Chapter 1661 - Experiment Failure

MGA: Chapter 1661 - Experiment Failure

“Since White-brow’s spirit formation has locked onto your aura, the method to break free from his spirit formation will be very easy. By changing your aura, he will no longer be able to find you.”

“Actually, my spirit formation from earlier has already changed a bit of your aura,” the Snow-haired Immortal said.

After hearing what the Snow-haired Immortal said, Chu Feng also noticed that his aura had really changed slightly. He had thought that this witch had been deliberately tormenting him. However, it would appear now that that wasn’t the case.

This inevitably caused Chu Feng to be shocked, and forced him to have a new impression of this Snow-haired Immortal. With a smile on his face, Chu Feng said, “Senior, so you’re actually helping me. You are truly a good person.”

“Don’t be so happy this quickly. My spirit formation has only managed to change your aura slightly. If you want the Nangong Imperial Clan to be unable to track you, you must change your aura completely.”

“While it’s easy to change your outer aura, it is very difficult to change the aura beneath the surface. As you are a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, I believe you should know how difficult it is, no?” said the Snow-haired Immortal.

“Junior knows. However, I believe that senior must have a way,” Chu Feng said.

“Smart. The poison aura from the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds is capable of changing your aura completely,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

“Senior, in that case, what do you plan to do?” Chu Feng asked.

“What to do? You merely need to jump into that Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

“Senior, please don’t joke around. As a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, you should know better than me how frightening that Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds is. If junior is to enter it, I will definitely die,” Chu Feng said.

“If it was before, you would naturally die for certain by entering it. However, as it is now, you have a ten percent chance of being able to survive.”

“Little demon, did you really think those bugs from before were really created by me through spirit formations? Let me tell you, those were the Holy Land of Martialism’s extremely well-known Poisonous Soul Devouring Bugs.

“After being bitten by the Poisonous Soul Devouring Bugs, one will be able to gain immunity from all kinds of poison. I had that many Poisonous Soul Devouring Bugs bite your entire body, you should now be able to withstand the poisons from the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

“Based on that, it would seem that I have a ninety percent chance of dying upon entering it. However, what if I am unable to withstand the poisons?” Chu Feng asked.

“You said it yourself. You have a ninety percent chance of dying. If you fail to withstand the poisons, you will naturally die in there. There will not be anyone to retrieve your corpse for you,” The Snow-haired Immortal said.

“Senior, I’ve carefully thought over it. I am truly thankful for your kindness. However, I think it is better that I find some other method,” Chu Feng clasped his fist toward the Snow-haired Immortal, turned around and prepared to leave.


However, that Snow-haired Immortal grabbed onto Chu Feng and restricted him with a layer of powerful world spirit power. Then, with a smile, she said, “Little demon, whether you jump into that Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds or not is not up to you to decide.”

“Senior, what are you planning to do? You said that you wouldn’t kill me,” Chu Feng said.

“I am not trying to kill you. I am helping you. Even though there’s ninety percent chance of dying, if you are able to come out of the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds alive…”

“... I will make an exception and accept you as my disciple,” After she finished saying those words, the Snow-haired Immortal lightly pushed Chu Feng. Then, Chu Feng fell down into that Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds.

“Ahhhh~~~” Right after entering that Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds, Chu Feng’s heart-tearing and lungs-splitting screams began to resound

After pushing Chu Feng into the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds, the Snow-haired Immortal sat cross-legged and closed her eyes. It was only after an entire night had passed that she slowly opened her eyes. As she saw the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds that showed no sign of activity, she sighed, “It would seem that you are ill-fated and have died in there.”

“I had thought that there would finally be someone qualified to become my personal disciple. However, it would appear that there really isn’t anyone who is qualified to become my personal disciple.”

“Sigh~~~” The Snow-haired Immortal sighed. However, she then revealed a wicked smile. It could be seen that even though she had spent a lot of effort to help Chu Feng, she did not feel any sadness at Chu Feng’s death.

It was as if Chu Feng were nothing more than her experimental subject. If he successfully passed her experiments, she would nurture him. If he failed to pass her experiments, she would feel a bit of regret, but no sadness for his death.

The Snow-haired Immortal left. She had given up on Chu Feng. The way she saw it, this experiment of hers had ended up as a failure.

However, Chu Feng did not die.

Chu Feng had been pushed into the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds by the Snow-haired Immortal. Due to the fact that his body was bound by her spirit power, he was simply unable to break free, much less escape.

After he fell into the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds, the spirit power that was binding him disappeared and he regained his liberty. However, he was still unable to escape.

The poison in the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds was simply too strong. The moment he came into contact with it, Chu Feng grew paralyzed. An indescribable pain filled his entire body.

This was not the first time that Chu Feng had tasted the flavor of death. However, this was the first time he was feeling such an intense flavor of death.

At that moment, Chu Feng really felt that he was definitely going to die.

However, at the moment when Chu Feng was close to true despair, Chu Feng felt that the blood within his body had started to boil. As his blood boiled, the flavor of death actually began to dissipate.

However, Chu Feng was too tired. He no longer had the strength to resist. Soon, he lost consciousness.

When Chu Feng regained consciousness, Chu Feng discovered that he was lying on top of a hard, wooden slab for a bed. There was a large face before him. It was an extremely ugly face.

“The hell!” Chu Feng was frightened by the face. He immediately tried to move back. It was only at this time that he noticed that this large face was actually the face of a child.

It was a little boy. He was not very tall and he had an incomparably ugly face. How should one describe him? He was even more ugly than a disfigured person.

At this moment, this little boy was smiling at Chu Feng with his teeth revealed. Happily, he said, “You’re awake. Amazing! You are the first one who managed to pass through the Poison Mist Formation.”

“You should be someone from the Holy Land of Martialism, right? Is the Holy Land of Martialism a fun place? Are there a lot of beauties there?”

“Oh, that’s right. Can you bring me out? I really want to experience the Holy Land of Martialism. I’ve heard that the Holy Land of Martialism is an extremely fun place.”

If one asked what the ugliest regarding this little boy was, then it would definitely be his mouth. His lips were like two sausages. Furthermore, his teeth were all crooked, and either extremely large or extremely small. It was as if all of the ugliest teeth were all growing in his mouth.

It was truly rare for a little boy to have such an ugly appearance. Speaking of it, even though his mouth was very ugly, that didn’t mean it was useless. Since he had started talking, he had never once stopped.

“Poison Mist Formation? Holy Land of Martialism?” Chu Feng took notice of the words mentioned by the little boy.

Then, Chu Feng used his Heaven’s Eyes to look outside. Before his Heaven’s Eyes, the shabby wooden house disappeared from his line of sight, and the world outside appeared.

Chu Feng discovered that this was a village. It could be said to be a relatively shabby village. However, this village was not small; there were people everywhere.

Furthermore, each and every one of them possessed a certain level of cultivation. Even though their cultivations were not very strong, they were definitely not weak. For example, this little boy before him possessed the cultivation of the Profound Realm.

A ten-year-old boy with the cultivation of the Profound Realm, this would be something unimaginable in the Nine Provinces Continent.

When Chu Feng looked up, he was immediately shocked. There was no blue sky, white clouds or sun in this place. All there was on the horizon was a layer of light-emitting mist. As for that mist… it was that Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds.

At this moment, Chu Feng was actually underneath the Extremely Poisonous Sea of Clouds. Furthermore, there were people in this place. Moreover, there appeared to be a lot of them too.