Chapter 1663 - The Pitiful Villagers

MGA: Chapter 1663 - The Pitiful Villagers

“Goudan’er, is what you said the truth? That man is capable of removing the poison from my father?” A fair skinned little girl with two pig tails asked with a serious expression.

This little girl could be considered to be one of the best-looking among this group of children. Thus, Goudan’er looked to her with a completely different sort of gaze. Likely, this little girl with twin pigtails should be Guodan’er’s dream lover.

“Cuihua’er, you must not believe what Goudan’er says. Have you forgotten how he scammed you out of three sweet potatoes last time and still hasn’t returned them to you?” A little boy that was covered with snot said while pouting his mouth. Based on his nervous appearance, he was most definitely another boy that was secretly in love with that little girl.

“Cuihua’er, I am really not lying. If you do not believe me, go and look at my father. He is already cured,” Goudan’er pointed at his father.

“Children, Goudan’er is not lying. This person here is really a god. Quickly, call your fathers over. This god will be able to help them escape from their suffering and attain rebirth,” Goudan’er’s father stepped forward.

Afterward, this group of children immediately ran back to their homes and soon brought a group of adults back to Goudan’er’s home.

There was a total of twenty-three people. They were all middle-aged men. All of them were exhibiting the same sort of symptoms that Goudan’er’s father had previously exhibited. It would appear that they had all been poisoned by the same sort of poison.

To Chu Feng, it would be extremely easy to remove their poison. Furthermore, Chu Feng could not bear to watch this group of villagers being tormented by the poison. After all, if they were to die, those children would have lost their fathers. Thus, Chu Feng began to help these people cure their poison one by one.

After having their poison removed, this group of villagers were extremely grateful to Chu Feng. They insisted on holding a banquet for him. They were extremely passionate and hospitable to Chu Feng.

Afterward, Chu Feng came to understand the general situation of the Poison Demon’s Village.

Over fifteen thousand years ago, the Poison Demon had provoked the Three Palaces. As he was no match for the Three Palaces, he brought his family and took shelter in this place, then hid it. As he went to take shelter, he had not only taken his family members with him, he had also taken all of the people in his hometown with him.

After coming to this place, the Poison Demon, for the sake of preventing the people from the Three Palaces from charging into their hiding place, set up the Poison Mist Formation that existed in this place henceforth.

However, the Poison Demon did not treat those villagers who he had brought with him with kindness.

While the Poison Demon had settled his own family down properly, he brought the other villagers to this place with an ulterior motive.

He had brought the villagers here to grow a special kind of poison for him. The poison was able to allow him to cultivate a special kind of mysterious technique.

Furthermore, in order to make sure that the villagers would be obedient to him, he did not allow any of the villagers to have cultivations above Half Martial Emperor. He made it so that they were only allowed to reach rank one Martial King at the very most.

If there was any villager with a cultivation above rank one Martial King, he would kill them. The reason he did so was so that he could continue to control the villagers.

As matters stood, even though the Poison Demon had died long ago, the Poison Demon’s descendants were still alive, and the villagers were still present. Furthermore, the rules set up by the Poison Demon were also still present.

Thus, these villagers were like slaves. For generations, they had been here serving the Poison Demon’s descendants for the past fifteen thousand-plus years.

Even though all these villagers were cultivators, they had to grow poison plants every day. Then, at the end of every month, they would have to hand the poison plants over to the Poison Demon’s descendants.

If they did not produce enough poison plants, they would be punished. The reason why Goudan’er’s father and the others had been poisoned was because they failed to provide a sufficient amount of poison plants in a timely manner. Thus, they had been punished with poison.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the villagers were growing poison plants all the time, their bodies had been affected by the poison from the plants. Thus, even though they were all cultivators, they were generally unable to live for more than a hundred years. After coming to this place, the longest living villager was only able to live to around a hundred and fifty years old.

To cultivators, this sort of lifespan could be said to be extremely short.

“Never would I have expected that the descendants of the Poison Demon were this malicious,” After Chu Feng found out about this, his impression of the Poison Demon and his descendants became extremely bad.

“God, I can tell that you are very powerful. You were able to survive that Poison Mist Formation. This means that you are very strong. Can you help us so that the Poison Demon’s descendants will stop making things difficult for us?”

“That’s right, god, we do not wish to continue growing those poison plants everyday. We also wish to properly cultivate.”

“God, why don’t you just break apart that Poison Mist Formation and bring us away from here and to the Holy Land of Martialism with you?” At this moment, the villagers were all begging Chu Feng. They wanted Chu Feng to help them break free from this plight.

“Do you all know what the strongest cultivation of the Poison Demon’s descendants is?” Chu Feng asked. While he wanted to help these villagers, he could not fight a battle that he had no certainty of winning.

“We don’t know. However, one thing is certain. The strongest among them is Du Wanwu,” A villager said.

“Du Wanwu, isn’t he dead?” Chu Feng was very surprised. That was because Du Wanwu was the name of the Poison Demon.

“God, it’s like this. This Du Wanwu is not that Du Wanwu from before. The Poison Demon from back then is indeed dead. However, among the Poison Demon’s descendants, there appeared a very powerful person. When he was born, he even caused an abnormal sign that was very spectacular.”

“The Poison Demon’s descendants felt that that child was capable of becoming the second Poison Demon. Thus, they named him Du Wanwu,” The villagers explained.

“So that’s the case,” Chu Feng understood. Likely, a Divine Body had appeared among the Poison Demon’s descendants. Thus, Chu Feng continued to ask, “Do you all know what the age and cultivation of this Du Wanwu is right now?”

“His age is about the same as you, god. He is twenty something, not yet thirty.”

“As for his cultivation, we do not know. However, we are certain that he should be a Half Martial Emperor, and most definitely not a Martial Emperor.”

“That’s right. Ever since Poison Demon died, there has never been a Martial Emperor appearing from his descendants. Furthermore, each successive generation is worse than the last. This has caused the Poison Demon’s descendants to feel extremely vexed.”

“God, are you a Martial Emperor? If you are a legendary Martial Emperor, you will definitely be able to properly teach the Poison Demon’s descendants a lesson,” The villagers said.

“Everyone, truth be told, I am merely a rank one Half Martial Emperor. I’m afraid that I will not be able to help you all teach the Poison Demon’s descendants a lesson,” Chu Feng spoke the truth. There were many people below Martial Emperor who were capable of suppressing him.

As for that Poison Demon’s descendant Du Wanwu, even though his age was similar to Chu Feng’s, Chu Feng could not be certain that he was stronger than that Du Wanwu. Thus, he didn’t have any certainty that he would be able to teach the Poison Demon’s descendants a lesson for these villagers.

“In that case, god, are you able to break through that Poison Mist Formation and take us away from this place?” The villagers continued to ask.

“I have carefully inspected this Poison Mist Formation. Even I am not certain in being able to break through it, much less break it apart,” Chu Feng shook his head while smiling bitterly. Even though he had managed to pass through the Poison Mist Formation, reach this place, survive, alter his aura and break free from the Snow-haired Immortal’s imprint, Chu Feng did not have any certainty in being able to pass through the Poison Mist Formation and reaching the other side. After all, the poison in the Poison Mist formation was too ferocious, too frightening.