hurriedly ran over, took out a black thing from his trouser pocket, and placed it in that man’s mouth. After the middle-aged man swallowed that black item, his situation became much better. However, the purple color on his body did not go away.

“He has been poisoned,” Chu Feng said.

“Wow, how did you know that?” Hearing those words, Goudan was shocked.

“With the way I am now, only a fool cannot tell that I’ve been poisoned. Tsk…” However, that middle-aged man sneered at Chu Feng’s words, and even cast a disdainful side eye at Chu Feng.

“I have a question, did you all save me?” Chu Feng asked.

“It was my father that saved you. Eh… that’s wrong, it’s my father that carried you back,” Goudan’er said.

“In that case, have you all tried to give me medical treatment after bringing me back?” Chu Feng asked.

“Treat my ass! I myself am on the verge of dying, how can I treat you?” When he said those words, the middle-aged man took another glance at Chu Feng. Then, he said, “You are truly blessed by the heavens. You actually still haven’t died yet.”

“However, I know that there is no one that can resist the poison within the Poison Mist Formation. Even the descendants of the Poison Demon were unable to resist the poison, much less you. You will not be able to live for long.”

“Hehe, don’t bother with my father. My father is a person with a sharp tongue but a soft heart. As his poison’s acting up, his words have become even more offensive.”

“However, if it wasn’t for him carrying you back, you would still be in the wilderness, and might’ve been eaten by wild beasts,” Goudan’er said whilst laughing happily.

In fact, Chu Feng did not take Goudan’er’s father’s words to heart either.

Even though his words were very offensive, it was as Goudan’er said; he had carried him back. Not only that, he had not taken Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack or any of his other possessions.

If he had malicious intentions toward Chu Feng, he could totally have tried to kill him while he was unconscious, and then seize his Cosmos Sack for himself. After all, Chu Feng possessed quite a lot of treasures on him.

However, he didn’t do that. This meant that he was not a malicious person.

As for Chu Feng’s current health, he was the one who knew about that the best. He had completely recovered. Not only had he completely recovered, the imprint left behind by the Snow-haired Immortal on his chest had also disappeared.

Not only that, Chu Feng had also discovered that his aura had changed. He had managed to successfully change his aura. That meant that the Nangong Imperial Clan would no longer be able to track him.

Even though Chu Feng had been tormented, it would seem that there had been a profit from this disaster.

“I have a method that might be able to help your father get rid of the poison,” Chu Feng wanted to help Goudan’er and his father. No matter what, they were his benefactors.

“Really? You are able to cure my father’s poison?” Hearing those words, Goudan’er was overjoyed.

“Don’t you try to scam me. You can heal me? I hope you don’t make me die,” As for Goudan’er’s father, he cast a side-eye at Chu Feng.

“The poison you’re inflicted with, if you do not cure it urgently, and only rely on the medicine that you just ate, you will not be able to live for more than a year,” Chu Feng said.

“Forget about it. I might as well let you try healing me,” After hearing that he would not be able to live for more than a year, Goudan’er’s father immediately sat up.

“Eat this first,” Chu Feng handed an antidote to Goudan’er’s father.

When Goudan’er’s father saw this antidote, his eyes immediately started to shine. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he swallowed it. The reason for that was because the medicine Chu Feng handed to him was flickering with light. It was completely different from the medicine he had taken before. He knew from a single glance that it was not an ordinary medicine.

Afterward, Chu Feng set up a poison removing formation and began to help Goudan’er’s father remove his poison.

The poison Goudan’er’s father was inflicted with was something that ordinary Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists would not be able to remove. However, Chu Feng was capable of doing it.

Especially when combined with the antidote Chu Feng had given him earlier, Chu Feng managed to instantly remove the poison from Goudan’er’s father.

Goudan’er’s father stood up and began to move his limbs around. He discovered that he was not only no longer poisoned, his body was much stronger than before too. He now felt extremely vigorous.

Suddenly, Goudan’er’s father kneeled onto the ground with a ‘putt.’ He grabbed onto Chu Feng’s leg and said while crying with tears and snot, “Young Hero, I knew that you were extraordinary to have fallen from the sky without dying. Sure enough, you are like a god, you are a god!”

Seeing Goudan’er’s father acting this way, black lines ran down Chu Feng’s head. He finally understood why Goudan’er was this weird. It turned out that it was because he had such a weird dad.

Furthermore, the weirdest matter of all was that Chu Feng discovered that not only had Goudan’er run out from the house, he was even shouting loudly as he ran.

“Cuihua’er, Shani’er, quickly, get your fathers out. A god has descended from the sky. He’s capable of removing your fathers’ poison.”

[2. Cuihua → jade flower, if memory serves me correct, should be a name of a violent manly woman. Shani → Foolish girl.]

As Goudan’er shouted, a group of children around the same age as Goudan’er ran out.

These children were all very normal-looking. However, when compared to the incomparably ugly Goudan’er, they could be considered to be handsome young boys and beautiful young girls.

However, Chu Feng was bewildered. What was with the names of these children?

However, Chu Feng noticed that even though these children were around eight or nine years old, some of them actually ran out without even wearing pants. It was not only the boys, there were even girls doing that.

From the way it appeared, it was not only Goudan’er and his father that were weirdos, all of the people in this village appeared to be abnormal

Could it be that they had all grown up in the Poison Demon’s Village, and ended up being poisoned to stupidity?